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WordPress LMS Plugin – LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress, just like WordPress Moodle or Moodle for WordPress if you know what Moodle is. This is one of the best WordPress LMS Plugins can be used to easily create & sell courses online. Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface. With this WordPress LMS plugin, you can quickly and easily create education, online school, online-course websites with no coding-knowledge required.

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LearnPress is free and always be free, but it has premium high quality WordPress Plugin which will probably help you make money from your WordPress based LMS, try and see how it is. LearnPress WordPress Online Course plugin is lightweight but super powerful with lots of add-ons to empower its core system.

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Dê uma olhada nos nossos temas Preium: Tema Educaional para WordPress, Tema Coaching para WordPress e; Tema LMS para WordPress (alguns o chamam de Modelo SGA do WordPress) que projetamos para trabalhar com o LearnPress. Todos os desenvolvedores são bem-vindos para construir temas baseados no plugins SGA para WordPress – LearnPress. Em breve virão mais temas WordPress para o SGA LearnPress, tanto gratuitos quanto Premium.

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LearnPress features

LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin works with your theme
We create LearnPress LMS Plugin to work with any WordPress themes.

LearnPress supports WordPress Multisite
Create WordPress based LMS as multiple sites.

Create course
LearnPress LMS Plugin provide an excellent user interface to create a course with options you need. You can find it easy to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it.
You can also export course and import to other website which also using LearnPress. We will provide the feature allow you to import course from other WordPress LMS plugins soon.

Manage course
With the course you’ve created, you can share it, manage it, watch statistic about number of student, its trend, etc.

Sell course
LearnPress is free but it still allow you to sell courses you create with support many billing method such as Paypal, WooCommerce, Stripe, etc.

Communicate with your students
With BuddyPress support, LearnPress will help you to communicate with your student or instructor via WordPress forum. Learning is not only on your own. Study, make friends and have fun.

LearnPress provide a bunch of add-on
Add-on is used to providing extra features for LearnPress and you can also write it.

LearnPress is free and always will be
Education should be free and we want you to bring it to as many people as you can. Therefore, we create LearnPress as a tool for you to create course and share it. We’ll continue developing it as long as we can and make it better and better.

LearnPress is actively developed
We are developing and improving LearnPress day by day and bringing new features to you cos we want LearnPress to become the best WordPress LMS plugin.

LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin Documentation

Free add-ons for LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

Premium add-ons for LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

LearnPress foi traduzido para os seguintes idiomas

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Indonesian
  4. Italian
  5. German
  6. Polish
  7. Russian
  8. Holandês

WordPress LMS Plugin – LearnPress ROADMAP

  • Payment Method support (first priority)
    • Authorize.net (DONE)
    • 2Checkout (DONE)
    • Google Checkout
    • Amazon Payments
    • Dwolla
    • Braintree
    • Samurai by FeeFighters
    • WePay
  • Assignment – DONEcheck LearnPress Assignments Add-on HERE
  • Eventos
  • Compartilhar nota
  • BadgeOS
  • Manually reset quiz for retake
  • Create quiz from randoms questions in question bank (DONE)
  • Attachment restriction for lesson
  • Presentation support (maybe support SlideShare)
  • Exibir usuários inscritos
  • Pontuação do estudante
  • REST API for mobile app
  • No distraction mode (when doing quiz)
  • Report/feedback about a question/quiz/lesson
  • Commission for payment method (DONE)
  • Nota do instrutor
  • Private message from Admin to teacher
  • Group payment

Any suggestions for this WordPress LMS Plugin? Send us here.

Outra nota

Documentation is available in ThimPress site.
LearnPress github repo.

Imagens de tela

  • Curriculum - Drag and Drop lesson or quiz.
  • Lesson content.
  • Prévia do questionário
  • Configurações gerais
  • Configurações do questionário
  • Configurações de e-mail
  • Página do curso de demonstração
  • Complementos do LearnPress


From your WordPress dashboard
1. Visit ‘Plugin > Add new’.
2. Search for ‘LearnPress’.
3. Activate LearnPress from your Plugins page.

From WordPress.org
1. Search, select and download LearnPress.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard.


O que é LearnPress ?

LearnPress is a plugin to create a LMS website, to spread out course, or sell course.

Onde posso encontrar o guia do usuário e a documentação para o LearnPress?

