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Business Directory Plugin is the most popular, versatile, widely-installed, easiest to use, and best-supported WordPress Business Directory plugin available. Increase interaction on your website, improve customer retention and a add revenue-generating section to your site with Business Directory Plugin!

Business Directory Plugin allows you to take any listings you want and build a local directory, directory of business providers, a real estate listings site, a Yellow-Pages style business directory, Yelp-like review sections, create a church directory, build an address book directory and much more. You can add any kind of directory with listings using Business Directory plugin.

Core plugin Features

All features documented on the main website.
* Fully customizable form fields
* Upload images per listing, allow restricted numbers of images based on fee plan
* Lots of image options: drag and drop image uploads, easy image ordering, primary image settings, thumbnail sizing and more
* Accept payment for listings OR have free listings in your business directory
* Accept payments using (requires account)
* Full support for recurring payments (in most gateways: PayPal,, Stripe)
* Allow for featured/sticky listings for an upgrade fee
* Widgets for Featured, Latest and Random listings. Search widget as well
* Create multiple fee plans, which can be assigned to categories for posting
* Built in CSV import and export
* Support for reCAPTCHA to avoid spam listings
* Sorting options for categories, listings, and front-end for users to choose sort order
* Users who post can edit listings without access to WP dashboard
* SEO Friendly using Yoast SEO
* Configurable quick-search field and sorting bar for listings
* Advanced search screen with ability to show/hide fields available for search
* FULL responsive support when installed with a responsive theme
* Multi-language support in your directory with WPML
* Ability to re-skin the directory with a few clicks (directory themes)
* Integrates with popular plugins like Yoast SEO, NavXT Breadcrumbs and WP-PageNavi for easy use
* Images displayed with categories (using the FREE Enhanced Categories module)
* Display Category Icons/Allow Parent-Child Category Navigation (using the FREE Enhanced Category Module)

Additional Add-on Features available from Premium Modules (paid)

  • Rate businesses in your directory (now with microformat support) (using the (paid) Ratings Module)
  • Display the location of the business (categories, search, details–now with custom map sizes) (using the (paid) Google Maps Module)
  • Location based directory result filtering (using the (paid) Regions Module)
  • ZIP code/postal code radius searches supporting a number of countries (using the (paid) ZIP Search Module)
  • Assign features to paid or sticky listing plans to give users incentive to upgrade (using the (paid) Featured levels module)
  • Allow users to upload PDFs (using the (paid) Attachments Module)
  • Manage attachments on directory listings (using the (paid) Attachments module, supports PDF, Text files, images)
  • Accept payments using PayPal (using the (paid) PayPal Gateway Module)
  • Accept payments using Stripe (using the (paid) Stripe Gateway Module)
  • Accept payments using PayFast (using the (paid) PayFast Gateway Module)
  • Post claimable listings in your business directory that other users can pay (or not) to claim (using the (paid) Claim Listings Module)
  • Ability to offer discount codes based on a % or fixed amount with expirations (using the (paid) Discount Codes Module)

For a complete and detailed list of features, please visit:

Please report any bugs you find via

Premium Module Links:

These are optional, paid modules that you can use to enhance Business Directory Plugin’s functionality and
support future development:

Premium Directory Skins (Paid)

Feature Add On Modules (Paid)

Payment Gateway Modules (Paid)

For more information and support please visit
For Business Directory plugin support please visit

If you love Business Directory plugin, please consider purchasing a Premium Module!

Business Directory fully supports WPML for dynamic language switching. But if you need just one single language, we include and support these out of the box!

Languages Supported

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Swedish

And you can easily translate it yourself if you need to.


Copyright 2009-20, Dave Rodenbaugh
Original Author: A. Lewis

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

Esté programa é distribuído na expectativa de que seja útil,
mas SEM NENHUMA GARANTIA; nem mesmo a garantia implícita de
ESPECÍFICO. Veja a Licença Pública Geral GNU para mais detalhes.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

Usage Doc

For complete documentation on the plugin, please visit the BD Documentation Site. We also have a complete FAQ Section and our Quick Start guide.


Please see our detailed Installation Guide, the Getting Started Guide for common how-to scenarios, and our Initial Setup page for instructions on how to get going quickly with Business Directory Plugin.

Full documentation for the plugin is also available.

If you are having problems please visit support forum for help or you may contact us.


For the definitive FAQ section, please visit the FAQ Section, or our Getting Started guide.

Can Business Directory Plugin support paid and free listings?

Yes it can. You can do this by creating fee plans for 0.00 and some other paid amount at the same time. For more details, read this article.

Do you have video tutorials for Business Directory Plugin?

Yes we do. They can be found here.

Will Business Directory Plugin work with my theme?

Business Directory Plugin will work with any well-written, WP 4.x compliant theme. Generally speaking, paid themes tend to be higher quality than free ones, so we don’t recommend those.

