LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress


LifterLMS is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses and training based membership websites. LifterLMS is a complete course building and LMS solution that works with any well-coded WordPress theme, modern WordPress blocks, and all the popular WordPress page builders (like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Gutenberg, etc.). As an engaged WordPress community member, LifterLMS actively encourages and helps other great plugins integrate with LifterLMS like Affiliate WP, Monster Insights, WP Fusion, the most popular form plugins, GamiPress, Astra Pro, the Course Scheduler, and many more. You can also connect your WordPress LMS website to 1,500+ other apps via Zapier. LifterLMS is one of only 11 WordPress plugins listed in the Zapier app directory.

As an innovative self-hosted LMS platfom solution LifterLMS strikes a beautiful balance in being an all-in-one LMS solution while also integrating with other best of breed technologies relevant to course creators and membership site owners.

Similar to WooCommerce and WordPress, As a LMS plugin, LifterLMS gives back to the open source WordPress community by contributing the core LifterLMS plugin for FREE for the world to benefit from. The core LMS incredibly powerful and customizable by itself with it’s course building, membership, gamification system, and more. We believe in free distributed learning for all, and our core free open source LMS plugin helps further tha vision LifterLMS exists to democratize education in the digital classroom.

Em seu núcleo, o LifterLMS existe para elevar os outros através da educação.

You do NOT need a separate ecommerce or membership plugin made by a different company to use LifterLMS! All that and more is included with LifterLMS so you can avoid the “Software Frankenstein” problem (too many plugins made by different companies that don’t work well together have different levels of support). LifterLMS combines LMS features, course building, membership features, ecommerce feautures, and engagement features into one powerful LMS platform tool.

LifterLMS is also known for having a thriving well supported LMS user community through active listening, social engagement, a course library and robust documentation. As a feature complete LMS solution, LifterLMS invests heavily in support and it’s industry leading customer success program. LifterLMS doesn’t just provide LMS software. LifterLMS builds community and invest heavily in supporting the community of LMS site builders.

LifterLMS uses it’s own product to create a helpful course library to help the course building community learn. A company should use it’s own software beyond simple demos. Course creation software made by course builders!

We encourage you to get to know the team of online course building experts behind the LMS plugin by signing up for a $1 temporary 30 Day website on our servers with the core LifterLMS plugin AND all the premium LMS add-ons installed. This LMS demo site allows you to test drive the core LMS & all the add-ons before you invest. You can practice creating an online course with LifterLMS’s industry leading course builder. Or simply take a course yourself on your demo site to test the course experience out for yourself. You can even add your other favorite plugins & themes to your demo site so you can see them in action together with the LMS.

Você está pronto para Experimentar o LifterLMS por $1? 🚀

You’ll see why so many people like you are starting with or switching from another LMS to LifterLMS for online course creation, membership sites, and remote schools.

Who Uses LifterLMS?

  • WordPress Freelancers
  • Agências WordPress
  • Educadores WordPresscomo Shawn Hesketh em WP101
  • Departamentos de TI
  • Agências de marketing
  • Empresários
  • Editores da CEU
  • Escolas
  • Organizações
  • Governos
  • Empresas empresariais
  • DIY (Do It Yourself course creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs)
  • Instructional Designers
  • LMS Industry professionals

What Types of People Use LifterLMS for their LMS?

1) Builders

Os desenvolvedores do WordPress, designers &; Profissionais de TI que constroem sites LMS e portais de treinamento para clientes, empregadores & si mesmos

2) Starters

Do-it-yourself innovators who are looking to create high value online courses, coaching or training based membership websites with a LMS

3) Switchers

People who have outgrown a hosted LMS platform or an incomplete WordPress stack looking for more power, control and better support

Who Makes LifterLMS?

The LifterLMS team is a diverse group of talented course creators, developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Before developing the LifterLMS product we consulted and built custom LMS style training based membership sites for clients all over the world. It was through many years experience building high end custom WordPress LMS websites for the expert industry, that the LifterLMS project was born.

