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Limpe sua biblioteca de mídia a partir da mídia que não é usada em qualquer um dos seus posts, galerias e assim por diante. Ele possui uma lixeira interna, e move os arquivos para lá temporariamente, para que você verifique se os arquivos não estão realmente em uso; uma vez verificados, você pode excluía-los permanentemente. Antes de usar este plugin, certifique-se de ter um backup adequado de seus arquivos e banco de dados. Este é o passo mais importante sobre o uso deste plugin, já que você não pode confiar em nenhuma ferramentas de exclusão de arquivos. A versão Pro deste plugin examina sua pasta /uploads e detecta quais arquivos que não estão registrados na sua biblioteca de mídia, não são usados em seu conteúdo, e assim por diante. As imagens Retina também são detectadas e suportadas, os shortcodes, HTML em barras laterais e, claro, seus posts, páginas e todos os tipos de post.

Um tutorial está disponível no site oficial, aqui: Media Cleaner.


This tool is a knife. Do not use it if you don’t have any backup, or if you don’t know what it does. For backup, I recommend use the excellent service called BlogVault. Such a plugin is difficult to create and to maintain. If you understand WordPress, you probably know why. This plugin does its best to help you. Learn how to use it and you will get awesome results.


The files detected as not used will be listed in a specific dashboard. At this point, it will be up to you to delete them. They will be then moved to a trash internal to the plugin. After more testing, you can trash them permanently.


It works with any kind of media, and including their retina and/or WebP versions. I am adding support for specific plugins little by little. As it requires meticulous work and updates, specific checks for Page Builders are being added to the Pro version.


Media Cleaner Pro can scan your physical /uploads directory, and match it against the Media Library. It also has extra support for plugins which are complicated to handle. Here is the list:

  • Gutenberg
  • ACF
  • Divi
  • Fusion Builder (Avada)
  • WooCommerce
  • Visual Composer (WPBakery)
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder


Again, this plugin deletes files so be careful! Backup is not only important, it is necessary. Don’t use this plugin if you don’t understand how WordPress works.

Imagens de tela

  • Mídia -> Media Cleaner


  1. Upload media-file-cleaner-pro to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go in the Settings -> Media Cleaner and check the appropriate options
  4. Go in Media -> Media Cleaner


Great plugin

This plugin does exactly what it says. It will help you to maintain your media library clean of unwanted media. A very important note, always backup your database and media before you begin to clean your media. This is an important note clearly emphasized by the developer and makes total sense. Well done for this great plugin 🙂 Kind regards


Does exactly what it says on the tin ! Needed to clean up a few websites over loaded with unused images and it did the job perfectly. Simple to use and as long as you follow the obvious process of backing up beforehand you cant go wrong.

A must have for larger sites

I've been struggeling with cleaning up media from what it seems like an endless dying product cycle within multiple dropshipping stores. Once a product is unavailable it's automatically removed from the store(s), but the media remains in the void. This plugin has helped me clean up a bunch of sites. Not only for dropshipping sites, but also client sites that has collected garbage over many years. Thanks so much! I really enjoy the PRO version of this plugin, it's really worth a buy.


100% satisfaction with this plugin. I used it for cleaning the images not in use. It worked perfectly. Thanks, Jordy.
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  • Add: Support for My Calendar (thanks to Mike Meinz).
  • Add: Support for iFrames (thanks to Mike Meinz).
  • Update: Code cleaning, reorganization and optimization.


  • Update: Many optimizations, modules and big sections of the code are now only loaded when really needed.
  • Fix: Filenames with spaces weren’t detected correctly and other.
  • Fix: Make sure that the shortcodes are resolved.
  • Add: Compatibility with more plugins (ACF Widgets, Attachments, Metaslider).
  • Info: Mike Meinz is an amazing developer who made a thorough debugging of the whole process, made a lot of corrections, and added support for more plugins. Thanks to him, Media Cleaner is much better!


  • Add: Support for WebP.
  • Update: Avoid removing tables when plugin is only disabled.
  • Fix: For some, the tables couldn’t be reset.


  • Update: Admin style update and common framework updated.
  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 5.1.


  • Add: Filters for Filesystem scan. Please have a look at the tutorial (, there is now a section about those filters.
  • Fix: Query for metakey.
  • Fix: Thumbnails matching.
  • Update: Compatibility for WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.


