WP MapIt


Easy to use, WordPress Map plugin based on Open Street Map and Leaflet with custom markers images, descriptions and links. Add maps to your WordPress pages, posts and custom post types quickly and easily.

Display map automatically before or after content, or place the map within the page content using gutenberg block, shortcode or widget.

Choose your own images to display as markers. Decide what happens on marker click, display a popup or open a link.

Free Version

  • Display Open Street Maps using Leaflet on your WordPress.
  • Super easy to use, no coding required.
  • No API keys required to display maps on your WordPress website.
  • Interactive map preview.
  • Search a location to add pin.
  • Preview all the changes on the fly in admin panel.
  • Click map to add page markers. Drag markers to the exact location.
  • Use custom images as map pins to give your map a personalized touch.
  • Define your height and width and zoom level for the map.
  • Decide what happens on marker click. Open a popup or redirect to a URL.
  • Add maps to custom post types.
  • Responsive maps.
  • Display multiple maps on a single page.
  • Display map in the sidebar.
  • Gutenberg blocks to display map within the content.
  • Map widget functionality.
  • Shortcode functionality.
  • Maps with multiple Marker.
  • Hooks and filters.
  • Fullscreen view.
  • CSV import for multipin map.
  • Note: Grayscale is not supported in IE apart from IE Edge.




Imagens de tela

  • Settings page.
  • Adding map to page / post.
  • Map displayed before content.
  • Map displayed after content.
  • WP MAPIT Gutenberg block.
  • WP MAPIT Gutenberg block added in the editor.
  • Shortcode to display map in page / post.
  • WP MAPIT Wiget.
  • Adding map with multiple marker.
  • Adding map pin to map with multiple marker.
  • Map displayed with multiple pins.


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To install this plugin:

Uploading the plugin from WordPress dashboard
* Download the plugin from the WordPress repository
* Go to WordPress Dashboard
* Click on Plugins menu
* Click on Add New
* Click on Upload Plugin
* Select the plugin zip file and click Install Now button
* Once the plugin is installed, click on Activate link to activate the plugin.

Uploading the plugin using FTP
* Download the plugin from the WordPress repository
* Go to wp-content/plugin in your WordPress root directory
* Unzip and upload the plugin
* Go to Plugins in WordPress dashboard
* Locate “WP MapIt” plugin in the list
* Click on Activate link to activate the plugin


Is the map free?

Yes, open source Open street maps are used to display the Map instead of google maps which is free.

Do I need an API?

No. API is not required to display the map on the site.

I have installed the plugin, now what?

Check out how to set up the plugin and add a map.

Does grayscale map work on IE?

It works in IE Edge, it is not supported in the versions below it.


9 de novembro de 2020
This plugin does almost everything I need - a straightforward way to add a map with pins that link to relevant urls.
1 de novembro de 2020
Thanks for this plugin, I'm very satisfied. Easy to use, many map options and the best solution for me.
20 de julho de 2020
Thank you for this perfect plugin, easy and simple very kind author, thank you for help M.
12 de junho de 2020
Chandni went above and beyond to sort out a conflict with the theme I use. Plugin working brilliantly now. Delighted I don't have to worry about APIs now. Thank you for this great plugin.
20 de janeiro de 2020
I tried some solutions, but this is the best. Most notably because the address search delivers very, very good and precise results. Very useful if you want to set many markers. But a real "bulk" solution, so that the "list" in the backend does not become so long, would be even better. Also the possibility to switch the final result - the finished map - to full screen would have brought a 5th star from me...
3 de janeiro de 2020
Great plugin and perfect replacement to %&$§! Google Maps! <3 Keep up the good work!
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Registro de alterações

1.1 :- 2019-04-09 :- Medium priority

  • Added Gesture handling

1.2 :- 2019-06-03 :- High priority

  • Bugs resolution

2.0 :- 2019-06-06 :- Medium priority

  • Added map with multiple pins.

2.1 :- 2019-09-12 :- Medium priority

  • Added hooks and filters for plugin extension.

2.2 :- 2019-09-12 :- High priority

  • Bug resolution for grayscale issue in IE Edge.

2.3 :- 2019-09-12 :- Normal priority

  • Added Fullscreen map view

2.4 :- 2020-06-13 :- Normal priority

  • Added Translation option and CSV upload for multipin map

2.5 :- 2020-08-24 :- Normal priority

  • Bug fixes