WP-CRM – Gestão de relacionamento com o cliente no WordPress


Este plugin destina-se a melhorar significativamente o gerenciamento de usuários, criar formulários de contato com facilidade e rastrear mensagens vindas a partir de shortcode de formulários.

O WordPress já traz algumas funções básicas de gerenciamento de usuários – o WP-CRM expande essas funcionalidades permitindo que você organize seus usuários usando atributos personalizados, encontrando-os através de filtros e mantendo controle sobre as mensagens enviadas.

Seu painel de controle do WP pode ser usado para gerenciar todos os seus clientes, fornecedores, parceiros, afiliados e etc.

WP-CRM no GitHub


  • Excelente organização, filtragem e edição dos usuários.
  • Habilidade para facilmente adicionar um novo atributo aos dados de usuário, como Nome da empresa, por exemplo.
  • Gráficos dinâmicos representando atributos com dados suficiente quantidade de dados.
  • Formulários de contato para front-end.
  • Gerenciamento de notificações.
  • Notificações em grupo (complemento).
  • Exportação de CSV de usuários.
  • Atividade do usuário e rastreamento de notas.
  • Integração com o WP-Invoice.

Lista de complementos disponíveis

Se você acha que a funcionalidade padrão do WP-CRM não é o bastante para as suas necessidades, veja a lista de complementos disponíveis

Mensagens para grupos

Habilidade de enviar malas diretas para os usuários ou para grupos de usuários.
Mais sobre este complemento

Tutorial de formulários de contato

Gerenciamento de atributos

Imagens de tela

  • Visualização principal e filtros
  • Gerenciamento de campos de usuário
  • Gerenciamento de shortcodes de formulários
  • Gerenciamento de notificações
  • Lista de mensagens recebidas
  • Página de edição do usuário


Imediatamente depois da ativação você verá uma nova seção “CRM”, que listará todos os usuários existentes.
Dados padrão serão carregados na primeira instalação. Eles podem ser configurados depois indo em CRM -> Configurações.
Para ajuda adicionar, veja a ajuda contextual nos menus suspensos das diferentes páginas do plugin.


