Event Tickets and Registration


Sell tickets and collect RSVPs with the free Event Tickets plugin, from the team behind the number one calendar in WordPress.

This plugin makes it easy to sell tickets, collect registrations, and manage attendees for your in-person or virtual events. Plus, it comes with features backed by our world-class team of developers and designers. Easily integrate Event Tickets with your Stripe account or PayPal business account.

Connect to Stripe and take advantage of one of the world’s most popular payment gateways. Our Stripe integration lets you accept credit card payments on your website, along with additional payment methods including AfterPay, ClearPay, AliPay, Giropay, and Klarna.

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Easily connect to PayPal without any complicated API keys or code through our quick connection wizard in your WordPress backend. With just a few clicks, you can begin selling tickets and enable payment through PayPal, Venmo, and credit cards.

Even more, you can upgrade to Event Tickets Plus and unlock additional payment methods including digital wallets like ApplePay and Google Pay through Stripe, or use WooCommerce to take advantage of popular payment solutions including Braintree, Square, AmazonPay, and more.

🎟️ Ticketing and Registration for WordPress

See Event Tickets in action on our demo site. Just getting started? Check out the Getting Started Guide for an introduction to features, settings, and functionality.

Looking for additional features like custom registration fields, QR check-in, Apple Wallet passes, PDF tickets, Zoom integration, and more? Check out Event Tickets Plus, Event Tickets Wallet Plus and our other add-ons.

🔌🎨 Plug and Play or Customize

Event Tickets is built to work out of the box. Just install the plugin, configure your settings, and start collecting RSVPs and selling tickets in minutes.

Add your own touch by using Event Tickets as the foundation for customization. Personalize to your heart’s content with the help of a skeleton stylesheet, partial template overrides, template tags, hooks and filters, careful documentation, and a library of free extensions.

Whether your vision is big or small, you’re in good company. Thousands of small businesses, musicians, venues, restaurants, and non-profits are increasing revenue from their in-person and virtual events with Event Tickets. Our plugins have also been scaled to work on large networks for Fortune 100 companies, universities, and government institutions.

✨ Features

✔️ Attendees can purchase tickets to events
✔️ Attendees can RSVP to events
✔️ Sell tickets with PayPal, Paystack, and/or Stripe using our free commerce solution, Tickets Commerce.
✔️ Add RSVPs and tickets to posts, pages, or custom post types
✔️ Collect ticket fees by connecting your PayPal business or Stripe account
✔️ Generate sales and attendee reports
✔️ Customize Tickets and RSVP confirmation emails
✔️ Ticket stock countdown
✔️ Works out of the box with The Events Calendar
✔️ Responsive design works on all devices
✔️ Tested on the major theme frameworks such as Avada, Genesis, Kadence, Thesis and many more.
✔️ Internationalized & translated
✔️ Extensive template tags for customization
✔️ Hooks & filters galore
✔️ Library of extensions

Upgrade to Event Tickets Plus for full WooCommerce integration to use additional payment gateways.

Upgrade to Event Tickets Wallet Plus for digital tickets like Apple Wallet passes and PDF tickets.

📃 Documentation

All of our documentation can be found in our knowledgebase.

Additional helpful links:

If you have any questions about this plugin, you can post a thread in the WordPress.org forum. Please search existing threads before starting a new on

➕ Add-Ons

Take your calendar to the next level by pairing it with our plugins for ticketing, crowdsourcing, email marketing, and more. Learn more about all our products on our website.
Our Free Plugins:
📅 The Events Calendar
📐 Advanced Post Manager

Our Premium Plugins and Services:

Events Calendar Pro
↪️ Event Aggregator (service)
🎟️ Event Tickets Plus
📱 Event Tickets Wallet Plus
✉️ Promoter
👥 Community Events
🎟️ Community Tickets
✏️ Filter Bar
🗓️ Eventbrite Tickets
📡 Virtual Events


If you aren’t familiar with Event Tickets, check out our Getting Started Guide. It will have you creating tickets in no time.

Ready to dig deeper? Check out these resources:

We check in on the Event Tickets forum here on WordPress.org about once a week to help users with basic troubleshooting and identifying bugs. If you’re looking for premium, personalized support, consider upgrading to Event Tickets Plus.

