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WP Keyboard Navigation


Keyboard Navigation is a simple WordPress plugin to navigation WordPress site via keyboard. The easiest and the fastest way to navigate through your site.


  • ? Toggle the help area
  • / Focus the search box
  • d Toggle the debug bar
  • r Reload the current page
  • e Current post
  • p then a All post listing
  • p then n Create new post
  • Shift + p then a All page listing
  • Shift + p then n Create new page
  • g then h Go to front page
  • g then l login Go to login page
  • g then d dashboard Go to admin dashboard
  • g then c comment Go to comment edit page
  • g then t themes Go to themes page
  • g then p plugins Go to plugins page
  • g then u users Go to users page
  • g then s settings Go to settings page


Mousetrap was used as the shortcut handling library. So new shortcuts can be added very easily. Fork the plugin if you are interested 🙂


This may have bugs and lack of many features. If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome. Please fork the repository from Github.


Brought to you by Tareq Hasan from weDevs


Please donate for this awesome plugin to continue it’s development to bring more awesome features.

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Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


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