Because 5 years ago we couldn’t find a WordPress plugin that provided a rock solid all-in-one foundation for online course based LMS style training based membership websites, we decided to build LifterLMS and contribute the core plugin to you and the WordPress community.

LifterLMS is LMS, course & membership creation software built by course creators and a talented technical team. We understand WordPress, ecommerce, eLearning, course creation, engagement, gamification, conversion optimization, the website building industry, the LMS industry, and the needs of the online teacher coach, and training professional.

Você pode aprender mais sobre as pessoas por trás do LifterLMS aqui.

LifterLMS By The Numbers …

  • 4,348,041 Course Enrollments powered by LifterLMS
  • 6.570.731 Conclusões de cursos e lições fornecidas pelo LifterLMS
  • 86.807 emblemas de realização concedidos pela LifterLMS
  • 120.728 Certificados concedidos pela LifterLMS
  • Over 10,000 active installs of the LMS plugin
  • 181 5 star reviews

LifterLMS Features

Start with our core free LMS plugin and scale-up as your business grows!

Make Money Building an Education-Based Business

LifterLMS plus one payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal is powerful enough to get you started on your LMS website journey!

  • Pagamentos com cartão de crédito
  • Pagamento único
  • Pagamentos recorrentes
  • Planos de pagamento
  • Unlimited course and membership pricing models
  • PayPal
  • Assinaturas
  • Finalizar compras
  • Cursos gratuitos
  • Pacotes de cursos
  • Upsells de coaching privado
  • Course and membership Coupons
  • Bulk course and membership sales
  • Pronto para afiliados
  • Native course and membership sales pages
  • Offline course and membership sales
  • Customizable course and membership enrollment
  • País e moeda
  • Painel de e-Commerce
  • Gestão de cartões de crédito
  • Troca de assinatura
  • Troca de pagamento
  • Integração nativa com Zapier

Create Courses on Your LMS

  • Course multimedia lessons
  • Course quizzes
  • Construtor de cursos
  • Conteúdo com entrega programada
  • Course and lesson pre-requisites
  • Curso em etapas
  • Course assignments
  • Limite de tempo do quiz
  • Painel do aluno
  • Multi-instructor courses
  • Downloads de aula
  • Importação e exportação de curso
  • Áreas de discussão
  • Design instrucional
  • Integrações de fórum
  • Pacote de gráficos
  • Avaliações do curso
  • Group enrollments for courses and memberships

Engage Your Students

  • Distintivos de conquistas
  • Certificados
  • E-mail personalizado
  • Aprendizado social
  • Coaching privado
  • Mensagens de texto

Offer Memberships

  • Assinatura válida para todo o site
  • Pacotes de cursos
  • Assinaturas tradicionais
  • Matrícula automática no curso
  • Matrículas em massa no curso
  • Content restrictions outside of a course
  • Planos de pagamento exclusivos para membros
  • Discussões em grupo privado
  • Fóruns exclusivos para membros

Integrate your LMS with the Tools You Need

  • Formas de pagamento
  • E-mail marketing
  • Fóruns
  • Pronto para dispositivos móveis
  • Use any theme or page builder
  • Construído para compatibilidade
  • CRMs
  • Ferramentas de criação para ensino à distância
  • API da Tin Can (xAPI)

Secure and Protect Your Content

  • Proteção de curso
  • Cadastro e gestão de contas de usuário
  • Members only content
  • Course only content
  • Acesso restrito
  • Gerenciamento de senhas
  • Auto-hospedado

Own and Manage Your Platform

  • Detailed course, membership, ecommerce, and student reporting
  • Course gradebook
  • Notificações por e-mail
  • Bulk course and membership enrollments
  • Gerenciamento de alunos
  • Course and membership access management
  • Gerenciamento de web design
  • Branding & typography
  • Funções de LMS
  • Segurança
  • Exigir termos
  • Escalável
  • Layout
  • Ferramentas de teste

