JetFormBuilder — Form Builder for Gutenberg


JetFormBuilder — Form Builder plugin for Gutenberg

A functional yet handy Form Builder plugin that lets you create, edit, and style any form type in the Gutenberg Editor. No more supplementary drag-and-drop form builders. You can now use a one-stop interface to develop a fully operative form.

JetFormBuilder allows you to build any kind of form nice and easy. Its 18 field blocks allow you to create a form from scratch or reassemble the existing one. Throw JetStyleManager into the mix and you’ll be able to style every form field. Create, customize, and style – all in Gutenberg.



Find inside a total of 18 JetFormBuilder blocks colored to stand out from the crowd. You can mix and match them freely until you achieve a unique row or column layout.


Choose from 11 available actions and set any you want to be performed after the form submitted on the frontend. From basic Send Email, Insert/Update Post, Register User, Update User, and Update Options to advanced Call Hook/Webhook, Redirect to Page, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and GetResponse.


You can adjust the visibility conditions of any form field. Just use the corresponding JetFormBuilder block and decide which field will be shown and when. Besides that, there’s a chance to fine-tune the way Post Submit Actions perform. You set the conditions according to which the Actions will be executed or not.


Form Break allows you to tell apart the form fields creating a step-by-step frontend layout. Add a Form Progress bar that indicates the first and last form steps and shows which step the user is currently taking.


Build dedicated Calculator forms or add extra functionality to any other form type. The Calculated field type will carry out basic and complex calculations real quick.


Repeater creates an interface to add and remove a repeatable group of input elements. You can use a Repeater field to add a group of fields any number of times. Create Repeater groups to display custom data smoothly.


Can’t decide what to do with system fields that were not meant for users to be seen? It’s simple. Hide them. JetFormBuilder’s functionality allows you to make certain fields invisible on the frontend.


We integrated JetStyleManager & Gutenberg to make it possible for you to style the form fields as desired. Style settings can be applied to text, form description, required mark, and content label, too.


No more confusing field rows and additional styling. Because Gutenberg is a visual editor, you can monitor the form creation process as if you were on the frontend. All field types can be found in the same place – the JetForm Fields block. And now you can add any content you want into the from layout – headings, images, sections etc.


Accept all kinds of payments securely via any of your WordPress-created forms be it one-off, recurring, fixed, variable payments, or user-entered amounts. JetFormBuilder allows linking your forms to PayPal or Stripe checkout.

More JetFormBuilder Features

  • Field Value Generator Function. Three available functions help you generate the field values dynamically.
  • Editable post-submit messages. Use the default message texts or input your own ones.
  • Spam protection. Add a Google reCAPTCHA to your form easily.
  • File uploads. Decide which users you would authorize to attach files to your website forms: registered, not-registered, or all users.
  • Form submit type. Choose between the page reload and AJAX options.
  • Drag-and-drop editor. Grab the form block and place it where you want in a matter of seconds.
  • Input mask. Three mask types are available – numeric, alphabetical, and alphanumeric.
  • Form validation. Check if the entered user data is correct and whether to let them proceed with the form submission or not.
  • Form templates. Coming soon.

Read more about all JetFormBuilder features here

JetFormBuilder Pro Addons — Go Farther, Get More

Meet the Pro version of JetFormBuilder allows you to go far beyond the ordinary forms. It comes with a pack of powerful addons, which will become a game changing experience. Automate your marketing campaigns, optimize leads generation, enjoy the simplicity of autocomplete, and much more.
Check addons categories to find the appropriate one:


Create complex forms with specific features to improve the user experience. Add autocomplete fields, make a long-form multistep, and help visitors not to lose filled-in data after page reload.

  • Save Form Progress. A tweak to autosave the form progress and inputted data if the filling process was interrupted.
  • Address Autocomplete. A dynamic addon that suggests up to 5 places to auto-fill the Address field.
  • Limit Form Responses. A lightweight addon to control the overall number of form submissions and those per user.
  • Select Field Autocomplete. A tweak to auto-fill the values dynamically in the Select field type.
  • Schedule Forms. A supplementary plugin that lets you set the form availability time frame.


