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This is the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin that connects your WooCommerce website to Facebook. With this plugin, you can install the Facebook pixel, and upload your online store catalog, enabling you to easily run dynamic ads.

O marketing no Facebook ajuda sua empresa a construir relacionamentos duradouros com as pessoas, encontrar novos clientes e aumentar as vendas de sua loja on-line. Com essa extensão de anúncio do Facebook, é fácil alcançar as pessoas mais importantes para sua empresa. Essa extensão rastreará os resultados de sua publicidade em vários dispositivos. Isso também ajudará você a:

  • Maximize o desempenho da sua campanha. Ao configurar o pixel do Facebook e criar seu público, você otimizará seus anúncios para as pessoas com probabilidade de comprar seus produtos e alcançará pessoas com anúncios relevantes no Facebook depois de visitarem seu website.
  • Encontre mais clientes. Conectar seu catálogo de produtos cria automaticamente anúncios de carrossel que mostram os produtos que você vende e atraem mais compradores para seu site.
  • Gere vendas entre os visitantes do seu site. Quando você configura o píxel do Facebook e conecta seu catálogo de produtos, pode usar anúncios dinâmicos para alcançar os compradores quando eles estão no Facebook com anúncios dos produtos que eles visualizaram em seu site. Isso será incluído em uma versão futura do Facebook para o WooCommerce.


If you believe you have found a security vulnerability on Facebook, we encourage you to let us know right away. We investigate all legitimate reports and do our best to quickly fix the problem. Before reporting, please review this page, which includes our responsible disclosure policy and reward guideline. You can submit bugs here or contact advertising support here.

Ao abrir um erro no GitHub, forneça o maior número de detalhes possível.

  • Sintomas do seu problema
  • Captura de tela, se possível
  • O URL da sua página do Facebook
  • O URL do seu site
  • Versão atual do Facebook-for-WooCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, PHP


Visite o Centro de Ajuda do Facebook aqui.


14 julho, 2024 1 resposta
It doesn’t even deserve one star. It conflicts with many plugins that previously worked in harmony and disrupts their functions. I can’t even update Wordpress, WooCommerce and other plugins because of this. I have to deactivate this plugin before every update, otherwise I see the “update failed” error! Not to mention that Pixel cannot collect all the data correctly. YOU HAVE TO DO MUCH BETTER!
7 julho, 2024 1 resposta
The integration with Facebook for WooCommerce was not successful. It is very difficult to integrate.
29 junho, 2024 1 resposta
Terrible plugin for integration. It does not recognize the stock even if you have maintain inventory checked on Woocommerce. It uploads to the shop as 0 product to sell, says sold out.
8 maio, 2024 1 resposta
There was an issue with version 3.2.0 breaking wp dashboard admin area. Send them a message and within a few hours they fixed it and released 3.2.1. Can’t tell much about the plugin itself though since I was just fixing this particular issue for a client. Many thanks team for your prompt support.
6 abril, 2024 1 resposta
el plugin tiene errores, lo mejor es desactivarlo. PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /home2/bb/public_html/e/wp-content/plugins/facebook-for-woocommerce/includes/API/FBE/Configuration/Read/Response.php on line 29 PHP Warning: Undefined array key “ig_cta” in /home2/elevacio/public_html/abpe/wp-content/plugins/facebook-for-woocommerce/includes/API/FBE/Configuration/Read/Response.php on line 38 PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /home2/elevacio/public_html/nhn/wp-content/plugins/facebook-for-woocommerce/includes/API/FBE/Configuration/Read/Response.php on line 38
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Registro de alterações

3.2.5 – 2024-07-10

  • Tweak – WC 9.1 compatibility.
  • Tweak – WP 6.6 compatibility.

3.2.4 – 2024-06-13

  • Dev – Adds support for wp-env.
  • Tweak – Fully remove Facebook Messenger code references.
  • Tweak – WC 9.0 compatibility.

3.2.3 – 2024-05-28

  • Add – Versioning and compatibility checks to implement support policy.
  • Fix – Errors and warnings while generating pot file.
  • Tweak – Bump Marketing API version to v20.0.
  • Tweak – Remove hidden files from build archive.

3.2.2 – 2024-05-14

  • Fix – Incorrect alert for Product Sets without excluded categories.
  • Tweak – WC 8.9 compatibility.

3.2.1 – 2024-05-07

  • Fix – Defer only AddToCart events if applicable.
  • Fix – Direct upgrade path from < 3.1.13 to ≥ 3.2.0.
  • Tweak – Adds WooCommerce as a dependency to the plugin header.
  • Tweak – Revert to WooCommerce.com domain.

3.2.0 – 2024-05-01

  • Tweak – PHP8.3 to GitHub PHPCS and Unit Tests workflows.
  • Update – Remove the sunsetted Messenger Chat feature.

3.1.15 – 2024-04-16

  • Tweak – Replace the middleware URL from connect.woocommerce.com to api.woocommerce.com/integrations.
  • Tweak – Test environment setup to resolve notice.

3.1.14 – 2024-04-03

  • Fix – Remove facebook_messenger_deprecation_warning notice on deactivation.
  • Tweak – Insert pixel-event-placeholder element via vanilla JS.
  • Tweak – WC 8.8 compatibility.

3.1.13 – 2024-03-27

  • Add – Messenger feature deprecation notices.

3.1.12 – 2024-03-19

  • Tweak – Check if condition is set before setting a default value.
  • Tweak – Updates readme.txt to meet WordPress requirements.

3.1.11 – 2024-03-12

  • Fix – Add video syncs to fbproduct.
  • Fix – Deprecation warnings with PHP 8.2.
  • Tweak – WC 8.7 compatibility.
  • Tweak – WP 6.5 compatibility.