Secure Copy Content Protection


WordPress Copy Content Protection

Secure Copy Content Protection is a plugin aimed at protecting web content from being plagiarized.

As soon as Copy Protection plugin is activated it disables the right click, copy paste, content selection and copy shortcut keys on your website thus preventing content theft as well as web scraping, which are very popular nowadays. Besides all the abovementioned copy methods Copy Protection allows to disable inspect elements and provides a protected site, where no copyright infringement may occur.

The plugin is called content copy protection. It is very easy to use take and install. By these 2 steps, you will have a copyrighted material. The installation of the following plugin will last only a few seconds so you don’t waste your time on installation. For example, if other plugins demand a long time on installation and usage this plugin will help you to save your time and disable copy methods.
So only a few seconds, and you will have a protected site and free of plagiarism.
What function does the plugin have? By choosing post type you will have a function on the page protect content selection. So the plugin prevents copy. In any case, if you use the plugin you cannot see copy paste in your site. This is an anti-copy plugin. And the one weapon for content protection is the plugin.


  • From the point of view of SEO, it is worth saying goodbye to copy and paste. The plugin will ensure the copyright sign. Your copyright text will be in safe from content theft. It will disable all kinds of copy paste from your site. By installing this plugin you will start to say “stop copy” from your content. In another word, it is called anti-copy paste.
  • We know that Google doesn’t like a copy. It wants unique and no copy text. And for example, if your domain is a new one and the ones who have an old domain copy from you, because of them you may appear on the blacklist of Google. To avoid such situation install the plugin and will have a copyright intellectual property. Consequently, this will bring the right google page rank for your site.

How disable right click on a website? The answer is as simple as a day, install a plugin.


  • In the part of protection here comes watermark, but nowadays modern thieves can easily erase it. That is why you should turn off no right click and drag and drop and again you will have a copy-protected text and image.
  • We approve that it is trustworthy. For instance, if the client sees the same content in another site he may think that the plagiarism is yours. But it is a big infringement of copyright which you can protect. Here again, comes for the help the plugin which will avoid theft of copyright. Use copyright symbols in the plugin and there will not be an outflow of information.
  • The next vital question is: Can a website be copyrighted and the answer will be No No an No. You will not meet any infringement with the plugin. There is a law of international copyright ant plugin will be like a confirmation of that law.
  • The plugin can help to protect your personal files. Such as personal information. For instance, if you are a blogger, journalist or you work in the sphere of film, sport and in any field that wants personal information protection in that case the plugin is just for you. You just disable copy shortcut keys, disable inspect elements and your personal information will not be in hands of thieves. Which is really very disgusting. So that is why you just install the plugin in a few seconds and will have a copyrighted blog.

So the main reason why to choose the plugin. It is easy to use, easy to install and ensures your fire protection. To protect your personal information and avoid any kinds of plagiarism or web scraping, just install the plugin. And it is vital to repeat that you will get a copyright infringement protection. And this plugin will be the patent for your personal information. If there exists the law of infringement protection then without any doubt this plugin is the confirmation of that law.

Block content with a password:

This field is designed to protect parts of your content. Restrict content with a password by using a simple shortcode. You can create multiple shortcodes and write a password for each. Then you just need to copy the shortcode, go to posts/pages and edit already created post or add a new one. Put your content between the parts of the shortcode, in the place where is written “Content” ([ays_block id=’1′] Content [/ays_block]).

  • Shortcode – a new shortcode is created automatically after pressing “Add new” button.

  • Password – write the password that a user has to fill in to be able to see the content. The number in the orange square shows the number of users who entered the password to see the content.

  • Only for – choose a user role and enable a certain user to see the content without entering the password. The number in the orange square shows the number of times the content was viewed by a user role.

  • Schedule – there is a possibility to show the restricted content for a certain period of time and after that it will be disappeared from the page.

Operation Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac


  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Blocked Shortcuts

  • Google Chrome – CTRL+SHIFT+I | CTRL+SHIFT+J | CTRL+C | F12 | CTRL+SHIFT+U
  • Mozilla Firefox – CTRL+SHIFT+I | CTRL+SHIFT+J | CTRL+C | F12 | CTRL+SHIFT+U | F7 | F5
  • Internet Explorer – F12 | CTRL+SHIFT+U | CTRL+C | F12+CTRL
  • Safari – Cmd+Opt+I | Cmd+Opt+J | Cmd+Opt+C | Cmd+Opt+U


  • Content copy protection
  • Notification text
  • Disable left click
  • Disable right click
  • Disable Developer Tools
  • Disable Drag/Drop
  • Disable F12
  • Disable CTRL+C
  • Disable CTRL+V
  • Disable CTRL+X
  • Disable CTRL+S
  • Disable CTRL+A
  • Style settings

PRO Features

  • Includes ALL Free version Features and
  • Block by IP
  • Block by Country
  • Front/back blocker
  • Block Rest api
  • Protection by user roles
  • Protection by post/post type
  • Block content with password
  • Paid content via PayPal
  • More on the way …

It’s your chance to protect your content with our powerful Copy Protection plugin.
Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail at

Imagens de tela

  • Copy Content Protection - General Settings
  • Copy Content Protection - Options 1
  • Copy Content Protection - Options 2
  • Copy Content Protection - Tooltip Styles
  • Copy Content Protection - Block Content by Password and User roles


There are two ways to install Secure Copy Content Protection: the easy way, when you install Secure Copy Content Protection from your WordPress dashboard, and the not so easy way, when you install it from

  • 1.1 The easiest way to enjoy Secure Copy Content Protection:
  • 1.1.1 Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • 1.1.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.1.3 Add New
  • 1.1.4 Search for Secure Copy Content Protection
  • 1.1.5 Click to install
  • 1.2 The second way:
  • 1.2.1Download the zip file from
  • 1.2.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.2.3 Add New
  • 1.2.4 Upload plugin
  • 1.2.5 Choose file
  • 1.2.6 Click to install

  • 1.3 In order to install the Secure Copy Content Protection from you must unzip the archive and copy the secure-copy-content-protection folder into your plugins folder (\wp-content\plugins).
    After one ofthis steps you can activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
    Once activated configure any options as desired and you can enjoy our Secure Copy Content Protection.


1.How to disable right click on WordPress?

Just install our plugin and disable right click from the Options tab.

2.How do I turn off copy and paste in WordPress?

Install our plugin, enter Options tab. You can disable copy-paste, cut-paste and other hotkeys.

3.Is there a way to not show the message in the front end?

Yes, just leave the message box blank. You can also turn on or turn off for different cases. It may work for Ctrl C, but not work for Ctrl V.

4.Is it possible to prevent copy-paste only for special post/page?

Yes, it is available with our PRO version. In the free version you can choose via post type and turn on for given group.

5.Can I disable content protection for special “user role”?

Yes, you can. It is available in PRO version.

6.Is it possible to disable right-click, but enable copy and paste?

Yes, in the Options tab you can choose it. You can enable one and disable the other.

7.Can I block someone by his IP?

Yes, it is available in our PRO version. You can block access from specific country as well.


13 de fevereiro de 2020
I'm sorry. But having the entire site locked for admins and no way to disable that unless you buy the pro version is nothing but a bad idea. Forcing admins to buy pro version, what a joke. This plugin locks admins from doing anything on their own site. Search for "Disable right click" in the plugin store and you'll find tons of better plugins that does the same for free.
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