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Plugin MasterStudy LMS para WordPress – para cursos online e educação

Plugin MasterStudy LMS para WordPress – para cursos online e educação


MasterStudy is a free WordPress LMS plugin for online learning business. The WordPress plugin turns any regular WP website into an online school with all the necessary eLearning & LMS features.

O MasterStudy é o melhor plugin gratuito de LMS para WordPress para coaching online, instrutores, treinadores, tutores, escolas, faculdades, marketplaces e qualquer tipo de site de aprendizado eletrônico.

Versão gratuita MasterStudy LMS
versão MasterStudy LMS PRO
Tema MasterStudy LMS
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A quem se destina?

O plug-in Masterstudy LMS para WordPress é direcionado para:

  • Instrutor único (treinador ou tutor);
  • Instituições de ensino (centros de aprendizagem, escolas, universidades);
  • Mercado (com cursos online).

How Does It Work?

With MasterStudy, you can create and sell online courses without needing to be a tech expert. It’s like building your website with easy and ready tools.

For Individual Instructors (Tutors, Coaches):

MasterStudy is a perfect LMS WordPress plugin for tutors, coaches, or anyone who wants to teach online. You can make interactive lessons with videos, images, and slides, and organize them for your students.

For Educational Institutions:

MasterStudy helps schools and colleges handle students, grades, and lessons smoothly. Teachers can add materials, edit lessons, and talk to students with message boards. Students can ask questions and talk to their teachers through comments and messages. They can pay per course or sign up for monthly/yearly subscriptions.

For Online Course Marketplaces:

With MasterStudy, you can set up online marketplaces with lessons like Udemy or Coursera in WordPress. It takes care of subscriptions, quizzes, payments, and student management. You can also make certificates for students. Each user gets their own profile where they can track progress, continue lessons, see quiz scores, and buy courses or memberships.

There is a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the MasterStudy WordPress Plugin

Create a Course Easily with Our Powerful Builder:

Creating a curriculum is simple with the MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin. Our builder is user-friendly and beautifully designed, divided into easy-to-follow sections. Once you’ve created, you can add lessons, quizzes, and assignments. You can also customize the sequence of lessons, preview specific ones, set pricing options, and add FAQs.

Easily include all the details you need in one place, such as the title, descriptions, curriculum, duration, price, skill level, and the number of active students. Plus, you can add videos, attachments, teachers, and rewards.

With our Course builder, you have unlimited options for managing your courses:

  • Featuring Courses
  • Previewing Courses
  • Describing Courses for Users
  • Announcing Updates
  • Adding FAQ Sections
  • Reviewing and Rating Teaching
  • Setting Expiry Dates for Courses
  • Temporarily Pausing
  • Sorting Courses into Categories
  • Attaching Files to Lessons
  • Tracking Student Progress
  • Managing Enrolled Students
  • Specifying Durations and Video Lengths
  • Determining the Number of Lessons
  • Assigning Difficulty Levels
  • Managing Students’ Progress
  • Adding Students Manually
  • Viewing Students’ Progress Details
  • Resetting Students’ Progress


Once your curriculum and sections are set up, it’s time to add different lesson types. You have the flexibility to create four types of lessons: text, video, online streams, and slideshows. Plus, you can easily incorporate previously created content with our library of lessons and quizzes.

Here’s what you can manage with lessons:

  • Duration
  • Preview (accessible to everyone)
  • Description visible on the frontend
  • Type of video lesson
  • Discussions for students with the instructor
  • Lesson materials (any media type)

Seven Types of Video Sources to Add for Video Lessons

With our MasterStudy LMS WordPress plugin, adding videos is simple. It’s fully compatible with Presto Player, a cutting-edge WordPress video player plugin. You can use up to seven video sources:

  • HTML(MP4)
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Link Externo
  • Vídeo Incorporado
  • Shortcodes
  • Presto Player


You can add questions to quizzes manually or select from the preset questions library. Then, simply input your first question. We offer eight question types to suit your needs: single-choice, multi-choice, true or false, item match, image match, image choice, keywords, and fill-in-the-gap.

Here are the features of our quizzes:

  • Advanced quiz builder
  • Various quiz styles
  • Categorization of quizzes
  • Setting quiz duration
  • Limiting quiz attempts
  • Deducting points on resubmission
  • Defining passing grades
  • Perguntas aleatórias
  • Exibindo respostas corretas
  • Describing the quiz visible on the frontend

Course Player: Better Learning Experience

Improve your students’ learning journey with our Course Player. It’s distraction-free, sleek, and user-friendly. Students can easily navigate through the curriculum, switch between light and dark modes, and take part in discussions. Progressing through lessons is effortless—students can just click “Complete” to move to the next one.

