Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

The Sucuri WordPress Security plugin is a security toolset for security integrity monitoring, malware detection…

Sucuri Inc. 400.000+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.9.8 Atualizado há 5 meses atrás


Security plugin to protect your blog or website against exploits and spam injections.

pluginkollektiv 70.000+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.6.12 Atualizado há 2 anos atrás

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin scans your WordPress website for known and unknown malware…

Quttera team 10.000+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.9.8 Atualizado há 2 dias atrás

SecuPress Free — WordPress Security

Protect your WordPress with SecuPress, analyze and ensure the safety of your website daily.

SecuPress 10.000+ instalações ativas Testado com 5.0-alpha Atualizado há 2 meses atrás

WP Antivirus Site Protection (by

Adds more security for your website. Server-side scanning. Performs deep website scans of all the… (SafetyBis Ltd. ) 5.000+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.9.8 Atualizado há 1 mês atrás

Sucuri Security – Website Firewall (CloudProxy)

Sucuri Security Website Firewall (CloudProxy) is a subscription based WAF and Cloud-based IPS designed to…

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Perfect Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard – the one tool you will ever need to manage all websites efficiently.

Perfect Dashboard 600+ instalações ativas Testado com 5.0 Atualizado há 3 dias atrás

Sabres Security Website Protection

Sabres offers powerful and unique protection for your website. Protect against a wide array of…

Sabres Security Ltd. 200+ instalações ativas Testado com 4.9.8 Atualizado há 9 meses atrás