Whatever theme you pick, we recommend using the Theme Check plugin (available for free on to validate how WordPress-compliant that theme actually is. The more errors and warnings you see on the theme when you run that check, the worse the theme is. You can read more about it here:

(This plugin was developed by WP Core developers to validate their own default themes and is highly respected in the theme community)

In general, we like WooThemes as a solid company with great products and support. You can check them out here Or StudioPress

Can Business Directory be translated into my language?

Yes it can. Business Directory Plugin comes with many user-provided translations under the /languages folder. For details on how to do it, our translation guide will help get you started.

Is Business Directory Plugin compatible with WordPress Multisite (WPMU)?

Yes it is. However, you cannot “network-activate” the plugin (as this will share the database). Activate it on only the subsites on which you need a directory. This can be done under Plugins->Add New as the Administrator user. Do not “network activate” BD as the “super admin”.


24 de julho de 2020
I am extremely happy with this plugin and most of all I am deeply impressed with their outstanding customer service and tech support responsiveness, patience, and professionalism.
13 de julho de 2020
It is often said that a sales person might sell the first car, but it's the service personnel who sell the subsequent cars. That's how I feel about Bobbie's support while using the free version of the plugin. A "bend over backward" attitude came through when I had CSS questions about customizing the look of my directory. My only thought: "If this is how they support the FREE version, I can only imagine how good the support will be when I buy the Premium Bundle." That's what I intend to do once I get closer to launching my directory. Support caused this future sale! Thank you, Bobbie! Dave
30 de junho de 2020
We recently had an issues on our site which needed some support from the Business Directory administrators. I have been a Business Directory customer since the start of our website (6 years plus) and have a premium account, and purchased the all premium modules package, which saved money, and keeps all my licence numbers in the same place. The support was 100% friendly and professional with them keeping me updated every step of the way, and after helping me with the initial diagnostics, they eventually identified and fixed the issue. If you are thinking about starting or are already involved in any form of Directory site which is not running Business Directory, then you are missing out on a first class product and support service, and as a large website operator I can sleep at night in the knowledge that my Business Directory Support account is in safe hands.
24 de junho de 2020
it's one of the best plugins on worpress i really love it sooo much i use it on my website and i get good trafic they have a very good support a big thanks to Mr.shahadat houssain he helped me a lot i really appreciate it if there is 10stars i will give it first for this plugin because it really very fantastic LOVE FROM ALGERIA ♥
4 de junho de 2020
AMAZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT Works amazingly with Yoast SEO.
29 de maio de 2020
We tried a couple of business directory plugins before BD and we almost gave up on having a directory on our website. The plugins slowed down our website to a crawl, they were difficult to set up and generally a mess. We currently have over 500 listings and this directory performs great, our site speed is excellent under 2-sec load.
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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Business Directory Plugin – Directories for WordPress” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações

Version 5.7.1

  • Fix Random Listings shortcode attributes. (#4601)
  • Add data-breakpoints to directory container. (#4607)
  • Validate variable type is string before applying using function for string-type. (#4608)
  • Fix User selector script. (#4614)
  • Add missing parameter for installer class, required for uninstall process.

Version 5.7

  • New Setting allows site admins define which existing user will own Anonymous Submitted Listings. (#4545)
  • [Paid] listing status tag was replaced by [Payment {status}] for more accurate information about Listing Payment status. (#4553)
  • Add user search when Submitting/Editing listings on WP Admin panel to set as owner. (#4559)
  • Add WPML support for Select, Multiselect, Checkbox and Radio Button BD options list translation. (#4577)
  • Create ‘Address 2’ theme tag and integrate it to listing address helper generation. (#4588)
  • Enhance listing advanced search, by searching the whole sentence or all its parts for each field. (#4566)
  • Hide category & plan selection tip when directory is in free mode. (#4443)
  • Allow numeric values in advanced search as strings for categories and tags associations. (#4538)
  • Fix social fields alignment in 4 most recent WP default themes. (#4541)
  • Hide not available submit sections after AJAX request. (#4542)
  • Remove sortbar from [businessdirectory-latest-listings] shortcode. (#4556)
  • Fix renewal notification email CC value to prevent fatal error. (#4569)
  • Prevent PHP warning by validating that the setting is not empty. (#4572)
  • Fix textdomain on several plugin translatable texts. (#4577)
  • Optimize Plugin performance by removing unnecessary DB requests. (#4584)
  • Escape field label when is used as ‘alt’ attribute of image fieldtype. (#4591)
  • Move ‘WPBDP_URL’ definition to ‘init’ action. (#4592)
  • Update jQuery File Upload to 10.30.1 version. (#4599)

