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Recipe Block


Organize your quarantine-inspired baking blog with a “Recipe” block! Adding this will insert a template with an image, heading, recipe information (serving size, time, duration), and a section for ingredients and directions. You can add and remove blocks from this container.

When in the recipe block, you’ll be able to add extra Recipe Ingredients, Recipe Directions, and Recipe Meta blocks, along with audio, videos, galleries, and more.

Note: This block doesn’t add schema or structured content to your site (the magic used by google to format recipes in search results and for voice assistants).

Head over to the GitHub repo for the development version, or to suggest new features.

Credit to @melchoyce for designing the recipe template UI.

Plugin icon from Material.

Imagens de tela

  • The recipe block just added to a post, showing the default recipe template.
  • A recipe written in the block, showing that like the other blocks, the ingredients is a separate block that can be moved up and down, or removed entirely.
  • The finished recipe on the front end of the site, using the Twenty Twenty theme.


Este plugin disponibiliza 4 blocos.

  • Recipe
  • Information
  • Directions
  • Ingredients


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