7 de outubro de 2019
I'm always using stand alone soft for such type of tasks: crm, tickets and etc But this plugin really help me to find wordpress based solution for such work flow tasks management. Thanks!
2 de setembro de 2019
I was very enthusiastic about the functionalities of this plugin. After installing it I set up a couple of test forms. Seemed to be working ok. But suddenly it started to erase the forms, and did not allow me to create new ones anymore. Of course I deactivated all other plugins (not many) and theme looking for incompatibilities but the problem persisted. The support does not exist (u need to pay usd280 in advance to get some attention). Looked for solutions in the forum and their docs without any luck. The documentation is quite poor too. I also uninstalled and erase the plugin, including some tables that remained in my Db despite the deactivation. To my surprise, after reinstalling it, the plugin kept on showing my old setup and fields! I´m super dissapointed. I´m now having to rush and find another solution for my customer. Shame, but I do not recommend it.
24 de fevereiro de 2019
There is a security issue with this plugin which changes your username to a chinese gambling website and allows a spider in to rewrite your .htaccess file. Do not use it.
9 de janeiro de 2018
Great plugin, simple and complete. And easy to customize to your needs. I've checked several "crm" plugins out and most of them either have to many options that are not necessary and make it more fragile. Or lack essential tools. With this plugin you pretty much decide. Perfect for client data managment. It does take time to figure it all out, but it's definetly worth it. Which is why I hope this plugin will keep existing with updates. For those struggling with the need of the administrator role to acces settings. I suggest googling a bit more. Just use a plugin like adminize to hide the settings tab for the other users. And use the slugs to synchronize with the wordpress core user fields. This way you can easily combine this plugin with others since most plugins base themselves on the core data if not all. Thanks for the awesome plugin !
25 de abril de 2017
After updating our server to PHP 7.1.x, for some reason a few issues arose, one of which was a few records in WP-CRM wouldn't display. After a few back-and-forth emails, Maria Kravchenko followed up quickly and engaged one of the developers. It took a couple of days but, after they accessed the website and I sent them a file off of my server, the problem was fixed! This is the sort of assistance, caring and support that is really hard to keep doing but the team at Usability Dynamics, Inc. pulled through, especially when this potential show-stopper for our small business was handled and well. THANK YOU TO THE TEAM!
30 de março de 2017
Okay this is quite a long review but for anyone looking to use this as a full-fledged CRM, I have your solution. It requires either buying or "finding" a second plugin, and a little bit off MySQL, but it works. In my case I wanted to use woocomerce, WP-CRM, and wpDataTables to display all of the non-core user info that wp_Crm generates. The standard WordPress user info is stored in the wp_users table, and all custom data is in the wp_usermeta table. _Usermeta is structured as value-key pairs, so it requires a pivot to compile the data properly, but if you use this code : SELECT u.id AS name , m.* FROM wp_XXXXXXXX_users u inner JOIN (SELECT um.user_id , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='company' THEN um.meta_value END) AS company , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='description' THEN um.meta_value END) AS , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='city' THEN um.meta_value END) AS city , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='state' THEN um.meta_value END) AS state , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='zip' THEN um.meta_value END) AS zip , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='phone_number' THEN um.meta_value END) AS phone_number , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='nickname' THEN um.meta_value END) AS email , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='purchaser' THEN um.meta_value END) AS purchaser , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='sales_preference' THEN um.meta_value END) AS sales_preference , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='delivery_day' THEN um.meta_value END) AS delivery_day , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='delivery_time' THEN um.meta_value END) AS delivery_time , MAX(CASE WHEN um.meta_key='assigned_rep' THEN um.meta_value END) AS assigned_rep FROM wp_XXXXXX_usermeta um GROUP BY um.user_id ) m ON m.user_id = u.id LIMIT 100000 Use this code in wpDataTables to create a MySQL table, and make sure to replace any occurrence of XXXXXX with your own database name. All of the lines that read Max(case when........) Are for my specific meta keys, yours will differ based on what value you select in wp-CRM as custom fields. Once your preview is working in wpDataTables, save the table, and put the short code on a new blank page. I use wp conditional menus to allow only admins and editors to see the link to this page in the navbar, but you can set whatever user role accces you'd like. Enjoy! And let me know if you have questions, as I'm not sure how the sql will display here
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  • Added new filter for developers that allows changing default sorting when viewing the list of users.
  • Fixed Password pre-filling issue.
  • Fixed Other Warnings and Notices.


  • Added new actions and filters.
  • Fixed Warnings.


  • Updated libraries
  • Fixed Warning. Related GitHub issue #169.


  • Fixed issue with file upload input field
  • Added Compatibility with WP-Stateless plugin
  • Added Support tab


  • Fixed pagination function for messages on a user page, which crashed property list pagination in WP-Property plugin.
  • Turned on Google Visualization Feature.
  • Removed duplicated options.
  • Security fix added. Scripts no longer can be sent via a contact form or admin message.


  • Added French translation.
  • Added data sanitization of the form filling.
  • Added url_redirect option to the form settings.
  • Fixed issue with attribute not changing its name in the form after it was changed in Data tab.
  • Updated drag icon in Shortcode form tab to prevent confusing.
  • Updated jQuery live() function to on().


  • Fixed connection to WP-Invoice.
  • Updated libraries.
  • Fixed Radio field type.
  • Added Feedback form.
  • Fixed Warnings.


  • Added radio field type.
  • Other fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed jquery error on submitting the form.
  • Makes some strings translatable, such as “Messages” menu item.
  • Removed pt_BR .po/.mo files since it’s already and better done in GlotPress.
  • Allows fields editors to use html for using commas in options.


  • Took away the opportunity of minimum user level which can manage WP-CRM to change roles and passwords of other users.
  • Improved Google reCAPTCHA options and added integration with WP-Invoice plugin.
  • Fixed conflict with Contact Form 7.
  • Fixed empty fields issue on new contact form.