If you want to use LearnPress to build a Learning Management Website, please refer to our user guides in LearnPress official site.
And if you want to extending or theming LearnPress, see our Wiki.

Onde posso obter suporte ou falar com outros usuários?

If you get troubles when using LearnPress you can ask for help on the LearnPress Support Forum or join the private Facebook group. You could share your feedback about LearnPress. And let us know which feature you would like us to build next.

For help with premium add-ons, use our helpdesk.

Where can I ask for new features or suggest ideas or themes for LearnPress?

You can send us your ideas through form here.

Onde posso reportar bugs ou contribuir com o projeto?

You can also report bugs on LearnPress Support Forum or LearnPress Github Repository.

Onde posso encontrar a documentação da API REST?

We will provide documentation about LearnPress REST API really soon.

LearnPress is great, can I contribute to it?

Yes, you can and we appreciate it. Join in our Github Repository.

LearnPress Translation project


Great plugin, great help

Got the free plugin with Learnpress, and it's a great thing to use! I wanted to make the software a bit more pleasing to the eye, so I reached out through the forum, and got great and fast help. Its basic in the looks, but super practical.

Good all-in-one plugin for E-learning courses, and great support!

Learnpress offers all the main things needed to create an E-learning course (e.g., lessons, quizzes, purchasing courses, etc.), and all for free! What's more, the support is great. I encountered a problem and wrote on the forum and immediately got help until the problem was resolved. I was impressed with the speed and quality of the support for a free plugin. I'd definitely recommend it!

Still The Best Platform

HONEST REVIEW: SUMMARY: Still the best there is. PLUS 1. We use it. We use most of the plugins. We run a complete college platform on it. 2. There is no better feature set especially if you want the power and reach of wordpress. (We need self hosting) 3. The support is above and beyond. Seriously. The support is quite good *IF* you know what you're doing in the first place. 4. If I have a problem, I get a response in 24 hours. Within a few days it gets solved. 5. If I report a bug. It gets fixed. Might take a few weeks but it gets fixed. MINUS 1. There is no 'dashboard' like there is in other products so that an instructor knows what's ready for him or her to review or grade. Not even by class or student. So it's quite frustrating to hunt and peck around for what needs doing. Notifications don't seem to work either, so it doesn't tell you when there is something to work on. 2. It's a bit difficult to learn and there are missing navigation aids.(should be able to see everything about a user's course from a tab on his backend profile) The authors do not speak english natively and some of the text is confusing or unclear. If you want both buddypress (social media) and bbpress forums (for your classes) you get a back end profile, the buddypress profile, and the learnpress (courses) profile 3. They include the quiz with the product for those who don't interact with students, but you must buy the Assignments plugin if you want any kind of written response to grade. This really needs to be part of the core product, and you will need to purchase it even if you want just one or two sentence answers. (We use assignments exclusively). 4. The code is 'iffy' underneath. It is very clearly open source by multiple authors over multiple generations. If you are a developer and get into the code it will exasperate you. So that means you can't sort of 'hack' your way through an urgent problem until they fix it. You are just stuck waiting. 5. Certain features do not work as they should (Learnpress-Buddypress Integration despite updates still can't display certain pages, and 'Orders' results in 400's now.) And does not include necessary features like i) instructor, ii) withdrawls, iii) gradbook, iv) wishlist. And there are 'settings' spread between the two different user interfaces, and no way to work around it. So it's confusing for the user (and you). 6. The code does not clean up after itself when changed (numerous problems with content drip). And there is no way to clean up the database. And instead of creating tables and storing data in string arrays, simple data is often spread across many rows. This in no way changes the fact that it's the best feature set available.

The Best

This plugin and suport was the better than I used... The company is to be congratulated for the professionalism and partnership caring about the client's success ... Thank you very much.
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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


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Navegue pelo código, dê uma olhada no repositório SVN ou assine o registro de desenvolvimento via RSS.

Registro de alterações

~ Added new strings for translating.
~ Corrected currency of Rwandan franc.
~ Fixed missing utils library when adding manually the orders.
~ Fixed upgrade function that doesn’t hide the message when it done.
~ Fixed can’t create new page in settings.

~ Fixed guest can not start quiz with no require enroll course option.
~ Fixed sql to filter orders by user ID.
~ Fixed issue of sending email when finished course: not correct Grade.
~ Fixed can not see Actions buttons when adding questions into the quiz.
~ Fixed changed the logic of Continue button for Course: continue with the next incomplete item.
~ Fixed wrong code to pick up instructor email.