  • Update: Slight code cleaning.
  • Update: Checkboxes are updated dynamically.
  • Info: Media Cleaner is better than ever by going through so many improvements and optimizations this year. The plugin has also been perfectly stable for a few weeks, so I have decided to change its version number. Please help this plugin survive by giving me a nice review, here: Thank you 🙂


  • Fix: Issue with ACF Repeater.
  • Fix: Trash and Ignore features resulted in a weird behavior when used together.
  • Add: Now can delete the results of a search.
  • Update: Many UI improvements.


  • Update: Many parts of the UI were rewritten for a better experience. Buttons have a nicer logic.
  • Add: Enhanced error control. From now, when an error occurs during the scan, a popup will appear (asking to try again, or to skip the current item), and errors will be logged to the console.


  • Adicionado: Adicionado uma opção para digitalizar apenas as miniaturas e ignorar os arquivos originais.
  • Adicionado: Suporte ao ACF Repeater.
  • Update: Improved the code and the performance. Scan is now done differently, using the DB.
  • Fix: Debug logs weren’t logging (and enhanced them a bit).


  • Fix: Doesn’t remove the Media entry if the files cannot be deleted.
  • Update: Displays a warning if the log file cannot be created.


  • Update: Streamlined the plugin, tutorial has also been rewritten.
  • Update: Simplified the Settings. Removed the Gallery option, as it is part of the Posts or Post Meta.
  • Update: Support for UTF8, Background CSS, and Shortcodes have been moved to the Free version, and are now always enabled. Easier for everyone.
  • Add: Extra support for Page Builders is being added into the Pro version.


  • Add: Support for WooCommerce Short Description.
  • Add: Support for Divi Background.
  • Add: Support for Custom Fields Pro (ACF gallery).
  • Fix: Better support for CSS background.
  • Corrigido: Evita que o arquivo detectado seja re-adicionado se já está lá.
  • Update: Removed UTF-8 option (became useless).


  • Fix: Divi Single Image wasn’t always properly detected.
  • Add: Option for CSS background.
  • Update: Code cleaning, slighlty faster now.
  • Info: This plugin is hard work, don’t hesitate to review it 🙂 Thank you.


  • Update: Support for ACF (Image Field as Object, URL and ID).
  • Info: This plugin is hard work, don’t hesitate to review it 🙂 Thank you.


  • Update: Check DIVI Galleries and Single Images in Beaver Builder.
  • Update: Support for files which aren’t images and links (href’s).


  • Fix: Too many files were detected as used if WooCommerce was installed.


  • Info: Esta é uma ATUALIZAÇÃO IMPORTANTE, tanto em termos de otimização e detecção. Mantenha a minha motivação para cima e faça uma boa avaliação do plugin aqui: Isso me ajuda muito.
  • Update: Meta Data analysis is now cached, so much faster.
  • Update: URL detections became a bit more safer.
  • Update: Detect the images used by the themes more than before.
  • Fix: Images in widgets weren’t detected in many cases.


  • Update: Support for WP 4.9.
  • Fix: Could not empty trash if Media was already removed.


  • Fix: Meta search issue.
  • Fix: SQL typo for WooCommerce detection.
  • Corrigido: Evita verificar arrays vazios.


  • Info: Esta é uma ATUALIZAÇÃO IMPORTANTE, tanto em termos de otimização e detecção. Mantenha a minha motivação para cima e faça uma boa avaliação do plugin aqui: Isso me ajuda muito.
  • Add: Support for Fusion Builder (Avada).
  • Add: Cache the results found in posts to analyze them much faster later.
  • Add: Debugging log file (option).


  • Add: Support for WooCommerce Gallery.
  • Add: Support for Visual Composer (Single Image and Gallery).


  • Update: Bulk analyze/prepare galleries, avoid the first request to time out.
  • Add: Many option to make the processing faster or slower depending on the server.
  • Fix: Handle server timeout.
  • Add: Pause button and Retry button.


  • Update: Safest default values.


  • Add: Information about how a certain media is used (Edit Media screen).
  • Fix: Check / Create DB process.
  • Fix: Plugin was not working well with themes using Background/Header.
  • Atualizado: Limpeza no código.