  • Resolvido problema de JS no envio do formulário.
  • Resolvido problemas de rede.
  • Resolvido um problema no campo de upload de arquivo.
  • Resolvido ação em massa na aba Todos.
  • Resolvidas as mensagem de rede não aparecendo a partir do mesmo perfil.
  • Resolvido um problema na notificação que não era enviada sem um campo de área de texto.
  • Adicionado captcha nos formulários.
  • Adicionada nova compatibilidade com o plugin wp-invoice – “Adicionar fatura a partir do perfil do usuário no wp-crm”.
  • Novo parâmetro adicionado no shortcode redirect_url.


  • Added Bulk actions to Messages.
  • Added new options for WP-Property and Denali Integration. See Help tab.
  • Added ability to use WP-CRM on Network.
  • Added new option – Minimum user level to manage WP-CRM.
  • Added [agent_email] and [author_email] to the list of available tags for notifications.
  • Added ability to attach file to the forms.
  • Fixed issue with not editable fields.
  • Fixed issue with required fields.
  • Fixed issue with long dropdown fields which displayed the background key instead of the descriptor.
  • Fixed Warning and notices.
  • Fixed issue that Save button was not translating.
  • Fixed issue with Show button was reverting to EN translation.


  • Updated libraries.
  • Fixed permission issues.
  • Fixed conflict with wpMandrill plugin.


  • Updated plugin initialisation logic.
  • Removed unwanted libraries.


  • Added new column to messages list with Source association.
  • Fixed warnings and notices.


  • Fixed the bug when UsabilityDynamics Admin Notices could not be dismissed.
  • Fixed warnings and notices.
  • Fixed localizations.


  • Fixed incorrect behaviour on custom ‘Install Plugins’ page after depended plugins ( Add-ons ) activation.
  • Fixed the way of widgets initialization. Compatibility with WordPress 4.3 and higher.
  • Fixed issue for forms submissions.
  • Fixed Warnings and Notices.


  • Changed plugin initialization functionality.
  • Added Composer ( dependency manager ) modules and moved some functionality to composer modules ( vendors ).
  • Added doing WP-CRM Settings backup on upgrade to new version. Get information about backup: get_option(‘wp_crm_settings_backup’);
  • Moved premium features to separate plugins.
  • Cleaned up functionality of plugin.
  • Refactored file structure of plugin.
  • Refactored ‘View All’ page.
  • Fixed performance issue.
  • Fixed user profile page UI.
  • Fixed Warnings and Notices.


  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • Fixed CSV export.
  • Localization updated.
  • Fixed Warnings and Notices.
  • General code cleanup.


  • Fixed showing logs data.
  • Fixed form submitting issue with empty dropdowns and checkboxes.
  • MultiSite support fix.
  • Style fixes.


  • Updated libraries.


  • Added back-end styles compatibility with WordPress 3.8 and higher.
  • Fixed default role on user creation.
  • Fixed general send notification functionality.
  • Fixed notification sending on ‘User Registration’ event.
  • Fixed text/textarea/date attributes values with predefined options.
  • Fixed some localization issues related to dynamic values.
  • Updated Portuguese (BR) Localization.
  • Updated Russian (RU) Localization.


  • Fixed Activity Stream metabox.
  • Fixed WP-Invoice connection (“From” notification field).
  • Fixed CSV User Export.


  • Added column sort functionality on overview (‘All people’) page
  • Fixed activity stream.
  • Improved notification’s functionality.


  • Fixed fatal error on new user creation.
  • WordPress MU compatibility fixes.


  • Fixed profile page metaboxes.


  • Added WordPress MU compatibility.
  • Fixed JavaScript error on edit user page.
  • Fixed layout bug in contact form in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Fixed bug with Activity Stream when all users see all activity items.
  • Fixed profile page metaboxes layout.
  • Fixed security issue with file with the name that contains ‘cookie’.
  • Updated Portuguese Localization.
  • Updated Russian Localization.


  • Added WordPress 3.5 compatibility.
  • Added Detailed Activity log page which displayed when detailed activity tracking is enabled.
  • Updated Russian Localization.


  • Added ability to create user without email.
  • Added Russian localization.
  • Fixed prohibition of user updating without changing email.
  • Fixed BCC functionality on notification sending.
  • Added fix to hide blank user stream messages.
  • Added fix to Color Scheme: option to not be shown when there are no color schemes available.