Key Features of MasterStudy Free Plugin:

  • Design moderno
  • Construtor de Cursos Poderoso
  • Course Player
  • Dark mode in the player
  • Cursos e Aulas Ilimitadas
  • Visualização do Curso
  • Painel do Aluno Front-end
  • Perfil do Professor
  • Video aulas
  • Várias fontes de vídeos (auto-hospedados, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, HTML, incorporados, Shortcode)
  • Perfis de professores separados
  • Gerenciamento de aulas
  • Construtor dinâmico de certificados de arrastar e soltar
  • Advanced quiz builder (8 quiz types)
  • Ganho e alocação de comissão.
  • Many withdrawal options
  • Histórico de compras
  • Opções de estilo
  • Widget do curso
  • Formulário de inscrição do professor
  • Review and rating system
  • Q&A para estudantes com o professor do curso.
  • Pôster do vídeo (trailer/teaser)
  • Acompanhamento do progresso do curso
  • Difficulty level
  • Definir a duração do curso
  • Mercado de cursos
  • Adicionar requisitos e instruções do curso
  • Temporizador do questionário
  • Tentativas de teste
  • Configurações de monetização centralizadas
  • Modo de destaque
  • Pronto para RTL
  • Suporte ao construtor de páginas
  • Compatível com Gutenberg
  • Gutenberg blocks available to build LMS pages easily
  • Segurança de conteúdo
  • Advanced analytics

For more details, please visit our website.

MasterStudy Premium Plugin Features

  • Certificate Builder: Make custom certificates easily.
  • Udemy Importer: Bring in Udemy lessons and earn commissions.
  • Prerequisites: Set required courses before new enrollments.
  • Quizzes: Add different types of questions to tests.
  • Sequential Drip Content: Plan lessons step by step.
  • Gradebook: See and export class results.
  • Live Streaming: Conduct live lessons.
  • Group Courses: Sell to companies and manage members.
  • Assignments: Students submit work and get grades.
  • Question Media: Add videos, audio, and images to quizzes.
  • Point system: Reward learners for achievements.
  • Statistics and Payouts: Analyze data and manage payments for instructors.
  • Online Testing: Embed quizzes anywhere and conduct tests online.
  • Trial Courses: Offer courses as trials or demos for new users.
  • Co-instructors: Assign multiple instructors to a course.
  • Gradebook: Monitor students’ progress and performance.
  • Email Manager: Personalize email templates.
  • Course Bundles: Bundle courses together and offer discounts.
  • Google Classrooms: Import classes from Google Classrooms.
  • Zoom Conference: Conduct Zoom lessons, meetings, and webinars on your site.
  • Google Meet: Schedule and host Google Meet meetings.
  • SCORM: Import pre-built e-learning content using SCORM standards.
  • LMS Forms Editor: Customize website forms with an easy-to-use editor.
  • File Upload Manager: Manage various file types in courses and lessons.
  • Upcoming Course Status: Promote courses that are not yet open for enrollment.

Imagens de tela

  • Construtor de Cursos Poderoso
  • Polished Course Player
  • Lista de Cursos na Página
  • Página de Curso Individual
  • Transmissões ao vivo, webinars e aulas
  • Materiais de Curso Externos
  • Questionários Interativos
  • Lições e Currículo de Conteúdo de Aprendizagem
  • Certificados de Conclusão de Curso Personalizados


Este plugin disponibiliza 31 blocos.

  • MasterStudy Adaptive Container Add an adaptive section with MasterStudy blocks
  • MasterStudy Button Convince readers to take action with a button
  • MasterStudy Call to Action Make your offer clear and convince readers to take action
  • MasterStudy Iconbox Add bullet points with an icon box to show off your products and services
  • MasterStudy Text Add and customize texts with MasterStudy Text
  • MasterStudy Course Carousel Displays carousel of courses
  • MasterStudy Test block Test block for settings
  • MasterStudy Archive Courses Container Archive Courses container
  • MasterStudy Courses Grid Courses container
  • MasterStudy Featured Teacher Displays information about the instructor
  • MasterStudy Testimonial Build customer trust by adding testimonials
  • MasterStudy Icon Add an icon to the page as a block
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter Columns MasterStudy Courses Filter Columns
  • MasterStudy Courses Tab Sorts courses
  • MasterStudy Courses Load More Courses load more and Pagination
  • MasterStudy Courses Preset Choose courses preset
  • MasterStudy Courses Tab Category Filters courses
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Rating MasterStudy Courses Filter by Rating
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Status MasterStudy Courses Filter by Status
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Level MasterStudy Courses Filter by Level
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Price MasterStudy Courses Filter by Price
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter MasterStudy Courses Filter
  • MasterStudy Courses Grid Classic Displays Courses Grid Classic
  • MasterStudy Courses Price button Displays Courses Price Button
  • MasterStudy Featured Teacher Button Displays button
  • MasterStudy Featured Teacher About Displays information about the instructor


Esta seção descreve como instalar o plugin e fazê-lo funcionar.

