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12 março, 2023
After having tried out most of the other available plugins, this one is the first where I am able to decide on the looks very individually – even in the free version! It may be a little overwhelming at first because there are so many options to set, but it is well thought about and after a while even I got the hang of it (and I am "only" a designer with a few coding skills) and it all makes sense. Definately a good choice when it comes to using a free version and wanting to place different (looking) parts of events on different pages!
27 fevereiro, 2023
To make this plugin work well requires a lot of effort. It does have a lot of customization options (and I mean A LOT), which is both good and bad. Free functionality is decent, with a lot of added functionality loaded into $$ Addons $$ which seem to be a bit pricey. The loss of stars comes from support ... Very slow to respond, days between replies and each reply was mostly a delay tactic, asking to try very obvious solutions of which it was clear from the question that they had already been tried. They completely failed to understand the problem even though I designed a site to explicitly show and explain it (in detail). They eventually stopped responding. I can't say that my experience was a completely positive one, but I am still using the plugin simply because I put in so much effort towards getting it to almost work. Give it a go if you want, but if it's not working after a while give up and move on, support probably won't help you.
13 novembro, 2022
The plugin need to be updated. I conflicts with my whole setup since WP6.1. Thank you!!!
20 julho, 2022
I dont appreciate it, when the plugin menu "extend" shows the lite version links to ICS/iCAL and google calendar. The website of the plugin owner implies this as well. Then after searching and searching finding out, this is a pro-version feature. Thanks for the wasted time.
10 julho, 2022 2 respostas
After using it in a real environment to handle an international mining machine launch event, I found EventON would better be served as EventOFF! ● No support for any of the WordPress editors, only classic and the options in classic are also bad. (Only feature that made it nice was his attention to the short code designer, pity the rest of the application didn't get the same development attention.) ● No real template options, he says there are templates but when you open them you will be shocked (You call this a template?) ● No support for any of the form designers on the market, making his forms and layout all you get. ● You cant use ticketing or RSVP points without having Woo Commerce installed and configured with products. ● The PDF plugin has no options, just on or off, cant customize at all. ● No real options to track your emails, for invites, booking confirmations, RSVP;'s or any of the email communications. Very little customisation features, cumbersome and email template design options are none existent. Your option is to edit a PHP file with a couple lines of html code wrapping some of the variables pulled from a record set where he uses a while loop to throw out the values.. This makes putting any of the records around the page very difficult in a fully HTML designed email template if you are not familiar with PHP code. Instead of creating his forms using one of the popular form design editors so you can easily customise the forms he has only added a basic function to draw the forms and then apply a single style that you cant change but can control the color of the form background only. (Got around some of the limitations by using my browser developer tools to hack the CSS and create my own and add them manually to the, theme customise additional CCS and overwrite his lame CSS styles.) His documentation and information on the various features are bad. When you are looking for answers, this can be very frustrating. If you are a noob and its for a private site, then have at it. If you are planning on creating an event system for a business, then I recommend going with a tried and tested publicly acclaimed event management system of which there are around 6 or so available. Google the popular rating sites where they show 6 best WordPress event system for the latest year and then check to see what WordPress editors your calculated options support. Also search to see what form designers are supported. Good luck!
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