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Easy Redirect


Easy Redirect can be used to make redirections possible from a page or post.
We can use this plugin for redirections in six different ways:
1. Redirection After a Time
2. Redirection With Countdown
3. Redirection With Countdown Delay
4. Redirection With Popup
5. Redirection With Popup Delay
6. Redirection With Popup and Countdown

For a demo or instructions for use, you can check our Demo Page.

Use of other Shortcodes
We can also use other shortcodes within easy redirect shortcode. It could be used in two ways:
1. Using shortcode in URL attributes.
2. Using shortcodes within popup content.For instructions please Check Here

For any support or ideas you can raise a ticket at Support Portal or can send us a message at Facebook.


  1. Go to Plugins Add New.
  2. Search for Easy Redirect.
  3. Look for this plugin, download and activate it.
  4. Write short code on page for redirect.


How to use Easy Redirect

You can add our shortcode anywhere at a page or post and it will magically work. For demo and using instruction you can check our demo page.


3 setembro, 2016 5 respostas
Hi, first I want to say thanks for that plugin, it is probably the most simple but most effective plugin I am using. WordPress is great and makes a lot of things easier, but some things are more complicated to accomplish such as a delayed redirect. Anyway, I tested your plugin and found that there are issues when you use parameter. I am using a plugin that allows me to read Google's UTM Parameters and also incorporate them in links on pages. So I tried to do a redirect using UTM parameters, but it didn't work. Here are the paramters: ?utm_campaign=[utm_campaign]&utm_source=[utm_source]&utm_medium=[utm_medium]&utm_content=[utm_content] [...] will be replaced with the value of the corresponding UTM paramter. Since this plugin is using [] to specify the UTM parameter, your plugin thinks that anything after the first ] is not part of your plugin anymore. If I may suggest, and I'm not sure if that is possible or not, but can you ignore [ or ] within the "" marks inside your plugin code? Thanks.
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  • Redirections from pages/post.
  • Redirections with countdown.
  • Redirections with popup.


  • Ability to insert shortcode with in the popup.


  • Ability to insert shortcode with in the URL.