  • Added WordPress 3.4-RC1 compatibility.
  • Added ability to set Capability Role on user’s edit page
  • Added ability to view/remove uploaded files (File Uploader field).
  • Added “Email” field Ajax validation on user’s edit page.
  • Fixed jQuery UI scripts and styles adding.
  • Fixed File Uploader: If a user does not have the necessary capabilities the field will not be displayed.
  • Fixed Quick Password Reset functionality.
  • Fixed Access for non-admin users to their profile if common User management was replaced by WP-CRM
  • Fixed All Peoples page Filter
  • Fixed toggling of filter options on All Peoples page.
  • Fixed selecting of active menu item when Profile user’s page loaded.
  • Screen Options and Metabox functionality fixes.
  • Modified advanced actions.
  • Deprecated and removed “Add a general note” Button.
  • Standardize Display Names was fixed.
  • Replaced “From name” on sending Group messages from default ‘WordPress’ to sender e-mail address which is set on CRM Settings page.
  • Updated Contextual help.


  • Added User Activity history message filtering and option to set number of messages to display per page.
  • Added field “Do not require users with existing accounts to sign in first.” to shortcode form settings tab
  • Removed uploadify.php (http://packetstormsecurity.org/files/111628/waraxe-2012-SA083.txt).


  • BuddyPress profile integration. Now you have the ability to make WP-CRM data fields to be displayed in users’ BuddyPress profiles.
  • User attribute grouping ability added. Grouped attributes will be separated between different metaboxes in the back-end.
  • Activity stream limits. You can limit users’ activity streams to be showing a specific number of entities.
  • New Contextual Help. It became fully compatible with WordPress 3.3+. Every information block has it’s tab now.
  • Other small improvements of functionality and UI.


  • Proper plugin PATH and URL determining.
  • Added capabilities: “Change Passwords”, “Change Color Scheme”.
  • Sender email address fixed in “CRM Group Messages” Premium Feature.
  • Major fix to messaging function of “CRM Group Messages” Premium Feature.
  • Fix for PDF report generating function of “CRM Group Messages” Premium Feature.
  • Fix for option “Allow user accounts to be created without an e-mail address”.


  • Added Date Picker input option.
  • Updated Notifications to send checkbox and dropdown values correctly, concatenating multiple values with a comma when they exist.
  • Fixed issue with user activity messages not saving.
  • Fixed “Required” validation for text areas.


  • Fix for WP Network Compatibility.


  • “Change Passwords” capability added. When WP-CRM is used as profile editor, users with this capability disabled cannot change passwords, even if they have rights to edit users. On update WP-CRM will add the Change Passwords to all roles that have the edit_users capability.
  • “Change Color Scheme” capability added, which if removed will not let a user change their, or any other user’s, color scheme.
  • Added better BuddyPress integration – link to a user’s BuddyPress profile can be enabled to display on the overview table for quick access.
  • Added Google Analytics Event tracking to shortcode forms.
  • Added Admin Bar and Color Scheme selection UI to CRM profiles.
  • Added option to standardize Display Names by using values from other user attributes.
  • Improvements to WP-Property integration to allow properties associated with an inquiry to be displayed on the Messages page.
  • Required input fields that also have dropdown options now require that a dropdown value is selected during validation, in addition to text.
  • Added “My Profile” link to WP-CRM navigation menu.
  • Added admin color picker to WP-CRM profile editor (located in Advanced User Settings)
  • Disabled changing role of own profile.
  • “Your Profile” link in header directs to CMR profile when “Replace default WordPress User page with WP-CRM.” is enabled.
  • Added support for User Avatar plugin to display avatar uploading functions in Special Actions metabox on profile page.
  • Added new redirection rules for when default User management is set to be replaced by WP-CRM management
  • Added option to disable automatic line-break conversion in Notification Messages content.
  • Added actions: wp_crm_data_structure_attributes
  • Added actions: show_user_profile, edit_user_profile same as on standard users page for third-party plugin hooks. API-added functionality is organized under ‘Personal Options’ and ‘Additional Settings’ metaboxes.
  • Added WordPress 3.3 compatibility.
  • Developer Note: added conditional body classes to profile page: ‘wp_crm_existing’ if current profile is for existing user and ‘wp_crm_new_user’ if new user creation.