~ Fixed load js missing dependencies and only in LP page.

~ Changed SQL to read course items by user item ID.
~ Improved performance in admin orders page.
~ Upgraded Vue/Vuex to latest version.
~ Added new theme to LP ad.

~ Fixed bug can’t access course after purchased.
~ Fixed bug user can’t redo quiz with option ‘Retake’ is 1.
~ Fixed bug can’t order questions by date in questions bank.
~ Extracted purchased date to date and time in order emails.
~ Show point of quiz in result page.

~ Fixed can not next/prev question when doing quiz.
~ Fixed get wrong total student of a course.
~ Updated language .POT file.


~ Fixed button for creating LP pages does not work properly.
~ Fixed warning when getting course items does not exists.
~ Added button to close warning for outdated templates.
~ Fixed search order not working.
~ Fixed get course items in incorrect order.
~ Fixed can’t start quiz when the course is not required enroll.
~ Fixed the amount number of enrolled users isn’t updated correctly.


~ Fixed cannot enroll course.
~ Fixed prev question button not working correct.
~ Fixed one extra answer option when add new question.
~ Fixed some deprecated keywords for PHP 7.3.
~ Fixed item is null for an item which doesn’t support it’s type (like assignment after deactivate).
~ Fixed bug the next and prev button not work in review mode of quiz.


~ Removed un-security code in PP library.
~ Fixed get curriculum item types doesn’t work properly.
~ Fixed sort sections/items wrong in SQL query.


~ Fixed review quiz doesn’t work properly.
~ Fixed table session create a lot of rows.
~ Fixed can’t enroll to a course purchased.
~ Removed unused functions.


~ Fixed can’t enroll course.
~ Fixed upload issue and drag user avatar on mobile.
~ Fixed course duration does not work properly.
~ Fixed question with multi language.
~ Fixed mail to user 2 times when completed course.


~ Fixed issue info of order added manual not correct.
~ Fixed issue course duplicated is published.
~ Fixed issue Course content column show as “No Content”.
~ Fixed some issues related to cache.


~ Fixed issue vulnerabilities.
~ Fixed issue related to object cache when doing quiz.
~ Fixed lesson 404 with Polylang.
~ Fixed PHP Fatal error class ‘LP_Plugins_Helper’ not found


~ Fixed minor bug in gradebook list in admin
~ Made hook learn-press/course-tabs work
~ Fixed bug: not auto complete quiz. Add 1 more filter hook for checking publicity in profile page
~ Fixed bug: auto enroll course without permission to enroll course
~ Changed filter tag for get_default_meta of lesson
~ Auto full-screen in mobile view
~ Fixed bug: wrong count number in No Preview at Lessons List back end page
~ Fixed bug: Instructor user cannot see comments of lesson
~ Changed version for template files
~ Added base url for construct nav in user profile
~ Added param for get_nav method
~ Fixed bug: answer correct all question but quiz result is failse with 0%
~ Fixed small bug in quiz editor
~ Fixed bug: wrong count number of the courses in back end because of the status of preview course
~ Fixed bug: not redirect to correct page after logged in in Profile page
~ Fixed bug fatal error include file
~ Added icon for chat-type-format of content item
~ Fixed header-sent when log file


  • Added quiz option to minus a number of point for each wrong question in quiz
  • Added admin email to send to admin when an order is completed
  • Added button allows wp admin can send a request to subscriber
    ~ Improved auto redirecting to current question when user go to a quiz
    ~ Improved UI of course editor for RTL
    ~ Improved content of email sending to admin and instructor
    ~ Fixed page show 404 with pagination in courses page (conflict with WPML)
    ~ Fixed course price is still showing after user enrolled course
    ~ Fixed not auto redirecting to checkout after logged in
    ~ Fixed some issues made question can’t edit
    ~ Fixed issue for requesting to get related themes/addons in admin
    ~ Fixed some issues with content header when viewing in Safari
    ~ Fixed wrong ordering of course item when adding new
    ~ Fixed order for multiple user is not show in list of orders
    ~ Fixed some text is not translatable
    ~ Fixed breadcrumb not show page name when viewing archive course
    ~ Fixed archive course show header is title of first course