Version 5.6.2

  • Allow selecting listing images from WP media library on admin dashboard.
  • Allow admins to select images from WP Media for Image fields on dashboard. (#4517)
  • Restore ability to edit listings URL. (#4421, #4496)
  • Fix payments detailed view. (#4510, #4527)
  • Update German translation strings.(#4508)
  • Add ‘form_only’ parameter for [businessdirectory-search] shortcode. (#4520)
  • Add nofollow to detailed view buttons, as attribute to


form> HTML tag. (#4458)
* Change curly braces to square brackets for access string offset. (#4526)
* Prevent listing status not set to completed on admin dashboard submit. (#4532)

Version 5.6.1

  • New setting to set a limit for listing contact submits for logged in users. (#4411)
  • New placeholders to ‘Email confirmation message’ template to include fee information. (#4480)
  • New notification template for completed payments. (#4480)
  • Prevent fatal error when trying to access to payment details of a deleted payment. (#4455)
  • Allow Private fees CSS rules on frontend. (#4462)
  • Include to directory links to prevent been crawled by search engines. (#4458)
  • Prevent including image to structured data when is not available. (#4468)
  • Use listing images ordering weight in detailed view. (#4481)
  • Fix new listing Admin notice including listing preview URL. (#4487)
  • Prevent pending_payment listings to be published before payment is completed. (#4487)
  • Prevent Private fields to be rendered on frontend for non-admin users. (#4490)
  • Match label and input ID for username and email on submit listing view to improve accessibility. (#4492)


  • Improve Listing Options UI using sub-tabs. (#4459)
  • Refactor print receipt script to improve layout styling. (#4437)
  • Preformat recepient data before using ‘foreach’ PHP function. (#4465)
  • Validate variable is defined to prevent PHP notice.

Version 5.6

  • Add CSV Import setting to set existing listings import status. (#4409)
  • Add listing_id as argument for wpbdp_listing_schema_org filter. (#4414)
  • Create wpbdp_listing_schema_org filter to allow customer modifying/including items to listings. (#4414)
  • Support multiple recipients on listing email address for notifications. (#4406)
  • Upgrade jQuery File Upload to version 10.7.0. (#4426)
  • Use WooCommerce version of select2 lib scripts to enhance BD accesibility. (#4440)
  • Fix renewal notification admin CC. (#4420)
  • Generate 404 when trying to access to a listing using ID and wrong slug. (#4421)
  • Fix twitter social fields alignment on listing detail view. (#4444)

Version 5.5.14

  • Fix layout and style in login BD view.
  • Fix listings email notification for free fees.
  • Prevent fatal error on abandoned payment notification class when listing is not available.
  • Prevent reCAPTCHA scripts load when not used on BD pages.
  • Update ‘manage_recurring’ URL inside recurring warning when deleting a listing.
  • Fix CSV import row number. Allow importing 1 listing CSV file.
  • Allow main box (quick search) renders when is called from shortcode.
  • Modify ‘CC this e-mail address too’ option usage to support multiple addresses.
  • Fix new listings status and email notification after submit issues.


  • Validate queried object exists and is valid before setting BD query var. (#4385)

Version 5.5.13

  • Allow Plugin uninstall even if there are active subscriptions.
  • Allow Zip Code Search field catch a filter to change textarea value.
  • Make sure WPBDP_Admin class file was loaded before instantiate.
  • Fix postback processing warning.
  • Remove password fields for account creation during listing submits (WP confirmation email is used instead).
  • Format checkbox fieldtype options before rendering in submit/edit view.
  • Style Plugin layout for Twenty Twenty WP theme.
  • Prevent unpaid listings to go published.
  • Create setting to allow reCAPTCHA validation when editing listings.

Version 5.5.12

  • Allow access to search shortcode.
  • Remove not used query var to prevent compatibility issues.
  • Cast listing keys array to prevent invalid foreach argument in random listings Widget.
  • Verify renewal reminder email was sent after clicking the button on listing WP dashboard.
  • Add notice for admins when submit listing is restricted due to no fee plans available.
  • Apply filters to textarea input to support zip code search.

Version 5.5.11

  • Run iframe resize script after using document.ready JS action. (#4273)
  • Modify Random widget query to prevent using RAND() SQL function. (#4283)
  • Validate Field Label and Description max Length while adding/editing a listing. (#4286)
  • Keep Radio button field options if there are validation errors on save process.
  • Use user’s first and last name (when available) to fill listing contact email template [name] placeholder. (#4289)
  • Redirect empty quick searches to “all listings” view. (#4303)
  • Fix featured listings shortcode to prevent displaying listings twice in different pages. (#4308)

Version 5.5.10

  • Display BD themes updates notifications and handle upgrades through Core Plugin.
  • Include [link-raw] placeholder for listing expiration notices.
  • Add setting for twitter field to enable follower count display.
  • Sanitize field label before applying wpbdp_display_field_label filter.
  • Allow listing owners editing listings with private fees.
  • Fix expiration date after listing renewal payment.
  • Remove non-used query var that could cause compatibility issues.

