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Este é o plugin oficial do Facebook para WooCommerce que conecta seu site WooCommerce ao Facebook. Com este plugin, você pode instalar o pixel do Facebook, enviar o seu catálogo de loja e criar uma loja na sua página do Facebook, permitindo que você crie facilmente anúncios dinâmicos.

O marketing no Facebook ajuda sua empresa a construir relacionamentos duradouros com as pessoas, encontrar novos clientes e aumentar as vendas de sua loja on-line. Com essa extensão de anúncio do Facebook, é fácil alcançar as pessoas mais importantes para sua empresa. Essa extensão rastreará os resultados de sua publicidade em vários dispositivos. Isso também ajudará você a:

  • Maximize o desempenho da sua campanha. Ao configurar o pixel do Facebook e criar seu público, você otimizará seus anúncios para as pessoas com probabilidade de comprar seus produtos e alcançará pessoas com anúncios relevantes no Facebook depois de visitarem seu website.
  • Encontre mais clientes. Conectar seu catálogo de produtos cria automaticamente anúncios de carrossel que mostram os produtos que você vende e atraem mais compradores para seu site.
  • Gere vendas entre os visitantes do seu site. Quando você configura o píxel do Facebook e conecta seu catálogo de produtos, pode usar anúncios dinâmicos para alcançar os compradores quando eles estão no Facebook com anúncios dos produtos que eles visualizaram em seu site. Isso será incluído em uma versão futura do Facebook para o WooCommerce.


If you believe you have found a security vulnerability on Facebook, we encourage you to let us know right away. We investigate all legitimate reports and do our best to quickly fix the problem. Before reporting, please review this page, which includes our responsible disclosure policy and reward guideline. You can submit bugs here or contact advertising support here.

Ao abrir um erro no GitHub, forneça o maior número de detalhes possível.

  • Sintomas do seu problema
  • Captura de tela, se possível
  • O URL da sua página do Facebook
  • O URL do seu site
  • Versão atual do Facebook-for-WooCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, PHP


Visite o Centro de Ajuda do Facebook aqui.


12 de outubro de 2021
Not syncing well, can't edit bulk variations to show or hide, lots of errors on error.log file and so on...
29 de setembro de 2021
I have been using this plugin for over 1 year now and haven't had any problem what so ever. Syncing over 800 products without any problems for Facebook and Instagram business. Keep up the good development of the plugin!
29 de setembro de 2021
I have been trying to reconnect my Facebook shop to my WooCommerce website for a few months now and I failed every single time. I communicate with Facebook support and they claim that is a plugin side problem.
14 de setembro de 2021
- Products sync flags don't work; - categories filters don't work; - integration with previous commerce account not available; - sends garbage data to FB which flags your shop; - bricked entire FB commerce account; - no easy way to remove plugin data from DB; - old and lazy documentation.
2 de setembro de 2021
This plugin fills your PHP error log with many errors in some situations. This issue is known for more than 10 months and a fix was published by the community more than 9 months ago. Many support topics have been created, all pointing to the same GitHub issue, but the development team doesn't seem to care (or know at all) and the support team only asks for more topics, which they mark as resolved in a few hours, pointing to that GitHub issue again. No communication between support and development. Users just have to fix it after every update by editing the code themselves.
29 de agosto de 2021
Facebook rejects every single product submitted. There is effectively no real review or appeals process, all you get is a referral to their rules, but good luck figuring out what you violated. Tested a variety of possible issues, ALWAYS rejected no matter what the product was. Plugin might be functioning correctly, there is no way to know. Facebook is a cancer on society so it's probably their issue, but it doesn't matter since you aren't going to be able to sell your products regardless. Complete waste of time.
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Registro de alterações

2.6.5 – 2021-09-16

  • Fix – Incorrect is_readable() usage when loading Integration classes.
  • Tweak – WC 5.7 compatibility.
  • Tweak – WP 5.8 compatibility.

2.6.4 – 2021-08-31

  • Fix – Correct the version string in the plugin file to remove -dev

2.6.3 – 2021-08-31

  • Fix – Include missing assets from previous build.