Still have a question? Shoot us an email at support@theeventscalendar.com.


Event Tickets is translated into multiple languages, including German, Danish, and Dutch. Help localize Event Tickets even further by adding your locale – visit translate.wordpress.org.

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  • Attendee report.
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  • Add new ticket.
  • Tickets Commerce settings.


  1. A partir do painel de controle do seu site, navegue para Plugins -> Adicionar novo.
  2. Selecione a opção de Upload e bater “Escolher arquivo.”
  3. Quando o popup é exibida, selecione o arquivo de evento-tickets.x.x.zip de seu desktop. (O ‘xx’ irá mudar dependendo do número de versão atual).
  4. Siga-no ecrã instruções e espera que o upload for concluído.
  5. Quando ele for concluído, ative o plugin através do prompt. Uma mensagem aparecerá confirmando a ativação foi bem sucedida.
  6. For access to new updates, make sure you have added your valid License Key under Tickets –> Settings –> Licenses.


Are there any troubleshooting steps I should try before I post a new thread in the support forum?

First, make sure that you’re running the latest version of Event Tickets. If you’ve got any other add-ons, make sure those are current and running the latest code as well. Also be sure to check our knowledgebase.

The most common issues we see are either plugin or theme conflicts. You can test if a plugin or theme is conflicting by manually deactivating other plugins until just Event Tickets is running on your site. If the issue persists, revert to the default Twenty Twenty theme. If the issue is resolved after deactivating a specific plugin or your theme, you’ll know that is the source of the conflict.

Note that we aren’t going to say “tough luck” if you identify a plugin/theme conflict. While we can’t guarantee 100% integration with any plugin or theme out there, we will do our best (and reach out the plugin/theme author as needed) to figure out a solution that benefits everyone.

I’m still stuck. Where do I go to file a bug or ask a question?

Free plugin users can post in the Event Tickets support forum on WordPress.org. Our team reviews that forum weekly to look for bug reports.

If you’re already an Event Tickets Plus subscriber, you’re entitled to our actively-monitored Premium Support on our website. Generally, except in times of increased support loads, we reply to all premium support tickets within 24 hours during the business week.

What’s the difference between Event Tickets and Events Tickets Plus?

Event Tickets is our free ticketing plugin that has all the basics you need to sell tickets and collect RSVPs on your website. You can use Event Tickets with or without The Events Calendar.

Event Tickets Plus is a premium plugin that runs alongside Event Tickets and enhances it with extra features, including custom registration fields, shortcodes, WooCommerce integration, enhanced Stripe functionality for Stripe for Tickets Commerce, our mobile ticketing app and more.

Read more to learn which plugin is right for you.

Do I need The Events Calendar to run Event Tickets?

Nope! Event Tickets works with or without The Events Calendar. Even if you don’t have The Events Calendar, you can create RSVPs and tickets on WordPress pages and posts.

Can I email attendees using Event Tickets?

Yes. Event Tickets automatically sends an email confirmation after attendees register or RSVP for an event. If the attendee purchases a ticket, the confirmation email will also provide a ticket to scan at the door for admission.

Complementos que estão disponíveis para bilhetes do evento, e onde posso ler mais sobre eles?

The following add-ons are available for The Events Calendar:

  • Events Calendar Pro, for adding premium calendar features like recurring events, advanced views, cool widgets, shortcodes, additional fields, and more!
  • Event Aggregator, a service that effortlessly fills your calendar with events from Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, Eventbrite, CSV, and ICS.
  • Virtual Events, which optimizes your calendar for virtual events including Zoom integration, video and livestream embeds, SEO optimization for online events and more.
  • Event Tickets Plus, which allows you to sell tickets for your events using your favorite e-commerce platform.
  • Event Tickets Wallet Plus, for adding digital tickets like Apple Wallet passes and PDF tickets.
  • Promoter, automated email communication made just for The Events Calendar and Event Tickets. Stay in touch with your attendees every step of the way.
  • Community Events, for allowing frontend event submission from your readers.
  • Community Tickets, which allows event organizers to sell tickets to the events they submit via Community Events.
  • Filter Bar, for adding advanced frontend filtering capabilities to your events calendar.
  • Eventbrite Tickets, for selling tickets to your event directly through Eventbrite.