Version 5.5.9

  • Validate Beaver Builder Classes existence before setting compatibility code.
  • Set height tolerance for listing thumbnails.
  • Prevent workflow on WP_Error results.

Version 5.5.8

  • Make BD ADA compliant.
  • Include “Created Date” and “Modified Date” support for Listings CSV Export.
  • Hide required symbol and field description inside widgets
  • Fix quick search integration with BD modules.
  • Add compatibility with Cornerstone Page Builder Plugin.
  • Preserve WP permalink structure for Directory URLs.
  • Style receipt printing in checkout pages.
  • Validate field existence before calling method.
  • Update Italian translations.
  • ADD Compatibility for Beaver Themer.
  • Add “wpbdp_supported_post_types” filter to maybe include CPTs as supported post types for shortcodes.
  • Upgrade jQuery-File-Upload library version to 9.32.0.
  • Fix access key login redirection.
  • Fix renewals login authentication parameters.
  • Update German translations.
  • Sanitize URL attribute on listings sort links preventing XSS attacks.

Version 5.5.7

  • Validate image size before setting listing thumbnail image.

Version 5.5.6

  • Fix quick search for multiple keywords.
  • Restore BD thumbnail image size name.
  • Fix order_by for sortbar queries.
  • Validate order_by content to prevent SQL errors.
  • Improve phone number field value validation.
  • Reword listing thumbnail size setting and include a description.
  • Fix behavior for social fieldtype with empty social_type value when icon display only setting is selected.

Version 5.5.5

  • New option to select listing main image size.
  • Validate pagination query argument for front page usage.
  • Split quick search query to prevent long queries and improve search speed.
  • Use “break” instead of “continue” when breaking switch case.

Version 5.5.4

  • Include Italian translations for Core Plugin.
  • Split listing search query to prevent long queries fails and improve search speed.
  • Fix regions CSV import parent regions association.
  • Prevent social-text or social-icons inputs been rendered depending on social field settings.
  • Change URL field value for empty input text.
  • Fix empty values validation for select form fields.
  • Display directory view under listing delete notice.
  • Filter empty address fields in payment payer address.
  • Include “Thank you for payment message” in submit confirmation page.

Version 5.5.3

  • Modify URL validator to improve URL filtering.
  • Upgrade Select2 version to 4.0.5.
  • Add “payment method required” notice for 100% discounted checkouts with recurring payments.
  • Add closing slash for directory posts links.
  • Combine fieldtype options and available Tags when displaying BD tags field.
  • Use tag instead of tag to render SVG social icons.
  • Fix redirect variable name.

Version 5.5.2

  • Prevent URL bugs for multi-site sites and child sites.
  • Add missing “Category” association field warning in Submit listing view.
  • Include “fee_id” in CSV headers table and import example.
  • Fix social fields layout in default theme.
  • Prevent infinite loop when default listing logs recreation fails.
  • Include “Private” listings in CSV export..
  • Add redirect_to parameter for non logged-in users trying to access to Manage Listings View.
  • Include “return to” button to go back to search, category and tag views.
  • Add social networks logos SVG files to be used by social fieldtype.

Version 5.5.1

  • Sanitize fee plan supported categories.
  • Prevent “Initial Payment” record generation when editing a listing.
  • Change user-agent parameter in license activation/deactivation and modules version check requests.

Version 5.5

  • Add support for private (admin-visible only) fee plans.
  • Add support for WP GDPR privacy hooks.
  • Include ‘author’, ‘created date’ and ‘modified date’ to listing display helpers.
  • Set listing thumbnail image when using CSV exporter/importer.
  • Add batch-size option to CSV Import settings.
  • Add option to include fee description in listing receipt.
  • Add Field ID and Shortname in Manage Form Fields Table.
  • Add option to allow/disallow Font Awesome styles enqueueing.
  • Add support for reCAPTCHA 3.0.
  • Fix category specific fee display in submit listing view.
  • Remove nofollow attribute from categories links.
  • Keep array keys when sorting images.
  • Add missing variable name in class-admin-listings.php.
  • Fix CSV Import/Export for social fields.
  • Sanitize textfield data before save and CSV export.
  • Verify listing’s last payment status in renewals.

Version 5.4

  • New Form Field Type to handle Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, reddit, Flickr Social Networks, the field can handle other social fields, allowing users to upload the social network Icon.
  • Handle listing featured image set in dashboard.
  • Allow private fields to be displayed to admin users only.
  • Prevent layout break when trying to upload images no slots remaining.
  • Fix themes thumbnails aspect in Directory Themes page.
  • Remove extra spaces from search keywords before searching.
  • Send listing published notification when new listings status is “publish”.
  • Update listing fee plan for free renewals.
  • Use Image BD Caption as title and alternative text.
  • Fix BD Default Theme styling in Twenty Nineteen Theme.