2.6.2 – 2021-08-31

  • Fix – Update the Facebook Marketing API to version 11

2.6.1 – 2021-06-28

  • Dev – Add facebook_for_woocommerce_allow_full_batch_api_sync filter to allow opt-out full batch API sync, to avoid possible performance issues on large sites

2.6.0 – 2021-06-10

  • Fix – Add cron heartbeat and use to offload feed generation from init / admin_init (performance) #1953
  • Fix – Clean up background sync options (performance) #1962
  • Dev – Add tracker props to understand usage of feed-based sync and other FB business config options #1972
  • Dev – Configure release tooling to auto-update version numbers in code #1982
  • Dev – Refactor code responsible for validating whether a product should be synced to FB into one place #19333

2.5.1 – 2021-05-28

  • Fix – Reinstate reset and delete functions in Facebook metabox on Edit product admin screen

2.5.0 – 2021-05-19

  • New – Option to allow larger sites to opt-out of feed generation (product sync) job
  • New – Log connection errors to allow easier troubleshooting
  • Fix – Reduce default feed generation (product sync) interval to once per day to reduce overhead
  • Fix – Trigger feed (product sync) job from to admin_init to reduce impact on front-end requests
  • Fix – Ensure variable product attribute values containing comma (,) sync correctly
  • Fix – Use existing / current tab for connection Get Started button
  • Dev – Require PHP version 7.0 or newer
  • Dev – Adopt Composer autoloader to avoid manually requireing PHP class files
  • Dev – Adopt WooRelease release tool for deploying releases
  • Dev – Use wp-scripts to build assets
  • Dev – Add phpcs tooling to help standardise PHP code style
  • Dev – Add JobRegistry engine for managing periodic background batch jobs

2021.04.29 – version 2.4.1

  • Fix – PHP<7.1 incompatible code for Google Taxonomy Setting in products.

2021.04.23 – version 2.4.0

  • Tweak – Add an initial performance debug mode to measure resource usage in some areas
  • Tweak – Add 3 usage tracking properties: “is-connected”, “product-sync-enabled”, “messenger-enabled”
  • Fix – High memory usage when starting full catalog sync
  • Fix – High memory usage of Google Product Category data
  • Fix – Fatal error for product categories with missing attributes
  • Fix – Connection data is now correctly cleared when using the “Disconnect” button
  • Fix – Error modals when setting default exclude categories in Product sync now work correctly

2021.03.31 – version 2.3.5

  • Fix – critical issue for pre 5.0.0 WC sites

2021.03.30 – version 2.3.4

  • Feature – Add connection state to WooCommerce Usage Tracking.
  • Feature – Register WooCommerce Navigation items.
  • Fix – Disable product sync on 2.3.3 update ( temporary fix ).
  • Fix – Add default placeholder for products with no image set.
  • Fix – Undefined array key error for products without ‘Product image’ set.
  • Dev – PHP Deprecated: Non-static method should not be called statically.

2021.03.22 – version 2.3.3

  • Fix – WooCommerce variation attribute sync not matching Enhanced Catalog attributes.
  • Fix – Enable display names to be used for variant attribute values.
  • Fix – Performance, do not auto-load Google Categories option.
  • Fix – Logs being recorded even with debug option disabled.

2021.03.02 – version 2.3.2

  • Tweak – Bump Facebook Marketing API version to 9.0

2021.02.23 – version 2.3.1

  • Fix – Fix errors when product set is empty
  • Fix – Ensure that events have an action_source

2021.02.16 – version 2.3.0

  • Recurso – adiciona a possibilidade de criar e atribuir produtos ao grupo de produtos do Facebook
  • Recurso – adicionado suporte ao fluxo da App store do Facebook
  • Tweak – Ask merchants to delete products when changing from sync to not sync state
  • Tweak – Remove business_management permission from login scopes
  • Tweak – Store parameters for Commerce merchant settings ID and Instagram business ID
  • Fix – Fix Products::get_google_product_category_id_from_highest_category() to handle WP_Error
  • Fix – Fix random HELLO appearing in the category settings
  • Fix – Make sure that list of strings params are now converted to actual arrays. Fixes an issue with the use of the additional_features parameter

2020.11.19 – version 2.2.0

  • Recurso – adiciona uma aba de anúncios na página de configurações do Facebook para gerenciar anúncio do Facebook pelo WooCommerce
  • Tweak – Move the Facebook settings page into the Marketing menu item (WooCommerce 4.0+)
  • Fix – Move the filter facebook_for_woocommerce_integration_pixel_enabled initialization to avoid possible uncaught JavaScript errors in front end
  • Fix – Update field name and format for additional_variant_attribute to resolve Facebook catalog sync for variable products.