  1. Faça upload dos arquivos do plugin para o diretório /wp-content/plugins/ ou instale o plugin diretamente através da página de plugins do WordPress.
  2. Ative o plugin através da página ‘Plugins’ no WordPress
  3. Encontre mais detalhes sobre a Instalação do Plugin na documentação
  4. Configurar Página de Arquivo de Cursos no Menu -> Área de Configurações do STM LMS.


  • [stm_lms_courses_grid_display per_row=”4″ posts_per_page=”4″ load_more=”true”]
    Aceita todos os parâmetros WP_Query para classificação, ordem, etc.
  • [stm_courses_searchbox]
    Mostra a caixa de pesquisa dos cursos
  • [stm_lms_courses_carousel]
    Habilita o carrossel dos cursos
  • [stm_lms_courses_categories]
    Mostra as categorias dos cursos
  • [stm_lms_courses_grid]
    Habilita a grelha de cursos
  • [stm_lms_featured_teacher]
    Mostra o Professor em Destaque
  • [stm_lms_instructors_carousel]
    mostra o carrossel dos Instrutores
  • [stm_lms_recent_courses]
    Monstra Cursos Recentes
  • [stm_lms_single_course_carousel]
    Mostra o carrossel com um único curso

Sistema do Template

  • Copie facilmente qualquer modelo da pasta stm-lms-templates e mova-o no seu tema para personalização futura. Tente não editar os arquivos do plugin, eles serão substituídos após a atualização do plugin.

Páginas LMS Codificadas

  • /lms-login – Página de Login/Registo
  • /courses/{course}/{lesson} – Página de Aula (deve estar logado com o curso adquirido ou a aula será uma Pré-visualização)
  • /lms-user/{user_id} – Página Privada do Utilizador (deve estar logado)
  • /lms-user_profile/{user_id} – Página Pública do Utilizador
  • /lms-chats – Chat do Utilizador (deve estar logado)
  • /lms-wishlist – Minha página de lista de desejos
  • /lms-checkout – Página de checkout (deve estar logado)


Posso usar o plugin com diferentes temas do WordPress?

Sim, o Plugin MasterStudy LMS é compatível com temas WordPress, por isso pode usá-lo com o que escolher. Se tiver dificuldade em selecionar o tema para o seu site educacional, pode considerar a opção de obter o Tema MasterStudy LMS, que tem a versão Pro do plugin incluída no pacote.

Preciso de um Plugin de Subscrição?

Isso depende apenas do objetivo que você pretende alcançar. Se você planeja implementar planos de associação na plataforma, então é necessário instalar o Plugin de Associação. No entanto, você não precisa procurar pelas opções.

O plugin MasterStudy WordPress LMS já integra com o WooCommerce e o Paid Membership PRO. Esses são os melhores recursos que irão ajudá-lo a estabelecer um ótimo sistema de associação e criar planos inteligentes.

O plug-in MasterStudy WordPress LMS oferece suporte a webinars e sessões de transmissão ao vivo?

Os plugins oferecem suporte a reuniões e webinars do Zoom. A integração com o serviço está disponível por meio do plugin eRoom, que é gratuito. Ele conecta o seu site à conta do Zoom e permite que você crie e gerencie videoconferências a partir do seu painel de controle.

You can also use the MasterStudy Pro addon to conduct live stream lessons.

Este plug-in WordPress LMS é gratuito?

Este plugin possui duas versões: uma gratuita e uma paga. A versão paga Pro do plugin possui mais recursos que não estão disponíveis na versão gratuita, o que amplia a funcionalidade e oferece mais oportunidades.

Ainda assim, a função principal de construir e gerenciar cursos online e vendê-los está disponível igualmente em ambas as versões.

Onde posso encontrar a documentação do plug-in MasterStudy WordPress LMS?

Há um texto detalhado guia que descreve cada recurso e opção do plugin. Também pode encontrar uma biblioteca de vídeos com tutoriais em vídeo no nosso canal do YouTube .

