Foyer – Sinalização digital para WordPress


Cria exibições de slide e os exibe em qualquer display conectado à rede. Não inclui o hardware. 🙂

Check out the demo sign & website:


  • Set up slides, channels (slideshows) and displays.
  • Choose from various Slide formats and Slide backgrounds.
  • Escolha a duração do slide e do efeito de transição.
  • Change the channel on a display when needed, or..
  • Agende um canal temporário em um display.

Formatos de slide

  • Default: Displays a background only.
  • Text: Displays some text.
  • Post: Displays title, date and content of a post, and optionally the featured image.
  • Recent posts: Displays a slide for each recent post.
  • Event: Displays title and details of an event, with its featured image as default background (requires Theater for WordPress).
  • Upcoming events: Displays a slide for each upcoming event (requires Theater for WordPress).
  • External web page: Displays a web page to your liking.
  • PDF: Creates a slide for each page in an uploaded PDF, displaying that page contained within the slide.

Planos de fundo de slide

  • Image: Displays an image, covering the entire slide background.
  • Video: Displays an uploaded or external video, or a specified fragment, as slide background.
  • YouTube: Displays a YouTube video, or a specified fragment, as slide background.

More features, slide formats and slide backgrounds are coming soon. Most notably advanced scheduling of channels and slides.

Recursos para teatros, palcos musicais e festivais

Foyer comes with built-in support for Theater for WordPress. With Theater & Foyer you can easily publish your events on your website and your onsite displays.

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Traduza Foyer no seu idioma nativo

Swedish, Hindi, Italian, French, Indonesian, Arabic, … Have you ever translated a WordPress plugin, or want to give it a try? Find your language here and translate some Foyer strings. Improvements of existing Foyer translations are welcome too.

Missing feature?

Let me know what features you are missing! Create a request in the support forum.

Imagens de tela

  • Manage your Digital Signage from the WordPress admin.


Install and activate the plugin via the WordPress Plugins admin screen.

  1. Vá até Plugins Adicionar novo.
  2. Pesquise ‘Foyer’.
  3. Clique Instalar agora.
  4. Não se esqueça de Ativar o plugin.

There are currently no settings. Just go ahead and add slides, channels and displays.


How do I set up my slideshow on my digital sign?
  1. Em WordPress, vá para Slides e adicione alguns.
  2. Vá até Canais, adicione um canal e adicione um dos seus slides.
  3. Vá até Displays, adicione um e o inscreva ao seu canal.
  4. Preview the display, note the URL (something like, and load this page in the web browser of your digital sign. Make sure this is a browser where you are not logged-in to WordPress.

Seu dispositivo exibirá agora o canal no qual ele está inscrito. Se você mudar o canal para este display no WordPress, o dispositivo mudará também. Você pode inclusive agendar canais nos displays.

Defina um display para cada local para flexibilidade remota máxima.

Que equipamento (hardware) eu devo usar para trabalhar com sinalização digital?

Generally speaking you need a computer with a web browser and internet connection, and a display linked to that computer. A Smart TV with built in web browser might work, but maybe not as reliable.

I recommend using a (mini-)computer with the Chrome browser in kiosk mode, and a Full HD (1920 x 1080) display.

When setting up multiple digital signs with their own content, each display needs its own (mini-)computer.

Can I use a Raspberry Pi mini-computer for my digital sign?

Sure! Be aware that transitions and video playback on the Pi will be very choppy though, if they work at all. Use the ‘No transition’ setting for channels, don’t add videos, and your Raspberry Pi digital sign will be fine.

I can recommend installing the paid version of Raspberry Digital Signage as operating system on the SD card of a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Just power up your Pi, enter the URL of your Foyer display when asked, and you’ll have an instant digital sign each time you power up.

Posso usar um minicomputador Android ou tablet para meu dispositivo de sinalização digital?

Com certeza! A reprodução de vídeo e de transições deve ser suave, é claro, dependendo do equipamento usado. Para usar sinalização digital com o Chrome: abra seu URL de exibição no Chrome e clique em “Adicionar à tela inicial” do menu do Chrome. Um atalho será criado na sua tela inicial. Quando abrir esse atalho, sua tela será exibido em tela cheia.

