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Hide Old Posts


Hides posts older than given date or amount of time relative to present (see ( strtotime)).

You can also choose a capability – users who have this capability will then see all posts. And if you enter none, even admins will be excluded.

Uses posts_where and getarchives_where filters.

Developed for private use, but has perspective for more extensive usage. I can’t guarantee any support in the future nor further development, but it is to be expected. Kindly inform me about bugs, if you find any, or propose new features:


Install as usual. After activation setup via Options –> Hide Old Posts.


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Registro de alterações


  • fix: checkbox for hide_posts_only setting instead of text input field
  • new option: show singular content: If checked, old posts or pages can be viewed through their url, but will not be listed anywhere
  • minor settings page changes


  • added pot file and czech translation


  • Added option to hide only posts and keep other old content (pages, attachments etc.) visible.


  • First version, basic functionality.