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Simple Draft List


This is a very useful way to display the titles of your drafts posts and pages – maybe as a “coming soon” teaser for

To display the list on your site you will need to insert the following code, where appropriate, into your theme…

<?php simple_draft_list('parameters'); ?>

Where parameters is an optional list of parameters, each seperated by an ampersand (&)

These are as follows…

limit= : The maximum number of draft items to display. The default is 0, which is unlimited. A limit of just 1 will cause the <li> tags not to be used, allowing you to embed the result in a sentence.

type= : This allows you to limit the results to either posts or pages. The default is both.

order= : This is the sequence that you’d like to order the results in. It consists of 2 codes – the first is either t or d to represent the title or date and the second is a or d for ascending or descending. Therefore order=td will display the results in descending title sequence. The default is descending date.

The plugin will then display the list as an HTML list (i.e. with <li> and </li> around each entry).

An example would be…

<?php simple_draft_list('limit=5&type=posts&order=da'); ?>

This would display a list of up to 5 draft posts in ascending date sequence.

The following is an example of how it could be used in the sidebar, with a function_exists check so that it doesn’t cause problems if the plugin is not active…

<?php if (function_exists('simple_draft_list')) : ?>
<h2>Coming Soon</h2>
<ul><?php simple_draft_list('limit=5&type=posts&order=da'); ?></ul>
<?php endif; ?>

If you wish to omit a page or post from the list then you can do this by simply giving the post/page a title beginning with an exlamation mark. You can then remove this before publishing the page/post.

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  1. Upload the entire simple-draft-list folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. There is no options screen – configuration is done in your code.


How can I get help or request possible changes

Feel free to report any problems, or suggestions for enhancements, to me either via my contact form or by the plugins homepage at


15 agosto, 2018 1 resposta
I have several post types and the plugin seemed to handle them as either published or draft (not published). So I could never get it to perform well for my needs. It was totally reliable, just not up to my demands.
18 abril, 2017
I'd like to thank you on turkish lan. 😀 senin daşşanı yesinler
3 setembro, 2016
After install all i had to do was add the widget and i had the initial feature i wanted out of the box. after seeing some of the additional features i wanted to know more and all the documentation was easy to find in the Other Notes tab right here on wordpress. need to make some changes to description/search ability, this did not show up under a search for Upcoming Posts, this definitely qualifies as its exactly what i wanted. Thank you for the simple plugin!
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