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Looking for an AI assistant that writes Content with AI, SEO Keywords Analysis and Competitor Analysis to create blog posts, social media copies, email copies, and other marketing materials in a blink of an eye?

GetGenie.AI is here to help you out. It is the most effective and convenient AI SEO content writer software to generate content for any purpose. Whether it’s a blog post or copy for email, anything is possible with the GetGenie.AI. This AI content writer is an ask me anything type of tool where you can find answers to any of your questions.

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The features of GetGenie.AI at a glance:

  • 30+ templates are available for quality content and copy creation in this content research tool.
  • Helps find trending and high search volume long tail SEO keywords with its quick SEO check.
  • Provides competitor and SERP analysis data for SEO guidance.
  • Competitor’s blog or content analysis data for generating finely-researched and unique articles.
  • Idea generation for microblogs.
  • Unique SEO title suggestions.
  • Quick Outline generation for your blog posts or content.
  • Related frequently asked questions.
  • Creates the best intro and summary for any content such as WooCommerce training.
  • Shows up the related Reddit and Quora questions to answer.
  • AI Content generation is finely optimized for SEO.
  • Framework for inspiring copywriting.
  • On-page SEO score for better optimization.

WordPress Blog Wizard

Keyword and SEO Analysis:

This online writing tool not only creates SEO content but also optimizes it to rank well on search engines. It is the first-ever AI assistant WordPress plugin that comes with a full-packed solution for content writing, copywriting, and thriving marketing. Besides, this all in one SEO checker tool will provide technical on-page SEO scores for better content optimization. Moreover, this WordPress SEO plugin provides SEO titles, meta descriptions, outlines, and intros for your SEO content.

This simple and smart WordPress SEO plugin suggests you use SEO-friendly URLs for your blogs. Again, you will have full control over word usage and get the option to set the paragraph limit for better writing with this google and text assistant. The best part is you can claim free credits for using GetGenie.AI to generate free SEO content.

GetGenie.AI, the post and content generator powers up the quality AI content generation with 28+ templates that are suitable for creating quality and highly-converting content. From SEO keyword research to rank on SERP, this WP SEO assistant helps in every aspect of content creation and optimization with its built-in algorithms.

You will also get effective long-tail multiple focus keywords for generating your brand articles and quality web content with this machine learning AI. Again, generating YouTube articles, social articles, and anything is possible for any writing platform with this AI Writer. The built-in algorithm of this SEO editor allows you to do such miracles while generating human writing content as well as WordPress videos. As a result, energy and time will be saved.

Besides, this WordPress plugin will also show on-page SEO scores to optimize content correctly and accurately that lets you generate well-researched articles for your brand. Moreover, selling online courses is getting easier due to this free online writing tool.

This WordPress SEO writing assistant is also helpful for copywriting as it provides templates for that such as AIDA, BAB, PAS frameworks, etc. Through these templates, you can generate successful intros and wp-subtitles for your landing pages. As a result, you can create more interactive, inspiring, and sales-generating copies for your website and web stories.

These SEO content and copies are also perfect for drawing traffic to your website. GetGenie.AI doesn’t stop there. It ensures that you are getting the best user experience while operating this AI SEO content writer tool. It also plays a great role in semantic SEO that improves keyword ranking, CTR, and internal links.

Apart from these, you will get related Reddit and Quora questions where you can promote your content to get more traffic and increase ranking. This SEO Artificial Intelligence WordPress plugin will also provide important SERP and competitor analysis data. Furthermore, you can also use this Content research tool for generating editorial comments, content for your online training videos, etc. Therefore, you can work on the quick short video integration without investing much time.

Exclusive templates of GetGenie.AI:

GetGenie.AI, the advanced SEO plugin comes up with 28+ excellent templates that will skyrocket your content creation and optimization. With these templates, you can generate content for your career or any page just as your desire.

General AI templates:

Bullet Point to Answer: This GetGenie.AI template generates a bullet point style answer to your question with a single click.

Explain Why: This template provides an answer to your question starting with “Why”? “Explain Why” templates of GetGenie.AI will provide the most appropriate answer to your question starting with “Why”.

List of Questions: Get a list of questions about a given topic by using this template. This template will find out the question for you. That’s why you don’t need to put extra effort into finding out questions.

Next Paragraph: This GetGenie.AI template will create a suitable paragraph based on your given paragraph.

Paragraph for Heading: This template of GetGenie.AI let you create an introductory paragraph for your heading. Sometimes it happens that we don’t find suitable sentences to write down the introductory paragraph and it takes lots of time to write a suitable paragraph. Here in this WordPress AI plugin, you also find a template for it.