  • Ability to create user accounts without e-mail addresses.
  • Shortcode forms verify that a user with an e-mail address does not already exist before processing form.
  • Shortcode form notifications can be enabled even when no message has been filled out.
  • Fake users created via the plugin can be deleted in one click.
  • Bug fix with user fields not being able to be blanked out.
  • User search filter automatically removes white space.
  • Added visualization for incoming shortcode form messages.
  • Added extra classes to shortcode form on the front-end.
  • bbPress forum participation can be displayed on user overview.
  • WP-Invoice integration – invoices can be seen in CRM profile.


  • Added hook to add new user password reset link to user profile stream.
  • Associated objects, such as properties, are now associated with messages when the shortcode form shortcode is filled out from a property page.


  • Added graphs for displaying quantifiable attributes.
  • Fixes to avoid deletion of existing users when reviewing received messages.
  • Added default data that is installed on first run to include shortcode form messages and notifications.
  • Added filtering options to shortcode form tab.
  • Setup default UI settings for metabox layout.
  • Added a setting for default “system” e-mail address.
  • Added contextual help to user editing page.


  • Added check to prevent self-deletion.
  • Added hook to check if bbPress exists, and display user statistics in their CRM profile.
  • Improved connection with WPI where “Total Sales” can not be seen for users from overview screen.


  • Much improved capability management. New capabilities: View Profiles, View Overview, Manage Settings, Add User Messages, Send Group Message (premium)
  • Fixed issue with capabilities not being added automatically on plugin activation (a refresh was necessary before


  • When a user is deleted their posts and pages are kept by being reassigned to the user doing the deleting action, and then being trashed.
  • Invoices from WP-Invoice are displayed in a metabox in the CRM profile.


  • Added ability to force download premium features.
  • Styling fixes to Settings page “Plugin” tab.


  • User CSV Export.
  • WP-Invoice items can be viewed on the user’s CRM profile page.
  • Minor UI Improvements.


  • Renamed jquery.cookies.js to jquery.smookie.js to avoid issues with certain hosts that blocks files with the word ‘cookie’ in the name.
  • Many updates to Contact Forms feature. Shortcode can now have use_current_user and success_message arguments. use_current_user argument pre-fills the form with currently logged in user’s information, and success_message sets the message to display upon successful submittal of form.
  • Added ability to mark attributes as required.
  • If a Shortcode Form does not have a message, it is not displayed on the “Messages” screen after submitted. Shortcode Forms can effectively be used as front-end profile updating tools.
  • Fields can be set to be “uneditable”. This can be used for adding a field such as “User Login” which is set by WordPress, and in most cases should not be directly editable.
  • Added “Description” field, which allows descriptions to be displayed next to input fields on profile screen.
  • Added function to delete log entries.
  • Added wp_crm_after_{$slug}_input filter which is ran after an input field is rendered.
  • Added wp_crm_render_input action which can be used for custom input types.
  • Fixed Entry Log date picker styles.
  • Minor UI Improvements on overview and settings pages.


  • UI fixes to overview screen (roles are now collapsed too)
  • Ability to build predefined attribute lists from taxonomies.
  • Ability to add JavaScript callback function to shortcode forms.
  • Ability to call shortcode forms via AJAX
  • Few fixes to DataTable sorting.
  • UI improvements to the way checkboxes are displayed.
  • Minor change to collapsible filters UI on overview page.


  • Added option to disable “All” users instead of paginating.
  • Added a wp_crm_add_to_user_log() function for easy user log modification.
  • A função wp_crm_save_user_data() foi melhorada.


  • Resolvidos problemas na criação de formulário de contato do usuário.
  • Resolvido problema com exclusão de usuário.
  • Adicionada opção para substituir o item padrão para gerenciamento de usuários no menu.


  • Ajuste menor com mensagens de notificação.
  • Capturas de tela melhores incluídas.


  • Capturas de tela adicionadas.


  • Lançamento menor.
  • Adicionando vídeos de tutorial para a página do plugin no WordPress.
  • Alguns ajustes na interface.


  • Primeiro lançamento público.