Get Support For Your LMS Project

Further Reading

Extend and Enhance Your LMS with LifterLMS Add-ons


Increase your LMS website and it’s training program’s value with these engagement add-ons


Integrate your LMS with the third-party tools you know and love

LMS Website and User Experience Design Tools

Make your online course creations and LMS platform beautiful


Our world-class LMS software support has your back and all of our paid products include priority private support with the LifterLMS support team

  • LifterLMS Support Ticket System, ready for any question you have about your LMS
  • Liftoff Sessions access with live screensharing to help you get started with the LMS software
  • LifterLMS Office Hours is weekly Mastermind group hosted by LifterLMS CEO Chris Badgett and special guests

Save Big on your LMS with a Bundle

Save money while unlocking the full potential of your course building and LMS platform

  • Level up your online course LMS website with our ecommerce, design, marketing technology, and automation tools with the Universe Bundle
  • Adicione ainda mais potencial de engajamento e transformação de alunos aos seus programas de treinamento imersivos com todo o nosso conjunto de produtos, incluindo recursos avançados usados pelos melhores professores, especialistas e treinadores com oInfinity Bundle

Give LifterLMS a Try

There are many ways to take LifterLMS for a test drive before commiting to the LMS

  • Go ahead and install the free core LifterLMS plugin right now. The free core LMS plugin is very powerful and customizable.
  • Get a temporary 30 Day website on our servers with the core LifterLMS plugin AND all the premium add-ons installed. This demo website allows you to test drive all the LMS add-ons before you invest. You can also practice creating an online course from scratch and test out the learner experience by enrolling yourself in a course on your demo site. You can even add your other favorite plugins & themes, but this demo site is not something you get to keep after the 30 days are over. Try LifterLMS for $1 now.
  • Outra maneira de testar o LifterLMS é ver como é a experiência do aluno. Faça um curso gratuito sobre como criar um site LifterLMS em 20 minutos. Faça um curso gratuito agora.

Scaling LifterLMS From A Simple Online Course…

LifterLMS is incredibly flexible, customizable and scalable. It can be used for a simple one course website, and it can also be used as course marketplace or multi instructor online school. LifterLMS can handle small sites with low course enrollments, and it’s also used in large universities and inside fortune 500 corporations for employee training.

Unlike hosted LMS software where you would pay monthly for access and pay more as your platform grows, LifterLMS does not charge you more per course. LifterLMS also does not charge you more per instructor or per student or based on your revenue.

Some LifterLMS websites are small in terms of course and membership enrollments by design. Some are quite large in the hundreds of thousand of course enrollments. The largest site we know about has 734,415 course enrollments.

Wether you are going big or keeping it small, LifterLMS can scale to your needs for your online course, membership site, training portal, or remote school.

What Others Are Saying About LifterLMS for Course Building, Membership Sites, and Remote Schools…

“I’ve used a number of course creation and delivery platforms over the years. And they were all fine… right up to the day when they weren’t. The trouble is, they all want you to package and manage your course the way THEY think you should do it. THEIR feature set. THEIR way to do it. Now I host all my courses on LifterLMS. TOTALLY different experience, because I’m free to do things MY way. I’ve never yet hit a wall where LifterLMS didn’t enable me to do things the way I wanted. Love it! Great support and community too.”

Nick Usborne, Teacher, Entrepreneur

WP101.com serves more than 30,000 members, so it’s no small challenge to migrate to a new membership plugin. We spent more than a year carefully evaluating dozens of LMS and membership plugins before we finally discovered LifterLMS (a membership plugin and LMS plugin combined into one). It was the only plugin that checked all the boxes for our needs for course creation and membership functionality. And the LifterLMS team also shares our passion for creating better online learning experiences. In particular, we deeply resonate with their goal of restoring the human touch to online learning—something that is absent from most online courses today.”