I have a feature idea. What’s the best way to tell you about it?

We’ve got a LoopedIn page where we’re actively watching for feature ideas from the community. Vote up existing feature requests or add your own, and help us shape the future of the products business in a way that best meets the community’s needs.

I’ve still got questions. Where can I find answers?

Check out our extensive knowledgebase for articles on using, tweaking, and troubleshooting our plugins.


8 dezembro, 2023 1 resposta
This is a great addition to The Events Calendar. It's so easy to connect to Stripe. Fast response to my support query too.
21 novembro, 2023 1 resposta
Thank you Chad McCullough, I’ve got one of the best application support I have ever got , not saying the plugin is the best or very easy to use , but their very good support eventually end up with a very good result on the website that I was work on it.
12 novembro, 2023
I'm adding this review, because people need to understand that Stripe is completely broken. It is more than just a UI issue (which could be solved if they just loaded the JS correctly as a browser module) the API back-end does not handle the signing keys properly and is using deprecated methods from stripe. It's irritating that this plugin, it's documentation and even support threads show functionality that it can't/doesn't support.After analyzing the PHP I wouldn't trust it to handle your payments securely anyway. Avoid until the developers address the many issues with this plugin.
12 novembro, 2023
Installed this plugin and had high hopes but the Stripe integration was difficult to setup (as per many other reviews) and even when I eventually got it to work it clearly isn’t communicating correctly with Stripe. I received warning emails from Stripe re: the Event Tickets plugin not communicating correctly with their API. After a couple of warning emails they disabled my integration. After having spent considerable time trying to set this up, I gave up. You just need that basic confidence that customers can reliably purchase tickets. It’s a shame.
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Registro de alterações

[5.7.0] 2023-11-16

  • Version – Event Tickets 5.7.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.2.7 and higher.
  • Version – Event Tickets 5.7.0 is only compatible with Event Tickets Plus 5.8.0 and higher.
  • Feature – Include all the features to have Wallet Plus compatibility into Event Tickets.
  • Tweak – Add tickets to the Tickets Commerce success page. [ETWP-30]
  • Tweak – Add tickets to the RSVP block confirmation state. [ETWP-62]
  • Language – 30 new strings added, 30 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-11-09

  • Version – Event Tickets is only compatible with The Events Calendar and higher
  • Fix – Update a common library to prevent possible fatals. [TEC-4978]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 9 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.6.8] 2023-11-08

  • Tweak – Added tabs for navigating between Attendees and Orders in the Tickets Commerce admin. [ET-1867]
  • Tweak – Added action tec_tickets_commerce_reports_tabbed_view_before_register_tab and tec_tickets_commerce_reports_tabbed_view_after_register_tab allow adding third-party tabs. [ET-1867]
  • Tweak – Added filter tec_tickets_commerce_reports_tabbed_page_title and tec_tickets_commerce_reports_tabbed_view_tab_map allow granular control over how Tickets Commerce tabs behave. [ET-1867]

[5.6.7] 2023-11-01

  • Feature – Tickets Commerce orders report page design update. [ET-1810]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Empty RSVP Block in Block Editor to match frontend design. Styles will be the same in block editor and in the user interface [ET-1818]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Inactive RSVP Block in Block Editor to match frontend design. Styles will be the same in block editor and in the user interface [ET-1823]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Active RSVP Block in Block Editor to match frontend design. Styles will be the same in block editor and in the user interface [ET-1825]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Create and Edit RSVP Tickets in Block Editor. [ET-1836]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Inactive Tickets Block in Block Editor. Empty state now has a new design [ET-1817]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Inactive Tickets Block with tickets. Inactive state with tickets has a new design [ET-1822]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Active Tickets Block with tickets. Add information icons and tooltips. [ET-1824]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Create and Edit Tickets in Block Editor. [ET-1835]
  • Tweak – Re-styled Tickets Settings in Block Editor. [ET-1834]
  • Tweak – Using react-number-format to display price. [ET-1885]
  • Tweak – Declared dynamic properties for Attendees page to avoid deprecation warnings.
  • Fix – Orders title in admin page. [ET-1868]
  • Fix – Typo on My Tickets when using Ticket Commerce only. [ET-1909]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 60 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[] 2023-10-12

