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Secure Content


A plug-in to secure your website content and images from copying. This plugin will disable right click on images and source code area. It will also disable copying selected content with mouse for copying.

This doesn’t fully save your content, and there is no perfect solution for content safety. A Web site content cannot be copy protected in principle. If some content is viewed on client site, it means it already have been downloaded, period.

We can only make it difficult by disabling right click and copy pasting and leaving only harder options. Like saving the entire page or viewing page source and then finding the content to be copied from the pool of code, which will be difficult and most people will leave there attempt to copy and will search for some other sites for easy copying. The good thing is that most of the people doesn’t know these methods and they will think there is no way to copy content as they see right click or copying is not working.

So try this plugin and provide the maximum security for your content.

Imagens de tela

  • The warning pops up when someone tries to copy the content


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Extract the zip file (
  3. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress


  1. Go to Add New Plugin in your WordPress admin panel
  2. Search for secure content in the search field provided
  3. Click on Install link below the Secure Content plugin
  4. Activate the plugin

That’s it and all your website page contents will be secured


Do I have to add any shortcode or something after installing the plugin

No, you dont have to do anything after installing and activating this plugin for securing your content. Once the plugin is activated, required codes will be injected automatically to your site for content security.


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