  • Update: Core was re-organized and cleaned. Ready for nice updates.


  • Fix: Little issue when inserting the serial key for the first time.
  • Update: Compliance with the rules, new licensing system.
  • Atualizado: Recursos movidos.
  • Info: Haverá um alerta importante aparecendo durante esta atualização. É um anúncio importante.


  • Fix: Plugin was not working properly with broken Media metadata. It now handles it properly.
  • Info: If you want to give me a bit of motivation, write a review on


  • Fix: When over 1 GO, was displaying a lower size value.
  • Fix: Counting wasn’t exact with a Filesystem scan.
  • Info: Please read the previous changelog as it didn’t appear in WP for some reason.
  • Adicionado: ‘Verificar posts’ também procura o ID da mídia nas classes (mais seguro).
  • Info: If you want to give me a bit of motivation, write a review on


  • Add: Now the Media can be recovered! You can remove your Media through the plugin, make sure they are not in use (by testing your website thoroughly) and later delete them definitely from the trash. I think you will find it awesome.
  • Update: Nicer internal icons rather than the old images for the UI.
  • Update: Faster and safer for post_content checks.
  • Update: This is a big one. The plugin is more clear about what it does. You need to choose either to scan the Media or the Filesystem, and also against what exactly. There has also been a few fixes and it will work on more big installs. If it fails, you can remove a few scanning options, and I will continue to work on making it perfect to support huge installs with all the options on.


  • Update: Show a better edit media screen.
  • Update: Will show the same number of items as in the Media Library (before it was fixed to 15 items per page).
  • Fix: Was displaying warning if the number of items per page in the Media page is not set.


  • Fix: HTML adapted to WP 4.5.1.
  • Fix: Doesn’t break if there is an error on the server-side. Display an alert and continue.
  • Update: Can select more than one file for non-Pro.
  • Corrigido: Problema com o PHP 7.


  • Add: Option for resolving shortcode during analysis.
  • Update: French translation. Big thanks to Guillaume (and also for all his testing!).
  • Info: Nome novo, tudo novo. Este plugin mudou completamente desde seu primeiro lançamento 🙂


  • Adicionado: Apaga os diretórios não utilizados.
  • Add: Doesn’t break when there are too many files in the system.
  • Adicionado: Versão Pro com suporte aprimorado.
  • Update: Improved detection of unused files.
  • Fix: UTF8 filenames skipped by default but can be scanned through an option.
  • Corrigido: Realmente muitas correções 🙂
  • Info: Contact me if you have been using the plugin for a long time and love it.


  • Add: Inclusion of gallery post format images.
  • Corrigido: Melhor correspondência de URL da galeria.
  • Info: Thanks to syntax53 for those improvements via GitHub ( Please review Media Cleaner if you like it. The plugin needs reviews to live. Thank you 🙂 (


  • Fix: Cross site scripting vulnerability fixes.
  • Change: Many enhancements and fixes made by Matt ( Please thanks him 🙂
  • Info: Please perform a “Reset” in the plugin dashboard after installing this new version.


  • Corrigido: Examina em multisite.
  • Change: options are now all enabled by default.
  • Fix: DB issue avoided trashed files from being deleted permanently.


  • Funciona com WP 4.
  • Suporte à galeria.
  • Fix: IGNORE function was… ignored by the scanning process.


  • Adicionado: Miniaturas.
  • Adicionado: Função IGNORAR.
  • Modificado: alterações cosméticas.
  • Add: now detects the custom header and custom background.
  • Change: the CSS was updated to fit the new Admin theme.


  • Change: the MEDIA files are now going to the trash but the MEDIA reference in the DB is still removed permanently.
  • Versão estável.
  • Modificado: Readme.txt.


  • Adicionado: Verificação das propriedades meta.
  • Add: check the ‘featured image’ properties.
  • Fix: keep the trash information when a new scan is started.
  • Fix: remove the DB on uninstall, not on desactivate.


  • Adicionado: % de progresso.
  • Corrigido: Problemas com apóstrofes em nomes de arquivo.
  • Modificado: Limpeza na interface.


  • Add: options (scan files / scan media).
  • Corrigido: Problemas com mkdir.
  • Change: operations are buffered by 5 (faster).


  • Lançamento inicial.