  • Fix – Correct a problem that can cause a fatal when plugins are deactivated in a certain order. [TEC-4951]

[5.6.6] 2023-10-11

  • Version – Event Tickets 5.6.6 is only compatible with Event Tickets Plus 5.7.6 and higher.
  • Tweak – Include a QRCode Library in Event Tickets to improve conformity across other addons. [ETWP-29]
  • Fix – The Attendee Registration feature will now use the modal by default. [ETP-882]
  • Fix – Restore possibility to move Tickets and Attendees to Single Events that are part of a Series. [ET-1862]
  • Fix – When using the block editor, the Attendee Information modal will be properly sized. [ETP-883]
  • Fix – Ticket property invalidation to ensure capacity, inventory and availability are correctly invalidated. [ET-1887]
  • Fix – Fix order status sometimes showing incorrectly for sites in languages other than English. [ET-1875]
  • Fix – When transferring tickets from one event to another using Tickets Commerce, the capacity and stock levels for each ticket should be correctly updated. [ETP-866]
  • Fix – Avoid showing duplicate warning related to recurring event on ticket meta box for new event submissions using Community Events. [ECP-1538]
  • Fix – Prevent fatal related to Events Calendar Pro on older versions triggering internal service provider to be loaded when it shouldn’t be. [ET-1886]
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 13 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-09-28

  • Version – Event Tickets is only compatible with The Events Calendar and higher.
  • Fix – Fix – Correct issue where Telemetry would register active plugins multiple times. [TEC-4920]

[5.6.5] 2023-09-13

  • Version – Event Tickets 5.6.5 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.2.2 and higher.
  • Tweak – Ticket names over 125 characters will now be truncated when being sent to Paypal. [ET-1865]
  • Tweak – Validate check-in data before updating with attendee update REST endpoint. [ET-1863]
  • Tweak – Implement new design for Attendees Page, Ticket Overview. [ET-1840]
  • Tweak – Added notice regarding the availability of Paystack for Tickets Commerce. [ET-1763]
  • Tweak – Improve performance of the post admin list. [ET-1870]
  • Tweak – Removed some deprecated filter_vars to avoid PHP 8.1 warnings. [ET-1800]
  • Fix – Corrected wallet settings names in Tickets Commerce Stripe checkout code. [ET-1866]
  • Fix – Incorrect ticket count in Ticket email within the Tickets Emails feature. [ET-1832]
  • Fix – Added support for filtering attendees by TicketsCommerce order status. [ET-1863]
  • Fix – Prevent Fatal error around Promoter usage of Firebase\JWT\JWT for encryption. [ET-1876]
  • Fix – Prevent some button background styles from being overridden by theme editors. [ET-1815]
  • Language – 15 new strings added, 67 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[5.6.4] 2023-08-16

  • Fix – Fixed translation issues with translating month names in other languages while displaying ticket available message. [ET-1820]
  • Fix – Ensure the Attendees page displays correctly when accessed through the Events Manager. [ECP-1527]
  • Tweak – The Attendee Registration page will now display properly when using Divi with dynamic CSS enabled. [ETP-864]
  • Tweak – Include Event/Post title alongside Ticket name on PayPal order notification emails. [ET-1770]
  • Fix – Include Commerce tickets in cached results; correctly fetch posts without tickets. [ET-1808]
  • Tweak – Cache Tickets objects for performance improvements. [ET-1808]
  • Tweak – Remove some PHP 8.1 deprecation warnings. [ET-1830]
  • Fix – Prevention of creating tickets in Classic Editor for recurring events when using custom tables. [ET-1826]
  • Fix – Prevention of creating tickets in Block Editor for recurring events when using custom tables. [ET-1827]
  • Tweak – Add a notice in the Tickets Commerce Paypal settings for non-https sites. [ET-1773]
  • Fix – Footer links in Tickets Emails template using the wrong color. [ET-1784]
  • Tweak – Capitalize payment provider names in Tickets Emails. [ET-1776]
  • Fix – Removal of double-escaped characters in Tickets Emails sender’s name. [ET-1777]
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 89 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.6.3] 2023-07-18