You might want to use hardware that supports auto power-on after power outage. And you might want to use a Kiosk and Lockdown app, to make sure your display will launch when Android starts. And for tablets to make sure nobody can interact with the screen, and to avoid display sleep.

Paisagem ou retrato?

You choose! Install your digital sign the way you prefer. Foyer will follow. Slide templates are designed to work in both landscape and portrait mode. Only the background image will be cropped differently, of course.

Posso mudar o visual do slide?

Yes, this is possible if you know how to write CSS. Just include some CSS in the theme of your website that targets the slide HTML. If you don’t have access to the theme you can add some CSS using the WordPress Customizer.

Posso mudar o template de um formato de slide?

Yes, this is possible if you know how to write WordPress templates. Create a foyer/slides/ directory in your theme. Next locate the template of the slide format you want to change in the public/templates/slides/ directory in the Foyer plugin directory. Copy the template file to your foyer/slides/ directory, without changing the filename. You should find the template in your theme now overrules the template included with the plugin. Note that this plugin is still in its early stages of development. You might have to copy the latest version of the template file and reapply your changes when major changes to the plugin are released.

Posso adicionar meus próprios formatos de slide?

Yes, this is possible if you know how to write WordPress templates, and how to register PHP functions to WordPress plugin hooks. Have a look at how the plugin adds slide formats itself, in includes/class-foyer.php. More documentation for developers is coming soon.

The top/bottom or left/right part of my image is missing, why?

All images are displayed in a way that they fully cover the display. So if your display has a landscape orientation, and you upload an image with portrait orientation, the image will still cover the entire width of the display, which is great. But of course the top and bottom part of that image will not be visible. The greater the difference between the display orientation and the uploaded image orientation, the greater the top/bottom part or left/right part that will be invisble.

The plugin always displays the center-middle part of each image. So if the important part of your image is in the top part of the image, that might not be visible. You might have to crop that image before uploading and adding to a slide.

Se você quer ter controle completo, você pode sempre criar e enviar imagens que tenham exatamente a mesma orientação e proporções que o seu display. Para a maioria dos displays é 1920×1080 pixels (paisagem) or 1080×1920 (retrato). Dessa forma, as imagens ficarão 100% visíveis.

My changes are not directly visible on my displays, what’s happening?

Changes to displays, channels and slides are never instantly visible on your digital signs. Each digital sign tries to contact your website every 5 minutes to see if you made any changes. If so and you changed the channel for a display, the new channel will be shown right after the slide that is currently being displayed. For any other changes, like adding slides, the new slides will be shown right after a full cycle of the slides that are currently being displayed.

O Foyer funciona em conjunto com plugins de cache como W3 Total Cache ou WP Super Cache?

Yes, but your cache settings might need some tweaking. Your display loads new content every 5 minutes. With page cache or browser cache enabled your display will not show the changes you made within 5 minutes but instead this might take hours. Make sure all cache layers are disabled for Foyer displays.

Settings for W3 Total Cache: Add /foyer/* on a new line under Performance > Page Cache > Never cache the following pages.


outubro 1, 2018
This plugin has given me an efficient solution to digital signage. I have Raspberry Pis on TVs all over our building. I have programmed them to power on the TVs at a certain time and display signage from this plugin at full screen. It works, and it works well. Thanks Menno.
maio 15, 2018
Works flawlessly. We use it in our ticketing lobby for departure status, traveller information, partner advertising, and our cafe menu. Pair it with a good digital signage theme and you've got a complete digital signage solution that is very easy to set up and a breeze to maintain.
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Registro de alterações


Release Date: November 15, 2018

Introduces the Upcoming Events and Recent Posts slide formats. Displays a slide for each of your upcoming events / recent posts, limited to a certain category if you wish. Upcoming Events requires the Theater for WordPress plugin.

Correções de bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where video and YouTube backgrounds did not play on displays that did not yet include a video or YouTube background (1.7.2). Thanks amosar for troubleshooting!