Como posso obter suporte ou falar com alguém da equipa?

A nossa equipa de apoio ao cliente está disponível 24 horas por dia. Para enviar informações sobre um problema, siga sua conta para enviar um pedido de suporte. Se tiver alguma dúvida sobre pré-venda, pode sempre usar o chat ao vivo no nosso site: stylemixthemes.com

Posso traduzir o plugin para um idioma diferente?

Yes, entretanto, o plugin MasterStudy WordPress LMS já está traduzido para 8 idiomas: inglês, português, espanhol, holandês, alemão, francês, italiano e russo.

Que tipo de arquivos multimédia podem ser usados nos cursos LMS?

O plugin permite o upload de formatos de arquivos absolutamente diferentes. Existem três tipos de aulas disponíveis, em que pode apresentar vários tipos de conteúdo, como texto, vídeo, slides. Além disso, temos a opção de anexos de curso/aula, em que pode pode fazer upload de diversos arquivos, incluindo imagens, arquivos de áudio, pastas zip e muito mais.

Há uma taxa única para a versão Pro do plugin ou preciso de prolongar a minha licença?

Não, você não precisa estender sua licença, os principais recursos do plug-in estarão disponíveis. Caso deseje receber mais atualizações e suporte, você precisa renovar sua licença. O plug-in MasterStudy WordPress LMS Pro está disponível por $ 54,99.


26 maio, 2024 1 resposta
I’ve been using the plugin for several years and it works very well, each update is incredible. Support is awesome
23 maio, 2024 1 resposta
I am a course writer professionally trained and this is a bang for your buck. Attractive and has required learning functionality. Contacted support for plugin set up. Quick and done. Great job.
20 maio, 2024 1 resposta
I have worked with many LMS systems and this is by far the buggiest and worst one to use. It injects arbitrary code that overrides basic website functions and the team refuses to take responsibility. As soon as the plugin is disabled all the issues go away but they continue to blame everything else vs. taking responsibility and finding a solution. We’ve been playing the back & forth game with their poor support for weeks to fnd a solution. Each time they recognize the issue, say they are investigating it, and take days to respond only to try and shift the blame again.
17 maio, 2024 1 resposta
Since now I have solved a lot of issues (mostly due to my own mistakes) with the help of the service. One time they even released a update special for my issue :DThe LMS is good, especially for that price nobody can even argue
14 maio, 2024 1 resposta
I have worked with many other LMS plugins but this plugin is really innovative and this can be a leading LMS plugin for WordPress marketplace. Clean and user friendly UI/UX. Provide modern solutions for all kind of LMS websites. Please keep it updated and we want to see it at top.
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Registro de alterações

3.3.16 – 2024-05-23

  • New: Added seven new styles for Course pages: Timeless, Sleek with Sidebar, Dynamic, Minimalistic, Modern with Curriculum, Dynamic with Short Sidebar, Bold with Full With Cover (Pro).
  • Enhancement: Redesigned the default style for the Course page (Pro).

3.3.15 – 2024-05-20

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

3.3.14- 2024-05-16

  • New: Added Archive Courses block.
  • New: Added the possibility to manage students via CSV for instructors.
  • Enhancement: Optimized the speed of the course bundles (Pro).
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to format and move text in the Fill in the gap question.
  • Enhancement: Made logic for checking installed addon and the possibility to add filter block by availability.
  • Enhancement: Added classes for CSS library in MasterStudy Player.
  • Fix: Fill-in-the-gap questions are not saved when only a free plugin is used.
  • Fix: The Upcoming Course Status addon timer is not displayed on the card.
  • Fix: No Members Only badge for courses that are available only with a Paid Membership Pro subscription.
  • Fix: Courses purchased through Woocommerce are unavailable

3.3.13 – 2024-05-08

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.

3.3.12 – 2024-05-07

  • Fix: Courses are not available for students added by the admin via manage students.
  • Fix: Yoast SEO Page Title not applying issue fixed

3.3.11 – 2024-05-06

  • Enhancement: Redirect to Checkout after adding to Cart setting does not appear if WooCoomerce Checkout is enabled.
  • Enhancement: MasterStudy video player is set by default for video lessons with HTML and external links.
  • Enhancement: Added AJAX Loading for Assignments and Certificates pages in LMS (Pro).
  • Fix: If a subscription to the course is canceled from the admin panel of the student, access to the course will remain.
  • Fix: YouTube branding appears if Use MasterStudy player for videos from Youtube setting is enabled

You can see all updates history in our changelog documentation.