  • Feature – Integrated Yoast Duplicate Post for seamless duplication of tickets, while cloning events. [ET-760]
  • Tweak – Add notice about the availability of Paystack for Tickets Commerce. [ET-1764]
  • Tweak – Improve performance in admin due to unnecessary Tickets Commerce calls being made. [ET-1736]
  • Tweak – Refactored CSS for Tickets Emails to better conform to email client CSS standards. [ET-1802]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_tickets_filter_event_id, tec_tickets_hide_attendee_list_optout
  • Tweak – Changed views: emails/template-parts/header/head/styles
  • Fix – Updating total shared capacity should properly update each ticket capacity and stock. [ETP-854]
  • Fix – Fixed get tickets link anchor from event listings for new ticket views. [ET-1768]
  • Fix – Ticketed Commerce events will now be accurately categorized and counted under the ticketed tab in the Dashboard Event List. [ET-1774]
  • Fix – The attendee export functionality for old converted recurring events has been improved to accurately export attendees. [ET-1739]
  • Fix – The Attendee List will now be correctly displayed when the ‘Show attendees list on event page’ option is enabled within the classic editor. [ETP-623]
  • Fix – Fixed moving attendees from deleted tickets to new tickets of same type. [ET-1577]
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 77 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.6.2] 2023-06-29

  • Tweak – Introduced new the filters tec_tickets_commerce_order_page_title and tec_tickets_attendees_order_view_title to allow customizing the Order Report Page title [ET-1737]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_tickets_commerce_order_page_title, tec_tickets_attendees_order_view_title
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tribe_tickets_attendees_show_view_title
  • Fix – Updated the page heading when on the Orders Report page. [ET-1737]
  • Fix – When no providers are enabled, a warning will display above the New Ticket and New RSVP area explaining that at least one must be enabled. [ET-1696]
  • Fix – Corrected an issue with the New ticket button having invalid HTML. [ET-1631]
  • Fix – Resolved an issue that caused compatibility problems between specific themes and the Attendee Registration page. [ET-1767]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 41 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2023-06-23

  • Fix – Ensure there is backwards compatibility with Extensions and Pods.

[] 2023-06-22

  • Fix – Prevent Telemetry from being initialized and triggering a Fatal when the correct conditionals are not met.

[5.6.1] 2023-06-22

  • Version – Event Tickets 5.6.1 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.1.2 and higher.
  • Version – Event Tickets 5.6.1 is only compatible with Event Tickets Plus 5.7.1 and higher.
  • Version – Event Tickets 5.6.1 is only compatible with Community Events 4.9.3 and higher.
  • Fix – Lock our container usage(s) to the new Service_Provider contract in tribe-common. This prevents conflicts and potential fatals with other plugins that use a di52 container.
  • Fix – Email templates overrides now works as expected. [ET-1780]

[] 2023-06-21

  • Fix – Prevent Attendee list from throwing a notice on PHP 8+.
  • Fix – Adjusted our PHP Exception usage to protect against third-party code causing fatals when attempting to access objects that have not been initialized.

[] 2023-06-20

  • Fix – Increase the reliability of Telemetry initialization for Event Tickets loading [TEC-4836]
  • Fix – Resolved issues with Attendee Registration not being bound correctly on loading. [ET-1771]
  • Tweak – Added actions: tec_telemetry_modal
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/tickets/submit