Shawn Hesketh, Proprietária, WP101

“As a former School Teacher, professional User Experience Designer, and current online course creator – I can honestly attribute much of our success to LifterLMS and it’s consideration for multiple learning modalities, the LMS UI/UX out of the box, and natural student Engagement opportunities. In less than 10 months we’ve gone from $0 to $300K in revenue with LifterLMS playing a huge part in that!! I’m looking forward to everything that comes next from the creators of LifterLMS!!”

Sarah Lorenzen, Professor, Empreendedor

“LifterLMS has been the best decision we have made towards the build out of our course library, online Learning Management System site, and community. The breadth and depth of what the LMS offers in a few WordPress plugins exceeds anything else we evaluated as it includes: easy course construction, integrated eCommerce, community capabilities, gamification and the support for delivery of 1-on-1 coaching collaboration services. Lifter also has pre-built integrations with other key WordPress technologies we wanted to use. LifterLMS has attracted a solid community and support network of leading experts to help guide anyone who wants to transform the world or their industry with online training. Chris and the Lifter team are real people, and they care.”

Michael Wolf, CEO, emPowering NOW LLC (Golden XPR)

“Comprei / instalei o LifterLMS ontem e passei o dia me divertindo! Dois anos atrás, comecei a escrever um livro, que se transformou em querer apresentar o material online de uma maneira mais interativa. Iniciei meu site do zero em janeiro e instalei o LMS foi um momento marcante! Um momento marcante que acabou sendo uma alegria logo após a outra! Eu sempre fico impressionado quando algo é facilitado! O produto LifterLMS é incrível! Poder para as pessoas! Realmente extraordinário ter algo tão útil capaz de estar nas mãos de pessoa comum. “

Margot Worthy, Autor, Professor

LifterLMS in Action

  • Success Stories — Discover these amazing stories and accomplishments from our community of LMS website builders.
  • Showcase — Check out these LMS websites using LifterLMS

Join Our Growing Community of Course Builders, Membership Site Owners, and WordPress LMS Professionals

When you download LifterLMS, you join a thriving community of education entrepreneurs, course creators, developers, LMS professionals, and WordPress enthusiasts. We’re one of the fastest growing open source eLearning communities online, and you are welcome here in our LMS community.

If you’re interested in contributing to LifterLMS, head over to the LifterLMS GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in on the open source LMS software.

Want to add a new language to LifterLMS? Swell! You can contribute language translations to the LMS at translate.wordpress.org.

Also I’d like to invite you to the LifterLMS VIP Facebook group so you can check out what other LifterLMS users and course creators are up to and ask questions to the LMS website building community. We also have an engaged LifterLMS Slack community with live developer office hours if you would like to connect in Slack.

A missão do LifterLMS é democratizar a educação na sala de aula digital. Nossa visão é elevar os outros através da educação.

We invite you to let us guide you to a successful training platform through our WordPress LMS technology, course library, and support systems. We want you to avoid the common online course & general LMS website building mistakes, avoid the Software Frankenstein problem, and NOT waste any time bringing your LMS website to life.

O LifterLMS ajuda você a ACELERAR.

Here’s What I’d Like You To Do Next …

Instale o plugin LifterLMS gratuito no seu site a partir daqui, no WordPress, e então …