2020.11.04 – version 2.1.4

  • Fix – Ensure product variant attributes are correctly handled when checking for enhanced attribute values.

2020.10.29 – version 2.1.3

  • Fix – Prevent error triggered while trying to refund orders

2020.10.28 – version 2.1.2

  • Tweak – Default variation selection will be synced to Facebook if the default product variation is already synced
  • Fix – Trigger a pixel Search event for product search requests with a single result (works for logged in users or visitors with an active WooCommerce session)
  • Fix – Prevent a JavaScript error on the Add New Product page when Facebook for WooCommerce is not connected to Facebook

2020.10.27 – version 2.1.1

  • Fix – Adjust code syntax that may have issued errors in installations running PHP lower than 7.3

2020.10.26 – version 2.1.0

  • Feature – Set Google category at the shop level for the Facebook catalog sync (on the product sync tab).
  • Feature – Set Google category for the Facebook catalog sync at the WooCommerce category level.
  • Feature – Set Google category for the Facebook catalog sync at the product level.
  • Feature – Set Enhanced Catalog category specific fields for the Facebook catalog sync at the WooCommerce category level.
  • Feature – Set Enhanced Catalog category specific fields for the Facebook catalog sync at the product level.

2020.10.12 – version 2.0.5

  • Tweak – Update product availability when stock changes in the store
  • Fix – Don’t prevent variation products from being updated when they’re set to not sync with Facebook but have their categories excluded from syncing
  • Fix – Prevent an error during the feed generation when variable products are still using deleted terms

2020.10.08 – version 2.0.4

  • Fix – Fix SQL errors triggered while trying to remove duplicate visibility meta entries from postmeta table

2020.10.02 – version 2.0.3

  • Tweak – Pixel events now can include advanced matching information
  • Fix – Send contents parameter for ViewContent event using the correct format
  • Fix – Remove duplicate visibility meta entries from postmeta table

2020.09.25 – version 2.0.2

  • Tweak – Allow simple and variable products with zero/empty price to sync to Facebook
  • Tweak – Use the bundle price for Product Bundles products with individually priced items
  • Fix – Update connection parameters to use an array to pass the Messenger domain
  • Fix – Ensure out-of-stock products are marked as such in Facebook when the feed file replacement is run
  • Fix – Address a potential error when connecting from a site whose title contains special characters

2020.08.17 – version 2.0.1

  • Fix – Ensure the configured business name is never empty when connecting to Facebook

2020.07.30 – version 2.0.0

  • Tweak – Show Facebook options for virtual products and variations
  • Tweak – Hide “Sync and show” option for virtual products and variations
  • Tweak – On upgrade, automatically set sync-enabled and visible virtual products and virtual variations to Sync and hide
  • Tweak – Allow to bulk enable sync for virtual products, but automatically set them to Sync and hide
  • Fix – Use the plugin version instead of a timestamp as the version number for enqueued scripts and stylesheets
  • Fix – Use the short description of the parent product for product variations that don’t have a description or Facebook description
  • Fix – Prevent an error when YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce plugin is active

2020.06.04 – version 1.11.4

  • Fix – Do not sync variations for draft variable products created by duplicating products
  • Fix – Do not log an error when the product is null on add to cart redirect

2020.05.20 – version 1.11.3

  • Tweak – Write product feed to a temporary file and rename it when done, to prevent Facebook from downloading an incomplete feed file
  • Tweak – Hide Facebook options for virtual products and virtual variations
  • Tweak – Do not allow merchant to bulk enable sync for virtual products
  • Tweak – On upgrade, automatically disable sync for virtual products and virtual variations
  • Tweak – When using checkboxes for tags, make sure the modal is displayed when trying to enable sync for a product with an excluded tag
  • Fix – Prevent tracking of a duplicated purchase event in some circumstances such as when the customer reloads the “Thank You” page after completing an order
  • Fix – Fix a JavaScript issue that was causing a notice to be displayed when bulk editing product variations