[5.6.0] 2023-06-15

  • Feature – Introduction of Tickets Emails, the new and improved solution for managing Event Tickets related emails.
  • Tweak – Display order details link for TicketsCommerce providers on Orders page Gateway ID column. [ET-1729]
  • Tweak – Add support for Gmail JSON LD markup of Ticket Emails. [ET-1601][ET-1637]
  • Tweak – Removed Freemius integration in favor of Telemetry an in-house info solution.
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher, tec_tickets_emails_{$email_slug}_dispatcher, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_headers, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_{$email_slug}_headers, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_attachments, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_{$email_slug}_attachments, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_to, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_{$email_slug}_to, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_subject, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_{$email_slug}_subject, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_content, tec_tickets_emails_dispatcher_{$email_slug}_content, tec_tickets_email_json_ld_{$type}_schema_data, tec_tickets_emails_{$email->slug}_json_ld_schema, tec_tickets_emails_json_data_encode_options, tec_tickets_send_rsvp_email_pre, tec_tickets_send_rsvp_non_attendance_confirmation_pre, tec_tickets_send_tickets_email_for_attendee_pre
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tec_tickets_emails_heading_plural, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_heading_plural, tec_tickets_emails_subject_plural, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_subject_plural, tec_tickets_emails_headers, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_headers, tec_tickets_emails_attachments, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_attachments, tec_tickets_emails_default_emails, tec_tickets_emails_post_type_args
  • Tweak – Changed views: v2/emails/admin-new-order, v2/emails/customer-purchase-receipt, v2/emails/new-order/body, v2/emails/purchase-receipt/body, v2/emails/purchase-receipt/intro, v2/emails/rsvp-not-going, v2/emails/rsvp-not-going/body, v2/emails/rsvp, v2/emails/rsvp/body, v2/emails/template-parts/body, v2/emails/template-parts/body/add-content, v2/emails/template-parts/body/footer, v2/emails/template-parts/body/footer/content, v2/emails/template-parts/body/footer/credit, v2/emails/template-parts/body/header, v2/emails/template-parts/body/header/image, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/attendee-email, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/attendee-info, emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/attendee-name, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/custom-fields, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/header-row, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/ticket-id, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/ticket-title, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/customer-purchaser-details, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/error-message, emails/template-parts/body/order/order-gateway-data, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/order-total, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/payment-info, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/event-title, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/purchaser-details/date, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/purchaser-details/email, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/purchaser-details/name, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/purchaser-details/order-number, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/ticket-totals, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/ticket-totals/header-row, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/ticket-totals/ticket-price, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/ticket-totals/ticket-quantity, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/ticket-totals/ticket-row, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/ticket-totals/ticket-title, emails/template-parts/body/post-description, emails/template-parts/body/post-title, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/holder-name, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/number-from-total, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/security-code, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/ticket-name, v2/emails/template-parts/body/tickets-total, v2/emails/template-parts/body/tickets, v2/emails/template-parts/body/title, v2/emails/template-parts/footer, v2/emails/template-parts/footer/footer-preview, v2/emails/template-parts/footer/footer, v2/emails/template-parts/header, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/json-ld, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/meta, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/scripts, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/styles, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/title, v2/emails/template-parts/header/header-preview, v2/emails/template-parts/header/header, v2/emails/template-parts/header/top-link, v2/emails/ticket, v2/emails/ticket/body, v2/emails/admin-failed-order, v2/emails/failed-order/body, v2/emails/template-parts/body/order/attendees-table/attendee-name, v2/emails/template
  • Fix – Tickets Commerce PayPal sandbox connection problem resolved.
  • Language – 19 new strings added, 154 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 24 obsoleted

[] 2023-05-09

  • Fix – Admin Dashboard loading slowly while counting attendees. [ET-1698]
  • Fix – Resolve Fatal occurring for some Tickets Commerce users around Order Models and Cart usage. [ET-1735]

[5.5.11] 2023-05-04

  • Tweak – Add Ticket data with attendee data as checkin response. [ET-1694]
  • Tweak – Added the ability to disable the Attendees column on the Events admin dashboard using tec_tickets_admin_post_type_table_column or tec_tickets_admin_post_type_table_column_{$column}. [ET-1701]
  • Tweak – Save number of attendees checked-in via Event Tickets Plus app. [ET-1695]
  • Fix – When using Tickets Commerce tickets under the price of $1 will no longer display improperly. Deprecated maybe_reset_cost_format. [ET-1697]
  • Language – 21 new strings added, 85 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 10 obsoleted