Version 5.3.4

  • Auto-create new BD Tags from multi-valuated (Select lists, Checkbox and Radio Button) field options.
  • List available BD Tags in “Directory Tags” metabox.
  • Add AED to supported currencies list.
  • Prevent listing buttons layout break in Gutenberg.
  • Prevent contact form layout break in Gutenberg.
  • Reorder client IP retrieving from environment variable.
  • Display account creation section before T&C.
  • Update integration with WPML plugin.
  • Update Submit listing workflow for category specific fields.
  • Add missing translations in submit-listing.js file.

Version 5.3.3

  • Include a link to delete listing’s payment history using AJAX.
  • Add sort options filter to be used by modules.
  • Allow plan change in renew listing process.
  • Allow free listing renewal without payment gateway.
  • Allow validators to admin only (private) fields.


  • Fixed issue where images showed on wrong side of listing.

Version 5.3.2

  • Add compatibility for ACF plugin used by Bold Move theme.
  • Update use-default-picture setting to select which views use default picture.
  • Open listing thumbnail in thickbox when setting is enabled.
  • Minor edit email notification template fixes.
  • Prevent fee plan auto-select in listing submit when multiple categories can be selected.
  • Set listing thumbnail as post thumbnail meta to improve SEO.
  • Prevent Login Redirect to main BD page if no referrer and user is not logged in.
  • Add missing html closing tag in login template.

Version 5.3.1

  • CSV export/import integration for image fieldtype (image_id and caption).
  • Fix expiration dates on listing information metabox for non-expiring listings.
  • Update WPML compatibility.
  • Allow delete the email notice applying to the expiration time of non-recurring listings.
  • Prevent login page redirect loop.
  • Prevent Divi issue with alpha filtering.
  • Prevent category specific validation when in preview form.
  • Fix typo in listing buttons template.

Version 5.3

  • Add enabled class for reCaptcha container in submit listing view.
  • Include validator for number of words in textfield and textarea fieldtypes.
  • Revert ACF compatibility, it could cause incompatibility with Yoast.
  • Add support for category specific fields in submit listing.


  • Fixed fatal error specific to PHP 5.6.

Version 5.2.2

  • Validate current query is from BD before trying to modify pagination link.
  • Style contact form for better space usage.
  • Add missing parameter to get excerpt value.
  • Add pagination parameter to all shortcodes where it applies.
  • Include quick search filter to be used by modules.
  • Verify content field emptiness in textarea field.


  • Added missing email bug fix

Version 5.2.1

  • Add compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin.
  • Allow empty value to clear Date fieldtype.
  • Extend expiration date for listings renewed before expiring.
  • Add description for quick search in general options when no fields are selected.
  • Update listing properties according to fee plan after payments.
  • Add email address when reporting a listing.
  • Fix quotes to prevent thickbox not been used in listing detail view.
  • Verify recaptcha.render exists before execution.
  • Refactor pagination in shortcodes.
  • Add compatibility to WPBDP_Email class with external email plugins.
  • Enhance Long Description field as excerpt in list view.
  • Add option to disable expiration emails.

Version 5.2

  • Add pagination to Latest, Random, Featured listings shortcodes.
  • Add [placeholders] to email notice templates.
  • Fix links where target=”_blank” to include additional parameter to avoid XRF.
  • Prevent Link opens same page in listing view.
  • Update Scroll after plan selection and display T&C as last section in submit listing.
  • Add compatibility with Custom Permalinks plugin.
  • Add thumbnail and listing images compatibility for WPML translations.
  • Minor fixes for New Listing Notification email template.

Version 5.1.9

  • Fix CSV Importer to create initial payment for imported listings.
  • Do not renew listings with pending initial payments.
  • Allow [businessdirectory-listings] to use ‘category’ and ‘tag’ params together.
  • Fix code that prevents spamming listing owners.
  • Create necessary columns to prevent an old migration routine from failing.
  • Fix a bug that caused abandoned payment notifications to be sent, even if the feature was disabled.
  • Fix recent email problems.

Version 5.1.8

  • Update Form Field ‘tag’ attribute when the field’s association changes.
  • Show ‘No listing found’ error message on Edit Listing when no listing ID is provided.
  • Add option to prevent sticky listings from floating to the top of directory view.
  • Prevent users from editing any listing by using the listing ID.
  • Update German translation for Terms and Conditions link.

