WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection uses aggressive techniques in protecting your online content (text/source/images/video/audio) from being…

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Secure Copy Content Protection

Copy Protection plugin is activated it disables the right click, copy paste, content selection and…

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TG Copy Protection

Copy protect contents by disabling mouse and keyboard commands, or by emptying copied text, or…

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Website Copy Protection

Website Copy Protection prevents will protect the content of you website. On activating this plugin,…

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CopyProof Website

Protect articles, news, blogs, or text content from thieves

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BMT – No Right Click

BMT – No Right Click is a tiny plugin to not allowed right click function.…

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Frame Buster

Stop content pirates from placing their calls-to-action, ads, affiliate links & opt-ins over top of…

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WP Copy Content Protection

WP Copy Content Protection wordpress plugin protects the content from being stolen by content thieves.…

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CPROTEXT protects your texts and images from unauthorized and fraudulent copy. The protected contents are…

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