[5.5.10] 2023-04-03

  • Tweak – Added functionality to properly restock deleted attendee ticket for Tickets Commerce. [ETP-860]
  • Tweak – Add the Attendee count for the site to the At a Glance admin widget. [ET-1654]
  • Tweak – Add post_title data for attendees created using Tickets Commerce. [ET-1590]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_tickets_emails_heading_plural, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_heading_plural, tec_tickets_emails_subject_plural, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_subject_plural, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_from_email, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_from_name, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_headers, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_attachments, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_placeholders, tec_tickets_emails_recipient, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_recipient, tec_tickets_emails_subject, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_subject, tec_tickets_emails_heading, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_heading, tec_tickets_emails_additional_content, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_additional_content, tec_tickets_emails_settings, tec_tickets_emails_{$this->slug}_settings, tribe_tickets_rsvp_tickets_to_send
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tec_tickets_emails_heading_, tec_tickets_emails_subject_, tribe_rsvp_non_attendance_email_subject
  • Tweak – Changed views: v2/emails/customer-completed-order, v2/emails/rsvp-not-going, v2/emails/rsvp-not-going/body, v2/emails/template-parts/body/title
  • Fix – When using Tickets Commerce the SKU will properly appear when creating a ticket using Community Tickets. [CT-64]
  • Fix – Fixed Tickets/RSVP blocks crashing when hovering over their tooltips. [ET-1674]
  • Fix – Undefined $going variable on Ajax request. [ET-1612]
  • Language – 33 new strings added, 83 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 6 obsoleted

[] 2023-03-13

  • Fix – Fixed unlimited capacity tickets showing as sold out on calendar views. [ET-1678]
  • Fix – Fix fatal on the attendees screen when accessing as a non-admin user. [ET-1679]

[5.5.9] 2023-03-08

  • Tweak – Code maintenance for the attendees screen. [ET-1635]
  • Tweak – Save activation time for Event Tickets. [ET-1639]
  • Tweak – Added wrapper method to fetch RSVP ticket not going option data. [ETP-843]
  • Tweak – Save last check-in time for tickets scanned via the Event Tickets Plus APP. [ET-1640]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tec_tickets_emails_heading_, tec_tickets_emails_subject_, tec_tickets_emails_from_email, tec_tickets_emails_from_name, tec_tickets_emails_headers, tec_tickets_emails_attachments, tec_tickets_emails_placeholders, tec_tickets_emails_format_string, tec_tickets_emails_registered_emails, tec_tickets_emails_default_emails, tec_tickets_emails_post_type_args
  • Tweak – Removed filters: tribe_tickets_caps_can_manage_attendees
  • Tweak – Added actions: tribe_log
  • Tweak – Changed views: v2/emails/admin-failed-order, v2/emails/admin-new-order, v2/emails/customer-completed-order, v2/emails/email-template, v2/emails/email-template/body, v2/emails/email-template/body/add-links, v2/emails/email-template/body/date, v2/emails/email-template/body/event-description, v2/emails/email-template/body/event-image, v2/emails/email-template/body/event-title, v2/emails/email-template/body/footer-content, v2/emails/email-template/body/footer, v2/emails/email-template/body/greeting, v2/emails/email-template/body/header-image, v2/emails/email-template/body/header, v2/emails/email-template/body/recipient-name, v2/emails/email-template/body/ticket-info, v2/emails/email-template/body/top-link, v2/emails/email-template/main, v2/emails/email-template/preview, v2/emails/email-template/style, v2/emails/rsvp, v2/emails/template-parts/body, v2/emails/template-parts/body/event/date, v2/emails/template-parts/body/event/description, v2/emails/template-parts/body/event/image, v2/emails/template-parts/body/event/links, v2/emails/template-parts/body/event/title, v2/emails/email-template/body/event-location, v2/emails/template-parts/body/footer, v2/emails/template-parts/body/footer/content, v2/emails/email-template/body/footer-credit, v2/emails/template-parts/body/header, v2/emails/template-parts/body/header/image, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/holder-name, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/number-from-total, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/security-code, v2/emails/template-parts/body/ticket/ticket-name, v2/emails/template-parts/body/tickets-total, v2/emails/template-parts/body/tickets, v2/emails/template-parts/body/title, v2/emails/template-parts/footer, v2/emails/template-parts/footer/footer-preview, v2/emails/template-parts/footer/footer, v2/emails/template-parts/header, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/json-ld, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/meta, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/scripts, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/styles, v2/emails/template-parts/header/head/title, v2/emails/template-parts/header/header-preview, v2/emails/template-parts/header/header, v2/emails/template-parts/header/top-link, v2/emails/template, v2/emails/ticket
  • Fix – Fixed shared capacity ticket counts not showing properly on calendar views. [ETP-851]
  • Fix – Fixed attendee ticket title for moved TicketsCommerce tickets. [ET-1611]
  • Fix – Fixed fatal error on the Tickets Settings page when site language was set to Italian. [ET-1645]
  • Language – 16 new strings added, 181 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 94 obsoleted