Try out all the premium LMS add-ons for $1 by signing up >>HERE<<


Imagens de tela

  • Cursos do LifterLMS
  • Tabelas de preços do LifterLMS
  • Finalização de compra do LifterLMS
  • Aulas do LifterLMS
  • Conquista obtida do LifterLMS
  • Distintivos da conquista do LifterLMS
  • Resultados de quiz do LifterLMS
  • Painel de aluno do LifterLMS
  • Certificados do LifterLMS
  • Relatórios de vendas do LifterLMS
  • Relatórios de alunos do LifterLMS
  • Relatórios de matrículas do LifterLMS
  • Widgets de barra lateral do LifterLMS
  • Gerenciamento de assinaturas do LifterLMS
  • Configurações do LifterLMS
  • Construtor de cursos do LifterLMS
  • Configurações da aula do LifterLMS
  • Engajamentos do LifterLMS
  • Engajamentos por e-mail do LifterLMS
  • Planos de acesso ao curso do LifterLMS
  • Atualização de detalhes do pedido futuro do LifterLMS
  • Bloqueio de conteúdo não-LMS com associações do LifterLMS
  • Pacotes de curso por associação e Matrícula automática do LifterLMS
  • Ativações de matrículas em massa para B2B com vouchers do LifterLMS


Requisitos mínimos do sistema

O LifterLMS requer

  • PHP 7.2 ou posterior
  • MySQL 5.6 ou posterior
  • WordPress 4.0 ou posterior

Visite o nossos requisitos de sistema completo para obter informações adicionais.

Instalação automática

Esta é a forma mais simples de instalar o LifterLMS, já que ele utiliza o WordPress para lidar com as transferências de arquivos e você nem precisa sair do seu navegador da Web ou o painel de administração.

  1. Entre no seu painel do WordPress.
  2. Navegue até Plugins -> Adicionar novo
  3. No campo de pesquisa digite “LifterLMS” e clique em “Pesquisar plugins”
  4. Assim que você localizar o LifterLMS clique em “Instalar agora”
  5. Assim que a instalação for concluída, clique em “Ativar”

Instalação manual

Para instalar manualmente o LifterLMS, você precisará baixar o arquivo zip usando o link “download” nesta tela. Você precisará então de usar o FTP para enviar manualmente as limas ao diretório apropriado em seu Web Server.

Por favor, veja isso WordPress Codex documento para a instrução completa sobre a instalação do plugin manual.

Assistente de configuração

Depois de instalar o LifterLMS pela primeira vez, você será redirecionado para o assistente de configuração. Este assistente vai andar rapidamente configurar LifterLMS para que você possa começar a criar curso o mais rapidamente possível. Na conclusão você terá a opção de importar um curso de amostra.

Você pode retornar ao assistente de instalação a qualquer momento, seguindo estes passos.


Onde posso comprar complementos ou pacotes LifterLMS?

Você pode explorar os complementos individuais aqui ou obtenha um grande desconto com o bundle

Existem algumas etapas de solução de problemas, que vocês sugerem que eu tente para resolver o meu problema, antes de postar um novo tópico?

Primeiro, certifique-se de que você está executando a versão mais recente do LifterLMS. E se você tem quaisquer outros complementos ou temas do LifterLMS, certifique-se de que eles estão na versão mais atual também.

Os problemas mais comuns que vemos são conflitos de plugin, conflitos de tema ou servidores desatualizados. Você pode testar se um plugin ou tema está em conflito, desativando manualmente outros plugins até que o LifterLMS esteja sendo executado em seu site. Se o problema persistir, volte para o tema padrão Twenty Fifteen. Se o problema for resolvido depois de desativar um plugin específico ou seu tema, você saberá que é a origem do conflito. Se for um problema de hospedagem, entre em contato com seu host da Web e verifique se ele está executando a versão mais atual do PHP.

Também não se esqueça de verificar o LifterLMS oficial base de conhecimento.

Ainda estou preso. Onde eu vou para informar um erro ou fazer uma pergunta?

Os usuários do LifterLMS gratuito devem publicar suas perguntas no fórum WordPress.org do plugin. Se você achar que não está recebendo suporte da maneira mais oportuna que desejar, considere á compra de um produto do LifterLMS para que você possa acessar a equipe de suporte do LifterLMS.

