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Kint PHP Debugger


This WordPress plugin is a wrapper for the Kint PHP Debugger utility version 1.x. Now instead of using var_dump() or print_r(), you simply use d() with zero, nadda, no formatting required.

Use this tool when you are debugging your website, in place of var_dump(), print_r() and debug_backtrace().

Handy Tools

Some handy tools just for the PHP Developer:

  • d( $var ); to render a collapsible UI container which displays your variable data in “the most informative way”
  • ddd( $var ); same as d() except that it also executes die() to halt execution.

Here are some variations of d() to give you the display you want:

  • ~d( $var ); outputs in plain text format.
  • +d( $var ); disregards depth level limits and outputs everything
  • !d( $var ); shows expanded rich output
  • -d( $var ); attempts to ob_clean() the previous output (dump something inside of HTML)


Kint even includes a naïve profiler, which can help you analyze which blocks of code take longer than others:

Kint::dump( microtime() ); // just pass microtime()
sleep( 1 );
Kint::dump( microtime(), 'after sleep(1)' );
sleep( 2 );
ddd( microtime(), 'final call, after sleep(2)' );

See screenshot 2 for what is rendered out in your browser.

Admin Bar

“KINT ACTIVE” indicator displays in the WordPress admin bar to alert you when the plugin is active.

Imagens de tela

  • An example of what gets rendered in the browser when using ‘d( $var )’.
  • Profile example from Kint.
  • “KINT ACTIVE” indicator in the WordPress admin bar.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Kint PHP Debugger’
  3. Activate Kint PHP Debugger from your Plugins page.

Once Activated

Whenever you want to dump out the data within a variable, simply use d( $var ) to replace when you do pre + var_dump().

To dump and die, you use ddd( $var );.


How do I use this utility?

When you are testing your code, you use d( $var ) in place of var_dump( $var ) and print_r( $var ). No need to wrap it in pre’s either.

What does it render in the browser?

Kint provides a handy UI that wraps up the data within the variable. Click to open it up and see the data.

See the screenshot 1 for an example.

What else does Kint provide to help me debug?

As you can see the screenshot 1, besides the handy UI, it also provides you with a full call stack. Click on the text below the UI to expand it out.

Can I run this on a live site?

I wouldn’t unless you are testing. This tool is for debug only. Once you push the site live, deactivate and delete this plugin.

What should I do when the site goes live?

Deactivate and delete this plugin.


7 maio, 2019
The Best! I keep coming back again and again. Kint makes WordPress (PHP) development/debugging a breeze. Save yourself time & frustration install this plugin.
21 março, 2019
It is a very useful tool but some people prefer a video how to use to use a tool. Its awesome thanks
15 setembro, 2016
Thanks for this plugin. It makes debugging my arrays of arrays of arrays much simpler. 😉
3 setembro, 2016
Really like to debug with Kint, and this plugin makes it much easier.
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Version 2.0.2

  • Bump to sync versions.

Version 2.0.1

  • Removed changing the admin color palette to coffee.
  • Removed changing the admin bar background color.

Version 2.0.0

  • Updated Kint version.
  • Tested against WP 5.1

Version 1.2.1

  • Added “KINT ACTIVE” indicator to the WordPress admin bar to alert the plugin is activated.

Version 1.2.0

  • Excluded Composer files.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.1.

Version 1.1.0 to 1.1.4

  • Changed to the kint-php package
  • Upgraded Kint to v1.1

Version 1.0.1

  • Upgraded Kint to v1.0.10

Version 1.0.0

  • First release