Collect and manage data the way you like the most. Grab subscribers using the catching form and organize your mailing lists with the help of the preferred email marketing tool.

  • MailerLite Action. A top-notch addon to bring your email marketing to the next level.
  • MailPoet. A form addon for more effective visitor data management and newsletter sending.
  • ConvertKit. An email marketing addon to ensure higher audience reach and income from mailing lists.


Looking for a way to automate your email marketing campaign? Pick the favorite integration that would ease the subscribers’ management.

  • Moosend. A form extension to effectively manage subscribers and automate email marketing.


Link your fetching form with the mighty CRMs to generate leads more than ever! Get all the data you need from the visitors and handle it in a convenient database with lots of options.

  • HubSpot. A mailing list addon that lets you alter the existing contacts and easily add new ones.


Pick the payment methods you and your clients use the most, add them to your forms, and spice them up with the actions before and after payment. Get your site ready for e-commerce smoothly.

  • Stripe Payments. A supplementary software to integrate your forms and Stripe payment system.


We’ve prepared a tell-all JetFormBuilder demo page to illustrate the functionality you get. Explore it now:


Use the JetEngine potential when developing a Gutenberg form. You can add meta fields and custom taxonomies to the JetFormBuilder fields, generate the field values dynamically, and put the JetEngine-built custom post types into the dynamic settings.

We added the opportunity to change the way Gutenberg Form blocks will look on the frontend. You can style up every component separately. Just hit the brush icon and do the necessary styling in the Block Style section.

More third-party plugin integrations are in the works.


Learn every little thing about JetFormBuilder & put theory to practice:

Imagens de tela

  • Creating a form structure
  • Adding new form fields
  • Form Break field
  • Post-submit Action setup
  • Style settings


Este plugin disponibiliza 1 bloco.

  • JetForm


Is it possible to create a form that allows adding/editing posts on the frontend?

Yes. You can use the Insert/Update Post post-submit Action to add and edit the posts of any type from the frontend. Besides that, you’re able to assign and modify any metadata of the given post.

Can I create a user registration form?

Absolutely. You can use the Register User post-submit Action to create a custom registration form. This post-submit action allows you to set user metadata, as well.

Can the form be integrated with Zapier, Integromat, or similar third-party services?

Sure. You can create a script that runs on a webhook in either Zapier or Integromat and then use the Call Webhook post-submit Action to launch it when the form is being submitted.

Is it possible to send emails through a JetFormBuilder form?

It is, any form created by JetFormBuilder can be usede as regular contact form. Thanks to the Send Email post-submit Action, you can send any number of emails you want during any form submit. For instance, you’re able to send an e-mail to a pre-defined address, the site administrator’s email, or the email address specified in one of the fields of the submitted form.

Is JetFormBuilder compatible with ACF?

Yes. JetFormBuilder is compatible with ACF, Toolset, and JetEngine itself.


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Registro de alterações

– FIX: Console errors when trying to submit a form with the required checkbox || radio, inside a conditional block
– FIX: Saving max_size attribute for media-field in float
– FIX: UI compatibility with Gutenberg Editor in WP 5.8
– Tweak: added jet-form-builder/preset/source-types php filter

– ADD: JetEngine Glossaries compatible
– ADD: New styling sections for the JetForm widget in Elementor
– ADD: jet-form-builder/render-choice/query-options/posts & jet-form-builder/render-choice/label/posts php hooks and the same for terms, instead of ‘posts’ – ‘terms’
– FIX: Send submit status with messages from action settings
– FIX: Missing JetStyleManager wrapper on blocks
– FIX: Price formatting for PayPal gateway request
– FIX: Alignment calculated field
– FIX: UI errors in editor
– Tweak: Change Repeater component header icons