Version 5.1.7

  • Update German translation.
  • Show an indicator when listings are created without a fee plan.
  • Update error message when trying to change from/to URL or Image field types.
  • Form Fields on Submit listing and Preview Form now use all available width.
  • Submit listing now supports requiring at least one image is uploaded.
  • Remove ‘Please select a category’ error that appears incorrectly.
  • Prevent extra images from appearing when main image is deleted.
  • Fix uncaught Exception error on Listing Subscription.
  • Set a Listing as ‘Featured’ when it’s fee plan ‘Is featured listing/sticky?’ setting is updated.
  • Update documentation links in plugin admin interface.
  • Prevent URL form field inputs from been hidden or out of container in submit/edit view.
  • Prevent form from been cleared when changing plan during Submit.
  • Add support for ‘multipart/alternative’ Content-Type in emails.
  • Include “Select All” option in Checkbox fields.
  • Add admin notices when a fee plan doesn’t meet requirements to be set as recurring.
  • Update listing information metabox according to plan change.
  • Make Listing’s Access Key available to email templates through the new [access_key] placeholder.


  • Fixed issue where PHP versions earlier than 5.6 had fatal error in flagging

Version 5.1.6

  • Add support to require that one image is uploaded with a listing.
  • Add Flag Listing feature.
  • Use plugin/module version to register scripts and styles.
  • Fix error in renewal email.
  • Fix incorrect translation to French for “Disable advanced CPT integration” setting.
  • Prevent more than one filter set as “current” in Directory list.
  • Improve behavior of TinyMCE editor on Submit and Edit Listing views.
  • Remove the ability to edit the “Featured” status from “Listing Information” metabox.
  • Restore Renew Listing and Manage Recurring Payments views.
  • Add “for” attribute to radio buttons “label” tags in settings page.
  • Reduce number of requests to get version information and check for license status.
  • If you configured the plugin to send copy (CC) of admin notifications to a different email address, the Claim Listing notification messages will now be send to that other address as well.

Version 5.1.5

  • Add deprecation comment for login-required template.
  • Fix PHP warnings and notices on Add New Listing admin screen.
  • Fix PHP Fatal error on Payments API.
  • Render 3rd party shortcodes on All Listings & Search views.
  • Update Manage Listings View to support Login URL setting.
  • Update store URL to use HTTPS.

Version 5.1.4

  • Fix SQL errors on functions that configured views for Directory admin screen.
  • Prevent SQL trying to count number of listings on categories and regions.
  • Fix: Navigating away from Edit Listing causes categories to be lost.
  • Fix PHP warnings and notices on Add New Listings.
  • Do not allow title, content and category fields to be marked as private.

Version 5.1.3

  • Add error message for revoked licenses.
  • Fix support for cyrillic characters in taxonomies slugs.
  • Do not change button padding if BD buttons style is disabled.
  • Fix JavaScript problem in E-mail Templates settings page.
  • Show indicator for required fields in Search form.
  • Restore abandoned payment email notification.
  • Allow users to restart abandoned payments.
  • Workaround missing tag column in wpbdp_payments table.
  • Add ‘Send access keys’ bulk action.
  • Update Spanish translation to include 100% of strings.
  • Add a CSS class for category id on list view.
  • Fix Date fields not working properly on Search.
  • Add Publish listings, Mark as pending review, Hide from directory bulk actions.
  • Restore post views on Manage Listing admin screen.
  • Display listing status as attribute in the attribute column.
  • Update Swedish translations.
  • Restore support for HTML in field descriptions.
  • Make sure admin receives the exact same contact e-mail as owners.
  • Fix required validator for multiselct, radio and checkbox fields.
  • Add wpbdp-listing-category-id-[ID] CSS class to listings on Listings view.
  • Add support for private fields for listings.
  • Allow content fields to be truncated on excerpt view.
  • Fix listing’s admin URL in some notification e-mails.
  • Fix search by username on Manage Listings.
  • Add back the confirmation message for settings reset.
  • Update code to fix attachment’s path.
  • Update appearance of Add Attachment form.
  • Update French translation.
  • Update Claim Listings module to support Login URL setting.
  • Automatically strip leading and trailing spaces when the value for the Google Maps API key setting is saved.
  • Fix Migrate plugin to work without Regions.
  • Update code used to verify PayPal IPNs.
  • Make ‘Post Your Review’ form visible on all devices.
  • Fix error that caused recurring listings not to be renewed even though payment was received.
  • Allow users to restart abandoned payments.
  • Now admins can choose ZIP code search modes.
  • Show full path to ‘db’ directory on ZIP Code Search.
  • Added support for Brazil’s postal codes.

Version 5.1.2

  • Do not automatically select the first available category during listing submit.
  • Do not show payment receipt at the end of the submit process when listing is free.
  • Skip plan selection when there’s only one plan available.
  • Do not show “Continue to Payment” label when directory is in free mode.
  • Add some compatibility code to prevent fatal errors when using the Facebook Open Tags plugin.