Hey developers!:

  • Added support for add-on plugins. You can now code Foyer add-on plugins, including template files that take precedence over Foyer template files (1.7.2).
  • Fixed an issue where developers could not use HTML in Theater production titles on the Production and Upcoming productions slide formats (1.7.3).
  • Added a ‘foyer/public/enqueue_scripts/before’ action hook that is triggered before the Foyer scripts are enqueued, so add-on plugins can bind events before Foyer does (1.7.4).
  • Added an event ‘slides:removing-old-slide-group’ that is triggered just before a slide group is removed (1.7.4).
  • Added the slide group class as parameter to the ‘slides:removing-old-slide-group’ and ‘slides:loaded-new-slide-group’ events, so these slide groups can be selectively targeted (1.7.4).
  • Added a filter that allows displaying of slide previews on the channel admin screen to be disabled (1.7.4).


Release Date: October 3, 2018

Introduces the highly anticipated self-hosted Video slide background. Displays an uploaded or externally hosted video. Works best with MP4 files. The slide background displaying a YouTube video is now called… ‘YouTube’.


  • Limited the WordPress media library to display only usable media files when adding media to a slide (1.6.0). PDF files only for the PDF slide format, video files only for the new Video slide background, image files only for the Image slide background.


Data de lançamento: 02 de março de 2018

Introduces the Post slide format and the Manual text slide format. Displays title, date and content of a post, and optionally the featured image. The Manual text slide format displays your text: pre-title, title, subtitle, content. Also, slides that generate multiple slides (like the PDF slide format) are now called.. Magic slide stacks! The channel admin is improved by displaying title and properties of each slide.


  • Foi adicionada uma nova opção para habilitar som para um plano de fundo de vídeo (1.5.1).
  • Planos de vídeo não são reproduzidos na pré-visualização ao editar um Canal (1.5.1).
  • Displayed the slide background, next to the slide format, on the slides admin page (1.5.1).
  • Ajustadas algumas strings traduzíveis de texto para facilitar a tradução (1.5.1)
  • Renomeado o formato de slide “Texto manual” para texto, tornando-o mais simples (1.5.1)
  • Foi adicionada uma dica sobre tamanhos mínimos de imagem à administração de imagens de fundo de slide (1.5.2).
  • Removed Dutch translation files (1.5.2). Translations are now fully handled by Translations welcome!
  • Added a Web App manifest that enables displays to launch full screen on Android (1.5.4). Just tap ‘Add to Home screen’ from the Chrome menu and launch this shortcut.
  • Encouraged iOS to play YouTube background videos (1.5.5). Works! However not when in “Low Power Mode”, and not for videos with sound enabled.
  • Os vídeos do YouTube agora cobrem o fundo inteiro do vídeo (1.5.5). Olá, vídeos verticais!
  • Added support for passing on template args to slide backgrounds, so developers (and I) can code more complex slide stacks (1.5.7).

Correções de bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where YouTube videos stopped playing after 5 minutes when page caching was enabled (1.5.1). Thanks Heinz for troubleshooting!
  • Fixed an issue where images on slides were over cropped, even when adding exact Full HD sizes (1.5.2).
  • Corrigido um erro de 404 “não encontrado” ao acessar um display de um link permanentes instalações novas do Foyer (1.5.3)
  • Corrigido um problema que fazia as imagens de fundo não cobrirem o slide inteiro no Edge (1.5.5).
  • Foi corrigido um problema que fazia as imagens de fundo não cobrirem o slide inteiro no Edge (1.5.5)
  • Corrigido um problema que fazia as regras de reescrita não serem atualizadas após a atualização do plugin; em vez disso um aviso do sistema PHP era exibido (1.5.6).


Data de lançamento: 14 de fevereiro de 2018

Introduz uma maneira nova de construir slides: escolha um formato e um plano de fundo. Agora você pode construir slides de eventos com planos de fundo com vídeo ou, em um futuro próximo em uma data de lançamento, Post de Slides WordPress com cor do plano de fundo.


Data de lançamento: 25 de novembro de 2017

Introduces the External web page slide format. Displays a web page to your liking. This could be anything! A dashboard, a social media wall, a live feed, teletext!, .. anything that has its own URL.