– ADD: Go Pro banner & link
– FIX: Redirect Action with GET args
– FIX: Get calculated value from post meta
– Tweak: Localize actions data on jet-form-builder/editor-package/before
– Tweak: Add class field-type-{id} for each field
– Tweak: Add Gateway_Manager::has_gateway
– Tweak: Add php filter jet-form-builder/field-data/calculated-field
– Tweak: Add js filter jet.fb.calculated.field.available.fields

– ADD: Addon management via Dashboard
– ADD: Better parse macros in the Send Email action
– ADD: Filter jet-form-builder/fields/wysiwyg-field/config for wysiwyg-field
– UPD: Parse macros in From Name & From Address fields in Send Email action
– FIX: Dynamic preset with empty result value
– FIX: CSS compatibility gutenberg-addons
– FIX: Compatibility with php 7.0
– FIX: Hiding a calculated field
– FIX: Duplicate calc formula in each repeater
– FIX: Displaying redirect action in gateways editor
– FIX: Duplicating form
– FIX: Remove mask from empty input on submit the Form

– FIX: Blocks initialization.

– ADD: Examples (preview) for Jet Form Fields in Gutenberg
– ADD: Global settings for actions, additional sidebar plugins, for example reCAPTCHA v3
– ADD: The ability to use global settings in Mailchimp, GetResponse & ActiveCampaign actions
– ADD: PHP action jet-form-builder/render/{field_type} to control the rendering of the field
– ADD: JS hook jet.fb.register.fields.controls for registering & manage block-fields controls
– ADD: JS hook jet.fb.register.plugins for registering custom sidebar-plugins
– ADD: JS hook jet.fb.register.fields for registering custom form fields
– Updated: apiVersion:2 of blocks registration in Gutenberg

– ADD: RTL compatibility to Wysiwyg Field
– ADD: Compatibility with JetStyleManager 1.2.0 and older versions
– ADD: Styles for Form Progress circle
– FIX: Send email without correct headers, added initial padding-bottom for progress items
– FIX: Render script jet-form-builder-inputmask only when rendering Text Field
– FIX: Plain default value in repeater fields
– FIX: Wysiwyg field is RTL compliant
– FIX: Positioning of progress item label
– FIX: Rendering last form-break field in form

– ADD: Label of progress for Form Break Field
– FIX: Errors when editing actions such as MailChimp, GetResponse

– FIX: Trying to access array offset on value of type null on php 7.4
– FIX: Rendering repeater attributes

– FIX: CSS Compatibility with Twenty Twenty-One theme
– FIX: Parsing form fields from content when processing a request

– FIX: render Form Break button if there is no name for it, entering settings for Number Field with floating-point
– FIX: render CSS classes in fields
– FIX: initializing controls for widget Form in JetEngine
– FIX: minor fixes in the editor

– FIX: Duplicating a plain preset in fields
– FIX: Applying macros to a message after paying with PayPal
– FIX: Retrieving form data after Paypal payment
– FIX: Styling Form-block with JetStyleManager
– FIX: Compatibility with Twenty Twenty-One theme
– FIX: Compatibility with JetEngine on initializing the conditions
– FIX: Saving character limitation in Text Field settings

– UPD: Better WordPress 5.7 compatibility
– Improvement: Triggering conditional logic when typing in a text and textarea fields

– ADD: Gutenberg blocks: Conditional Block, Datetime Field
– ADD: Elementor widgets: JetForm
– ADD: Form Progress with multiple pages
– ADD: Post submit actions Conditions
– ADD: New preset sources for post-type: Post Date, Post Date GMT
– ADD: Integration with Paypal
– ADD: Compatibility with JetEngine widget Form
– ADD: Compatibility with JetFormBuilder Converter
– Improvement: The form builder and the form block full-width in the editor

– ADD: displaying a shortcode for each form

– FIX: creating a user with administrator role.

– Enhancement: added jet_fb_form shortcode. Example: [jet_fb_form form_id="4338" submit_type="ajax" required_mark="***" fields_layout="row"]

– FiX: render wysiwyg on front-end

– Initial release