Summary Bullets: Generate bullet points summary for a given topic of a passage by using this template.

Next Sentence: This template will create a follow-up sentence to a given sentence. The generated SEO-optimized sentences will be perfectly matched with the given one.

Feature – Benefit: Give a concise description of your product or service and get a detailed description of your favorite products in less than a few seconds. It determines the vision and mission of your company by presenting visual stories.

Product Description: Want to write a short description for any product? Then with the help of this template, you can generate any product description and set vision by simply entering the name.

Feature Snippet: This template of this SEO audit tool will provide you with a listicle description for any of your queries. All you have to do is type one line input for generating listicle description with this template.

Pros and Cons: Find the pros and cons of a topic easily with this template of the Genie AI WordPress plugin. This will simplify the content writing job.

Listicle Ideas: Are you spending too much time figuring out the listicle ideas for a topic? This template of AI writing assistant creates listicle post ideas for a given topic within a few minutes.

Short Answer: This Template of GetGenie.AI will provide you with an accurate and concise answer to your question. You don’t need to search for the answer to your question anymore.

Numbered List: It is the best template for how-to blogs. Because with this template you can generate steps for your how-to blogs. This is also suitable for finding out the process of how to do something.

Paragraph Answer: This template of GetGenie.AI will provide you with a paragraph-long answer through the facts and info you will give.

Paragraph Compression: Convert a long paragraph into a short paragraph with the help of this Genie template.

Definition: This Definition template is very helpful to generate a detailed definition of a topic. Besides, the generated definition will be unique and perfect that will meet the reader’s content.

Copywriting templates:

AIDA Framework: Create the best landing page copies with the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action framework. This framework has been created based on the AIDA model for getting the best marketing results.

BAB Framework: This framework is based on the Before-After-Bridge model that is utilized to show the before and after conditions of using a product.

PAS Framework: This is another important copywriting framework that lets marketers generate highly-converting copies for your website’s landing page to take quick action. PAS framework stands for Problem-Agitate-Solution which is appropriate for marketing and advertising.

Product Ad Copy: Writing down a perfect product ad copy is a time-consuming task. Now GetGenie.AI offers a template through which you can create ad copy for any product by giving a concise description that justifies the vision and mission of your product. As a result, you don’t have to think about writing a converting ad copy.

Social Media Post/Copy: Easily generate versatile social media copies with the help of this template that is well optimized for your eCommerce SEO.. This allows you to create copy for all of your channels by entering only a short description. You can also generate career posts for the recruitment of your company.

Taglines: Tagline is very important for a product or service. That’s why you should choose the best tagline for your business that can bring sales. GetGenie.AI WordPress plugin will generate the perfect tagline for your business with this template.

SEO Assistant Templates:

Title Ideas: Wondering which title will work better for your blog post? Not anymore, the “Title Ideas” template will quickly generate multiple suitable titles for your blog to avoid title duplication. All you need to do is provide a topic and boom! You are ready to start a micro blog with the best blog title generator. Therefore, you can get multiple titles that will cut down your long title.

Related Topics: To generate related topics with this SEO assistant template, all you need to do is provide a brief description and within a few seconds, you will get all related topics to your given brief.

Outline: Provide a blog title and brief for your blog post and get multiple outlines for your blog with this SEO assistant template. From there, you can choose an appropriate outline for storytelling.

Meta Description: After reading the blog title and SEO meta description, readers decide whether they will read your content or not. So, you need to choose the best SEO meta description with this meta generator that will shortly describe what your content or full story is all about.

This SEO assistant template will help you to generate the best SEO meta for your content in the shortest time. Just you need to provide a blog title for it.

Rewriter Templates:

Sentence Rewriter: Didn’t like the sentence that you write or that you found somewhere. The sentence Rewriter template of Genie AI will generate SEO-optimized sentences by keeping the meaning intact in such cases.

Paragraph Rewriter: Are you not satisfied with a paragraph of your content? GetGenie.AI WordPress plugin will let you write the exact paragraph that you want for your content with the coolest transition template.

These are all excellent templates of the GetGenie.AI WordPress plugin that will help you to generate the best content or copy which will work great on search engines.


Learn How to Get Started with GetGenie


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Installation Process->1: Go to the WordPress Dashboard➔Plugins➔Add New➔Search for “Getgenie”➔Install and Activate it.


Step->1: Unzip the Getgenie Folder if it is Zipped➔Upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory.