  • Made the PDF slide format processing work for WordPress < 4.7 (1.3.1).
  • Added notifications to the PDF slide format admin screen, displayed when PDF processing is not supported (no Imagick/Ghostscript installed), and when PDF file previews won’t work (WordPress < 4.7) (1.3.1).
  • Removed the PDF slide format admin screen notifications added in 1.3.1, below the Upload PDF File button, as they proved to be unreliable. Instead added an admin notification, displayed only when PDF processing actually fails after saving a PDF slide (1.3.2).
  • Displays now only use channels that are published, and channels now only use slides that are published (so no draft or private or trashed slides) (1.3.2).
  • The Channel columns in the Display admin table now contain ‘None’ if no channel is set (1.3.2).
  • Major internal changes that no one should notice: Refactored all non-object classes to use static methods, and switched from using a central Foyer_Loader class to registering actions and filters directly from Foyer, Foyer_Admin and Foyer_Public classes (1.3.2).
  • Added a foyer-reset-display detection to JS, in anticipation of the 1.4.0 release that will need to be able to trigger it (1.3.3).

Correções de bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where the uploaded image on an event slide was never displayed (1.3.1).
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 1.2.6 where the scheduled channel date time pickers no longer worked (1.3.1).
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 1.2.6 where the media library lightbox texts were no longer set (1.3.1).
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘External web page’ slide format displayed a border around the web page, depending on the theme and browser used (1.3.2).
  • Fixed an issue where the Landscape / Portrait buttons were not styled correctly, depending on the theme used (1.3.2).
  • Fixed a long unnoticed JS error that occurred while attempting loading new display data when no slide group was empty yet (1.3.3).


Data de lançamento: 12 de abril de 2017

Apresenta o formato de slide em vídeo. Exibe um fragmento específico de um vídeo do YouTube.


  • Adicionada uma opção “Sem transição” para os canais para, por exemplo, exibir em mini computadores Raspberry Pi (1.2.4).
  • Adicionadas durações de slide mais longas para até 120 segundos (1.2.4).
  • Added a foyer/public/enqueue_styles and a foyer/public/enqueue_scripts action, for theme developers (1.2.5).
  • Possibilidade de enfileirar scripts do Foyer fora do plugin (1.2.6).

Correções de bugs:

  • The video start time was off during the very first loop through video slides (1.2.1).
  • Fresh channel content was loaded every 30 seconds when viewing a display, changed this to every 5 minutes as intended (1.2.1).
  • Removed all JS console logging that was used during development (1.2.1).
  • The ‘Not a valid YouTube video URL’ notification was visible when starting a new video slide (1.2.1).
  • The video preview in the admin would not work when editing an existing video slide (1.2.2).
  • Improved handling of changed start and end fields in the video slide admin when no valid video URL is entered (1.2.2).
  • Improved the video preview in the video slide admin by pausing the preview when the video URL field is changed and not valid (1.2.2).
  • Some WordPress JavaScript admin functionality was prevented from working correctly, eg. the Media modal / image selector lightbox (1.2.3).
  • The list of available channels was limited to only 5 when editing a display (1.2.3).
  • PHP logged an Undefined index PHP Notice (1.2.3).
  • O primeiro slide de um canal não podia ser removido (1.2.4)
  • Fixed an issue where some HTML code was visible on Production slides (1.2.6).
  • Changed the name of the Production slide format to Event, same terminology as in Theater for WordPress (1.2.6).


Data de lançamento: 28 de março de 2017

Foi adicionado um formato de slide em PDF. Cria um slide para cada página de um PDF enviado.

Correções de bugs:

  • Ao adicionar slides a um canal, a lista de slides possíveis era limitada a 5 itens (1.1.0).
  • Erro fatal ao instalar/atualizar em versões mais antigas do PHP (1.5.5): Impossível usar função para retornar valor em contexto escrito (1.1.1)
  • Todos os slides de um canal eram removidos após a re-ordenação de slides (1.1.2)
  • Erro de javascript ocorria quando imagem recém selecionada de slide não tinha uma imagem de pré-visualização gerada (ex: PDFs no host não eram convertidos) (1.1.2)
  • Adicionar uma imagem a um slide só era possível quando a imagem já estava na biblioteca de mídia (1.1.3).


Data de lançamento: 20 de março de 2017

Primeiro lançamento público!

Correções de bugs:

  • Segurança de código aprimorada: sanitizadas e validadas todas as digitações de usuário e separada e sanitizada a saída do plugin (1.0.1)