Version 5.1.1

  • Improve format detection for expiration dates on CSV imports.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Fix support for reCAPTCHA for listing submits.
  • Fix PHP notice in checkout view.
  • Execute admin views in a more adequate hook.

Version 5.1

  • Update CSV import & export to include/support fee plan information.
  • Allow multiple manual upgrades to be executed together.
  • Add hooks for customization of the contact form.
  • Add support for admin/customer renewal notification.
  • Add a post status filter to the backend.
  • Show “Listing Instructions” during submit.
  • Allow admins to upload images on the backend even for listings with no associated plan.
  • Allow admins to sort listings according to fee plan ordering.
  • Prevent number_format() expects parameter 1 to be float warning.
  • Hide submit’s “Listing Images” section when images are globally disabled.
  • Fix PHP warnings when running on PHP 5.2.
  • Do not export rating values during CSV exports.
  • Fix PHP warning when choosing an image as the listing’s thumbnail on the backend.
  • Fix a problem detecting listings associated to a given e-mail when using access keys.
  • Make sure database options are returned with the correct PHP type.
  • Dispatch admin views earlier to fix “headers already sent” PHP errors.
  • Prevent listings from being marked as “Featured” on the backend even when their plan doesn’t have this flag.
  • Fix false validation errors on Date fields.
  • Save image meta (caption, position) correctly during submit.

Version 5.0.5

  • Add support to assign listing’s fee plan during import.
  • Twitter field accepts Twitter handles only; no URLs are allowed. Now is not possible to add a URL validator to this field.
  • Fix JavaScript conflict with AWPCP.
  • Improved Uninstall workflow.
  • Fix a bug that caused region data to be ignored during import.
  • Update appearance of fee plans in Submit Listing view.
  • Fix a bug that made it impossible to edit email templates that included HTML tags.
  • Make sure ‘flat’ is always the pricing model for the free plan.
  • Do not show “Continue to Payment” if the Directory is in free mode.

Version 5.0.4

  • Correct priority of translation loading for premium modules.
  • Workaround a WP bug affecting hook names for sites using translations (
  • Fix Featured Listings shortcodes.
  • Update CSV import & export icons.
  • Change e-mail subject for default expiration notices.
  • Move “Uninstall” link back to a menu item.

Version 5.0.3

  • Support WPML integration during Ajax requests.
  • Fix a problem in single-select category selector.
  • Fix encoding problem with redirect_to argument in Login view.
  • Listings can now be renewed before they expire.
  • Show registration and password reminder links in login form again.
  • Support migration from very old versions of BD.
  • Remove upgrade/downgrade to featured from bulk actions.
  • Fix bug that caused translation files for modules not to be loaded.
  • Allow WPML to translate fee descriptions.
  • Allow plugins to modify the settings callback on the admin.

Version 5.0.2

  • Fix load_textdomain() in WPBDP class.
  • Fix ‘Undefined index: regions-slug’ notice.
  • Fix behavior of fees table in Manage Fees.
  • Add integration for Advanced Excerpt plugin.
  • Add warning about PHP version requirements.
  • Update translation files for French.
  • Fix error that prevented “Preview Form” from working.
  • Fix compatibility issue that prevented Regions module from working correctly.
  • Fix some problems with the renewal process.
  • Update message shown for license activation errors.

Version 5.0.1

  • Fix link generation bug in WPML integration.
  • Do not disable “Choose One” option on search for single-valued selects.
  • Fix Fatal error in PHP 7.1 when too few arguments are passed to one of the plugin functions.
  • Prevent PHP Warning “Invalid argument supplied for foreach()” in Query Integration class.
  • Fix “Fatal error: Cannot create references to elements of a temporary array expression” from PHP 5.4 to allow users to see they’re on an old PHP.
  • Prevent a Fatal error caused by Featured Levels 4.x during manual upgrade

Version 5.0

  • Added support for new fee plan pricing models: flat price, category-based, base + extra amount per category
  • Added a new Payments screen to manage all payments.
  • When sorting listings using the paid/free option, the paid amount is now taken into consideration.
  • Completely redesigned category and fee plan selection.
  • Listing statuses and attributes have been redesigned for improved UX on the backend.
  • Listing expiration date is now shown as a column on the backend.
  • Listings submitted by anonymous users can now be edited/renewed using Access Keys.
  • Added support for creating an account during listing submit.
  • Listing now have just one fee plan associated to them instead of one per category
  • Listing renewal now keeps the featured flag. (#634)
  • Listings can now have different background colors depending on their fee plan.
  • Added normalized CSS classes and IDs for listing views.
  • Redesigned listing information metabox.
  • Completely redesigned listing submit workflow using AJAX.
  • Added a “Timeline” metabox on the backend to clearly see a listing’s history.
  • Admins can now create any number of listing expiration/reminder notices.
  • Simplify how premium modules integrate into BD.
  • Added businessdirectory-quick-search shortcode to display the Quick Search form.
  • Added warning when reaching the image limit during listing submit/edit.
  • Allow users to edit categories for their listing if the plan allows it.
  • Added option to sort listings using the configured sort for their fee plans.
  • Added several hooks to allow adding content during the submit process and in other templates.
  • Allow admins to mark some fields as required for searching.
  • Added a more reliable cron implementation for scheduled events.
  • Refreshed the Settings API implementation to increase speed, reduce queries and add validation support.
  • Redesigned the settings screen for better UX.
  • Increased reliability of upgrades.
  • Added a new log mechanism for better debugging.
  • Updated the premium module initialization API.
  • License and update checking has been merged to cover both themes and premium modules, reducing external requests.