Step->2: After successful installation, just go to Installed Plugins➔click on the “activate” button to activate getgenie.

Step->3: All Settings will be found in the getgenie menu.

Step->4: for write blog, Go to posts-> add new posts. You will see a button in top “write for me”.


Where can I find the documentation?

For further details check out the following documentation.


3 de novembro de 2022
First time user. The AI engine is very useful. As an engineering person I communicate with a technical tone. This AI engine is helpful in taking content and breaking it down and making it easier for a none technical reader. Love it.
6 de outubro de 2022
I was looking for a tool to help me with my writing, and GetGennie was just what I needed! It is easy to use and has a lot of powerful features. I can't believe how much this tool has helped me organize my thoughts and improve my writing. I'm looking forward to seeing support for the Vietnamese language soon.
23 de setembro de 2022
I own several AI writing and content optimization tools, but I wanted to have a tool that does both. GetGenie does that! The bonus is you can do it right from WordPress! It does still need some improvement, but I can only see the tool getting better within time. Thanks GetGenie for creating such an awesome tool!
17 de agosto de 2022 1 reply
Stop overpaying for other premium AI article writers. This uses the same GPT-3 engine that Jarvis or other equivalent tools use. Sounds shady? Then give a shot to the free version to vet it. I bet you'll not believe your eyes. The best part of making it a complete package is its many upcoming SEO and social media marketing features. The tool will also equip you with an upcoming plagiarism checker and a Grammarly integration. I'm eagerly waiting for these exciting features to come. It's a total bang for the buck. I'm impressed. Highly recommended. I wish I could give a 100 out of 100.
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Version 1.2.2 – 19/10/2022
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Version 1.2.1 – 19/10/2022
improved: data duplication in people also searched, keywords & SERP section.
improved: optimized coding mechanism to reduce JS bundle size.
fixed: outline screen input field not closing on blur issue.
fixed: keyboard event conflicting in blogwizard with other plugins which prevented users to type more letters there.

Version 1.2.0 – 10/10/2022
added: multi language support (Spanish, German) and more to go.
added: template writings and advance writing in wordpress pages.
added: full site editor support for template writings and advance writing.
improved: repositioned getting started menu for better accessibility.
improved: statistics score calculation.
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fixed: minor CSS issues.
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Version 1.1.6 – 21/09/2022
fixed: router auto redirect issue.

Version 1.1.5 – 20/09/2022
added: custom keyword add/remove feature for SEO analysis.
added: main keyword based blog content score update.
improved: product description and template results.
improved: blog content score calculation.
improved: now author level users can use genie. role based custom permission will be released soon.
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improved: now storing subscription data for getting more statistics.

Version 1.1.3 – 08/09/2022
added: conditional SEO keyword design.
improved: SEO keyword UI design modification.
improved: performance improvement.
improved: statistics score design.
fixed: insert button appearance in blog wizard.
fixed: people also searched for keywords appearance.

Version 1.1.2 – 30/08/2022
improved: google trend chart.
improved: JS performance improvement.
fixed: elementor insert text not working.
fixed: broken URL in admin panel.
fixed: advanced template filter.

Version 1.1.1 – 25/08/2022
added: people also searched section in seo keyword tab.
added: wizard page redirection with auto open sidebar.
added: search option added in template list.
improved: keyword analysis result based on location.
improved: template searching query.
improved: user experience better than previous.
fixed: icon design issue in elementor dark mode.
fixed: genie icon not found when elementor section opens/closes.

Version 1.1.0 – 24/08/2022
added: new writing templates – WooCommerce Product Title, WooCommerce Product Short Description, WooCommerce Product Long Description.
added: now taking multiple inputs for a better writing output.
added: getting started page to better on boarding.
added: woo-commerce wizard to delicately write product information.
added: a new “ai writing” menu added to top bar. now user can write anywhere in wp-admin with getgenie.
added: new Elementor integration. Now user can write and insert automatically from Elementor editor.
improved: page loading speed.
improved: competitor data visualization.
improved: changed chart library to minimize js file size.
fixed: blog statistics UI design issue.
fixed: WP admin menu overriding with posts.

Version 1.0.6
improved: data visualization.
added: caching system for limit usage stats.
fixed: writing UI design issue.

Version 1.0.5
improved: writing UI.
added: subscription statistics table.
fixed: php7.2 support.

Version 1.0.4
fixed: minor css issue on blog writing page.
fixed: php8 support.

Version 1.0.3
fixed: license activation error.
fixed: console error and blank page while navigating to the plugin’s pages.

Version 1.0.0
* Initial release

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release