[5.5.8] 2023-02-22

  • Version – Event Tickets 5.5.8 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.10 and higher.
  • Version – Event Tickets 5.5.8 is only compatible with Event Tickets Plus 5.6.7 and higher.
  • Tweak – PHP version compatibility bumped to PHP 7.4
  • Tweak – Version Composer updated to 2
  • Tweak – Version Node updated to 18.13.0
  • Tweak – Version NPM update to 8.19.3
  • Tweak – Reduce JavaScript bundle sizes for Blocks editor

[5.5.7] 2023-02-09

  • Tweak – Added currency format options to alter currency decimal separator, thousand separator, and number of decimal places. [ET-1608]
  • Tweak – Updated Currency options in Tickets Commerce settings for Croatian users from Kuna (HRK) to Euro (EUR). [ET-1625]
  • Tweak – Updated Attendee Registration Fields upsell notice to only display in admin dashboard. [CT-67]
  • Fix – Resolve provisional IDs properly on the event edit screen for ticket management actions. [ET-1632]
  • Fix – Fixed Ticket Commerce cart cookies not getting saved. [ET-1629]
  • Language – 28 new strings added, 189 updated, 5 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted

[5.5.6] 2023-01-16

  • Tweak – Updated the settings description for stock handling options. [ET-1603]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe-tickets__tickets-item--shared-capacity wrapper class for tickets having shared capacity. [ETP-841]
  • Tweak – Added a dashboard notice for sites running PHP versions lower than 7.4 to alert them that the minimum version of PHP is changing to 7.4 in February 2023.
  • Tweak – Added search capabilities to the Tickets Commerce Orders report page. [ET-1259]
  • Fix – Allow loading attendance page with event_id params that use The Events Calendar provisional IDs. [ET-1624]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 43 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

[5.5.5] 2022-12-08

  • Tweak – Removed locale param for Tickets Commerce JS SDK as per PayPal recommendation. [ET-1615]
  • Fix – Remove need for Platform Controls to verify webhook signatures in Stripe. [ET-1508]
  • Fix – Fixed the order of tickets in an event changing when you haven’t manually requested it. [ET-1568]
  • Fix – Fixed shared capacity tickets only showing the lowest capacity between the shared pool tickets. [ETP-815]
  • Language – 110 new strings added, 193 updated, 5 fuzzied, and 24 obsoleted

[5.5.4] 2022-11-09

  • Fix – Fixes multiple of the same ticket form being on the same page being out of sync. [GTRIA-729]
  • Fix – Added a JS event that checks for attendee label validation if ET+ is active. [ETP-803]

[5.5.3] 2022-10-31

  • Tweak – Added support for name and email param for searching in Attendee archive REST API. [ET-1591]
  • Tweak – Add template tag to properly check if The Events Calendar is active. [ETP-820]
  • Tweak – Add attendance information to the events REST API endpoint. [ET-1580]
  • Tweak – Add check_in argument support for attendees REST API endpoint. [ET-1588]
  • Fix – Orderby param not working for Attendee archive REST API. [ET-1591]
  • Fix – Properly save the check-in details for attendees on check-in. [ETP-819]
  • Fix – TicketsCommerce ticketed events not showing up for Events REST API. [ET-1567]
  • Fix – Update version of Firebase/JWT in Common from 5.x to 6.3.0
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 18 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.5.2] 2022-10-20

  • Fix – Update version of Firebase/JWT in Common from 5.x to 6.3.0

[5.5.1] 2022-09-22

  • Fix – Listing tickets is no longer limited by the global settings. [ET-1584]
  • Fix – Correct parameter type hinting when param can be null. [ET-1582]
  • Fix – Showing Checkout not available and credit card fields at the same time for PayPal gateway in TicketsCommerce. [ETP-812]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[5.5.0] 2022-09-06

  • Version – Event Tickets 5.5.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.0 and higher.
  • Version – Event Tickets 5.5.0 is only compatible with Event Tickets Plus 5.6.0 and higher.
  • Tweak – Adds a compatibility layer to work with the new Recurrence Backend Engine in TEC/ECP.
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 49 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted

See changelog for all versions