2020.05.04 – version 1.11.2

  • Misc – Add support for WooCommerce 4.1

2020.04.27 – version 1.11.1

  • Fix – Fix integration with WPML

2020.04.23 – version 1.11.0

  • Tweak – Sync products using Facebook’s feed pull method
  • Fix – When filtering products by sync enabled status, make sure variable products with sync disabled status do not show up in results
  • Fix – Make sure that the Facebook sync enabled and catalog visibility columns are properly displayed on narrow screen sizes on some browsers
  • Fix – Do not show a confirmation modal when saving a variable product that was previously synced but belongs now to a term excluded from sync
  • Fix – Ensure variable products excluded from sync are not synced in Facebook
  • Fix – Trigger a modal prompt when attempting to enable sync for variations of a variable product that belongs to a term excluded from sync
  • Fix – Address potential PHP warnings in the product feed with non-standard product variations introduced by third party plugins
  • Fix – Fix a JavaScript error triggered on the settings page while trying to excluded terms from sync
  • Fix – Fix a JavaScript error triggered when saving a product and using checkboxes for tags

2020.03.17 – version 1.10.2

  • Tweak – Add a setting to easily enable debug logging
  • Tweak – Allow third party plugins and themes to track an add-to-cart event on added_to_cart JS event
  • Tweak – When excluding a product term from syncing in the plugin settings page, offer an option to hide excluded synced products from Facebook
  • Tweak – When excluding product terms from syncing in the plugin settings page, and settings are saved, exclude corresponding products from sync
  • Tweak – Improve error messages shown when a problem occurs during products sync
  • Tweak – Log Graph API communication if logging is enabled
  • Fix – When excluding a product term from syncing in the plugin settings page, ensure a modal opens to warn about possible conflicts with already synced products
  • Fix – Messenger settings fields will correctly reflect the values selected during initial setup
  • Fix – Fix a bug that caused newly added gallery images not to be synced immediately after they were added
  • Fix – Fix a bug that prevented gallery images from being removed from products on Facebook
  • Fix – Fix AddToCart Pixel event tracking when adding products from archive with AJAX and redirect to cart enabled
  • Fix – Fix undefined index and undefined property notices.
  • Desenvolvimento – torna atributos do script do Pixel e parâmetros de eventos filtráveis

2020.03.10 – version 1.10.1

  • Fix – Prevent Fatal error during the upgrade routine introduced in version 1.10.0
  • Fix – Only load the admin settings JavaScript on the Facebook settings page to prevent conflicts with other scripts
  • Misc – Add support for WooCommerce 4.0

2020.03.03 – version 1.10.0

  • Recurso – excluir produtos específicos, variações, categorias de produtos e tags de produtos da sincronização do Facebook
  • Recurso – adicionar configurações de produto do Facebook como preço e descrição para variações
  • Feature – Revamped settings screen with on-site control over pixel, product sync, and Messenger behavior
  • Tweak – Use Action Scheduler for the daily forced re-sync, if enabled
  • Fix – Improve pixel tracking accuracy for add-to-cart events
  • Misc – Add the SkyVerge plugin framework as the plugin base
  • Misc – Require WooCommerce 3.5 and above

1.9.15 – 2019-06-27

  • Manipulação de CSRF para chamadas Ajax como ajax_woo_infobanner_post_click, ajax_woo_infobanner_post_xout, ajax_fb_toggle_visibility
  • usar phpcs para aderir aos padrões de codificação WP
  • Mudanças de UI menores no iFrame

1.9.14 – 2019-06-20

  • Revisitar o problema de segurança do CSRF
  • Remove controlador rest que não é usado
  • Instalação testada no wordpress 5.2.2, WooCommerce 3.64, php 5.6 / 7.3 com navegador Chrome v75 / Safari v12.1 / Firefox v67.

1.9.13 – 2019-06-18

  • Corrige problema de segurança
  • Adicionar mais colaboradores ao plugin

1.9.12 – 2019-05-2

  • Remove código morto que causa exceção (problema 975)

1.9.11 – 2019-02-26

  • Alterando colaboradores de facebook4woocommerce para facebook,
    para que o plugin do woo apareça abaixo de
  • adicionando o registro de alterações no readme.txt para que notificações sejam enviadas
    nas atualizações e o registro de alterações apareça abaixo de
  • removendo aviso de sinalizadores de depuração em facebook-for-woocommerce.php para que os
    desenvolvedores possam depurar com registros de depuração