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Allows you to specify which querystring, post, header, or cookie parameters to save to temporary storage (session, another cookie, header) for use elsewhere in the site. Great for capturing referral variables (GET querystring parameters, headers) and reusing them in contact forms, CRMs, etc.


  1. Unzip/upload plugin folder to your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Ativar este plugin
  3. Determine which referral variables to look for:
    • in the querystring or post (“request”)
    • in headers
    • in cookies
    • in the session
  4. Determine where to save those variables:
    • in the session
    • in a cookie
    • in a header
  5. If saving to a cookie, you may:
    • leave the destination key blank to reuse the source key
    • specify ‘name’, ‘path’, ‘domain’, ‘expires’, etc by entering them as url-querystring format corresponding to the setcookie parameters. ex name=foobar@expires=700000.
  6. If retrieving value from a GET parameter, you may force a server-side redirect to remove it


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Registro de alterações


  • redirection bugfixes
  • locked ractive to v0.7.3 to work with addable decorator (latest breaks it)


  • optional redirect to remove GET params


  • session now available as source


  • dynamic UI
  • reads from bunch of sources
  • saves to a bunch of destinations


  • started