Se você já é cliente do LifterLMS, basta acessar na sua conta e entrar em contato com a equipe de suporte diretamente no Site LifterLMS. Podemos fornecer um nível mais profundo de suporte e atender às suas necessidades diariamente durante a semana de trabalho. Geralmente, exceto em períodos de maior carga de suporte, respondemos a todos os comentários dentro de 12 horas úteis.

LifterLMS é impressionante! Vocês podem configurar tudo para mim?

O LifterLMS oferece suporte técnico, mas não oferecemos serviços personalizados de desenvolvimento de sites. No entanto, recomendamos especialistas em LifterLMS de terceiros que possam ajudar com design da web, desenvolvimento da web, design instrucional ou marketing mediante taxa. Clique aqui para visitar o Página de especialistas do LifterLMS.

Estou interessado nos complementos do LifterLMS, mas há algumas perguntas que tenho antes de fazer a compra. Você pode me ajudar a resolver esses problemas?

Absolutamente. Se você não está encontrando suas perguntas respondidas nas páginas do produto, você pode fazer suas perguntas de pré-vendas com este formulário de contato. Você também pode se conectar ao vivo com um membro da nossa equipe aqui.

Quais complementos estão disponíveis para o LifterLMS, e onde posso ler mais sobre eles?

Você pode encontrar uma lista completa de Add-ons officlai LifterLMS aqui

Eu tenho uma idéia de recurso. Qual é a melhor maneira de contar pra vocês?

Nós nos preocupamos com suas idéias de recursos e o que você tem a dizer. Você pode request a feature, vote on existing feature requests, and checkout the roteiro do produto.

Ainda tenho perguntas. Onde posso encontrar respostas?

Certifique-se de ter participado do curso em vídeo de treinamento tutorial gratuito: Como criar um curso online com o LifterLMS . Também encorajamos você a nos conhecer, inscrevendo-se em um site temporário 30 dias$1 em nossos servidores, que vem com o plugin principal do LifterLMS, todos os nossos complementos instalados. Esta demonstração permite testar todos os complementos antes de investir. Conferir aqui: Tente o LifterLMS por $1.

Estou interessado em contribuir para lifterlms, como posso inciar?

LifterLMS é um projeto de código aberto. Gerenciamos nossa equipe, desenvolvedores, problemas e código no GitHub.

Nós saudamos com contribuições de todos os tipos, qualquer pessoa pode contribuir, mesmo que você não escreva código! Confira nossas Diretrizes dos colaboradores para inciar.

Eu encontrei uma vulnerabilidade de segurança ou erro, como posso denunciá-lo para a equipe?

A equipe do LifterLMS leva muito a sério os problemas de segurança e vulnerabilidades. Agradecemos seus esforços para divulgar suas descobertas de forma responsável e faremos todos os esforços para reconhecer suas contribuições.

Entre em contato com team@lifterlms.com para relatar uma vulnerabilidade de segurança.

Você pode revisar nossa política de segurança completa em https://lifterlms.com/security-policy.


10 de abril de 2021
The Lifter Team has been great! They are personable, knowledgeable and extremely helpful when it comes to setting up a custom classroom site. Their online tutorials have been easy to follow and to understand with written steps as well as video instructions. Bravo! You helped me to create an teaching platform that I'm really excited about. Many thanks!
7 de abril de 2021
I'm absolutely non techi, trying to create an area-specific front line customer service course, and ALL at Lifter have been wonderful. The ease of asking questions and receiving helpful answers has been extraordinary. The weekly live zoom Q&A for the first 30 days have been invaluable. SO GLAD I chose Lifter. I recommend them with no reservations.
1 de abril de 2021
This is a great core plugin for online learning. It gives you everything you need to get a functional site up and running. There is a bit of a learning curve to understand how everything fits together, but the developers have some great training articles and videos to make sense of it all. There are plugins for the system that cost extra to add more advanced features and integrations with other systems, but you don't need them to get a training site up and running. The only paid plugin I'm using is the WooCommerce as I can use WooCommerce for other, non-training products, it handles sales taxes, and integrates with Square. As my site grows I'll probably add in some other plugins for more functionality, but for now the core plus 1 plugin works for me! I've emailed support for non-technical issues and they respond quickly and positively. I can't speak for technical support but I assume that it's just as quick and friendly.
29 de março de 2021
Lifterlms has everything I need to help me make a fantastic online platform for my university students. It is a very user friendly tool that punches well above its weight. The streamlined functionality and adaptable versatility of Lifterlms is rivalled only by the warm authentic customer service that I have consistently received. The respect and regards to my correspondence have always been timely and effective. Lifterlms is an excellent product that is furthered in value by superior high quality service. Honestly, I would give Lifterlms 10 stars if I could.
Leia todas as 204 avaliações

Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


“LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress” foi traduzido para 20 localizações. Agradecemos aos tradutores por suas contribuições.

Traduzir “LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress” para o seu idioma.

Interessado no desenvolvimento?

Navegue pelo código, dê uma olhada no repositório SVN ou assine o registro de desenvolvimento via RSS.

Registro de alterações

v4.21.0 – 2021-04-19


  • Certificate exports will now automatically include (most) externally hosted images and stylesheets.
  • Opt-in forward compatibility changes have been made to the LLMS_Abstract_Options_Data class.


  • Fixed an issue causing one-time payment orders from being included in totals on some reporting screens.
  • Fixed an issue causing student enrollment counts to be incorrect under some circumstances.
  • Fixed issues resulting in unnecessary duplicated instances of course background data processing.
  • Fixed an error encountered when a course is deleted prior to its background data being processed.
  • Fixed an escaping issue causing passwords with a backslash character from being usable following a password reset.

v4.20.0 – 2021-03-16


  • Fixed an issue causing a fatal error when attempting to access reports for deleted students. Thanks Thanks @pondermatic!
  • Fixed an issue encountered on the builder causing the last section to be returned when retrieving the previous section for the first section.

v4.19.0 – 2021-03-11

Supported Version Requirement Updates

  • The minimum supported PHP version has been raised to PHP 7.3. Please upgrade to a supported PHP version.
  • The minimum supported WordPress core version has been raised to version 5.3.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing TinyMCE editor instances to be unusable within metaboxes when using the block editor.

v4.18.0 – 2021-03-04

This is the last release of LifterLMS that will declare support for PHP 7.2. PHP 7.2 reached its official end of life on November 30, 2020. With the next release of LifterLMS the minimum supported PHP version will be raised to 7.3. If you’re currently using PHP 7.2 please contact your host and request an upgrade to a supported PHP version as soon as possible!


  • Tested up to WordPress core version 5.7
  • Updated several occurrences of json_encode() with preferred wp_json_encode().

Bug fixes

  • Added a tie-breaker when there are multiple enrollment statuses with the same date & time. Thanks @pondermatic!
  • On admin order pages and tables don’t print links for deleted students.
  • Fixed an issue on admin order pages when viewing an order for a deleted student.

v4.17.0 – 2021-02-22


  • The post type feature “llms-sales-page” has been added to course and membership post types, signifying they support custom sales pages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Yoast SEO 15.8.
  • Fixed duplicate action hook in content-no-access-after.php template.
  • Added early returns to several templates to prevent undefined variables errors.
  • Fixed an undefined variable encountered in course builder JS debug logging.

Templates Updated

  • content-no-access-after.php
  • quiz/meta-information.php
  • quiz/results.php
  • quiz/start-button.php

v4.16.0 – 2021-02-18


  • Added preview management to the student dashboard to allow previewing of the dashboard as a site visitor.
  • Added a new filter to allow customization of courses output by the [lifterlms_courses] shortcode. Thanks @reedhewitt!
  • Added compatibility code to reduce plugin conflicts encountered in the course builder. Resolves a conflict encountered when building quizzes with Yoast SEO installed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed undefined variable error encountered when creating custom notification types. Thanks @pondermatic!
  • Fixed incorrect variables passed to sprintf() in logging functions used by the course data background processor. Thanks @pondermatic!

v4.15.0 – 2021-02-09


  • Database migration: remove any “orphaned” access plans which were not properly cleaned up during deletion of parent course or membership.
  • Improved performance of membership post association query methods.

Bug fixes

  • Access plans will now be automatically deleted when their parent course or membership is deleted.
  • Fix an issue with donut charts/graphs on RTL sites.
  • Fix an issue causing unpublished (draft/private) courses from being returned during queries for membership post associations.

LifterLMS REST 1.0.0-beta.15


  • Added Access Plan resource and endpoint.
  • Provide a more significant error message when trying to delete an item without permissions.
  • Use WP_Http constants in favor of integers when referencing HTTP status codes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes localization issues where a singular name was used in favor of the expected plural form.
  • Fixed issues where an error object was not properly returned when expected
  • Fixed call to undefined function llms_bad_request_error(), must be llms_rest_bad_request_error().
  • Fixed access plans resource link.
  • Fixed wrong trigger retrieved when multiple trigger were present for the same user/post pair on Student Enrollment resources.

v4.14.0 – 2021-02-04


  • Added a user preference option allowing users to opt-out of the course builder’s autosave functionality. More information.
  • 5-star review request displayed at 30 enrollments instead of 50.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue encountered when using shortcodes in the description of an access plan.
  • Fixed an issue encountered when editing auto-draft courses on the course builder.


  • LLMS_Controller_Quizzes::take_quiz() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_AJAX_Handler::quiz_start().
  • Method LLMS_Quiz::get_lessons() is deprecated with no replacement.

v4.13.0 – 2021-01-26


  • The minimum supported WordPress core version has been raised to 5.2. For more information, please review the LifterLMS Minimum System Requirements.
  • When cloning courses and lessons the cloned post will be created as a draft.
  • When cloning courses the suffix “(Clone)” will be appended to the title of the course to unify cloning behavior with lessons.
  • Added information about LifterLMS specific constant values to the LifterLMS system report.
  • Added a new constant LLMS_IS_SITE_CLONE which can be used to force the site’s clone status.

Bug fixes

  • Reverts site clone detection check changes implemented in 4.12.0 to restore pre 4.12.0 functionality which only runs checks on the admin panel for logged in users with the manage_lifterlms capability.
  • Restore reliance on mb_convert_encoding() when passing html strings into DOMDocument and use the alternate method introduced in version 4.8.0 as a fallback.
  • Fixed an issue encountered when unexpected or malformed data is stored in the LifterLMS admin notices option.

v4.12.0 – 2021-01-20


  • Automatic site clone detection checks have been adjusted to always run in favor of only running on the admin panel.
  • LifterLMS Site Features (like recurring payment status) can now be configured via constant values.
  • Added llms_load_admin_tools action to allow 3rd parties to easily hook into our admin tools system.
  • Made numerous performance improvements on the course data background processor.
  • Course data background processing will now be automatically throttled for courses with 500 students or more as opposed to the old value of 2,500 or more.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an incorrect HTML for attribute and added an id to the related input element on the student dashboard voucher redemption endpoint.
  • Fixed a pagination error encountered when using course or membership list shortcodes on the static front page.
  • Make sure is_lifterlms() exists before calling it in navigation menu-related classes.


  • LLMS_Admin_Notices_Core::check_staging() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Staging::notice().
  • Unused property LLMS_Course::$sections is replaced by LLMS_Course::get_sections().
  • Unused property LLMS_Course::$sku is deprecated with no replacement.
  • LLMS_Frontend_Forms is deprecated, functionality is available via LLMS_Controller_Account.
  • LLMS_Frontend_Forms::reset_password() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Controller_Account::reset_password().

Templates Updated

  • templates/myaccount/form-redeem-voucher.php

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