Version 4.1.15

  • Fix 404 Not Found error for categories URLs that occurred when WPML was installed and configured to use a query parameter to define the language of the website.
  • Empty strings are not allowed as categories and tags slugs.
  • Doing a Factory Settings Reset no longer removes license keys for premium modules.
  • Prevent infinite recursion conflict with Postman.
  • Allow execution of shortcodes in excerpt fields.
  • Remove pagination links from listings shortcode.
  • Add wpbdp_get_page_ids filter.
  • Fix feed links for all listings and categories.
  • Show license-related warnings to administrators only.


  • Update to fix uploader class

Version 4.1.14

  • Correct CSS classes for secondary buttons.
  • Prevent listing title from being cleared during import.
  • Always show ‘number of options visible without scrolling’ setting in Add/Edit form field screen.
  • Fix import error caused by ampersands in category names.
  • Fix behavior for not found URLs.
  • Fix search form behavior and region filter issues.
  • Correct CSS classes for some primary buttons.
  • Use checkboxes for Quick Search Fields setting.
  • Replace dropdowns with four or less options with a list of radio buttons.
  • Register non-persistent groups after switchgin blogs.
  • Prevent listings from being published before payment is completed.
  • We now have more descriptive error messages for license issues.
  • Fix inconsistent strings and button labels.
  • Prevent creation of multiple listings in submit-listing shortcode.
  • Fix inconsistent strings and button labels.
  • Fix compatibility issue with jQuery 3.2.1.


  • Fix buttons in main box ignoring settings.
  • Restore missing Country part in address field.


  • Fix theme compatibility problems introduced in 4.1.13.

Version 4.1.13

  • Add shortcode to output Quick Search.
  • Added shortcode for displaying the latest listings.
  • Added shortcode for displaying a random set of featured listings.
  • Added shortcode for displaying a random set listings.
  • Prevent PHP Warning in show_tag.php.
  • Prevent CSFR exploit that could allow attackers to upload images to the Media Library.
  • Do not set contenteditable to false on Firefox when handling setting dependencies.
  • Fix JavaScript error due to necessary script not loaded.
  • Improve performance of CSV Importer.
  • Update Swedish translation for BD.
  • Fix bug in code that generates search queries SQL.
  • Fix format for address field in themes.
  • Fix conflict with WPML caused by WP bug 40906.


  • Backward compatibility fix for ZIP search–module update order problem

Version 4.1.12

  • Report versions of installed premium modules on debug info page.
  • Make non-required SELECT fields actually optional (no option selected by default).
  • Show a message on the frontend when the directory is not available due to a pending manual upgrade.
  • Fix conflict between BD and latest Breadcrumbs NavXT.
  • Send NEW listing’s published notification to the right address.
  • Add compatibility patch for Ultimatum theme.


  • Repaired badly botched release in SVN due to file sync issues

Version 4.1.11

  • Show server’s IP address in Licenses settings tab.
  • Show two columns of categories by default.
  • Replace fees table with responsive list of fees.
  • Add Moroccan Dirham (MAD) currency to Payment settings.
  • Fix translation support in Billing Form.
  • Fix preview links when the no-id-in-link setting is disabled.

Version 4.1.10

  • Improve responsive behaviour of categories list.
  • Update PayPal module to comply with PayPal’s security upgrade.
  • Fix sticky behavior for listings posted with recurring payments.
  • Update behavior of listings that are sticky in a particular fee/category.
  • Fix previews (when listing has no slug set).
  • Toggle “wpbdp-hide-on-mobile” class when clicking contact form button..
  • Fix bug that prevented bulk edit actions from working.
  • Fix PHP notices in Current Images section in Edit Listing page.
  • Restore support for shortcodes in posts.
  • A listings is now considered paid only if currently associated with a paid fee.
  • ABC filter URLs will now point to the first page.
  • Update compatibility code for Breadcrumb NavXT.
  • Fix bug that caused HTML entities to appear in e-mail subjects.
  • Update German translation.

Version 4.1.9

  • Add support to export listings that include Unicode characters.
  • Avoid passing $this by reference in apply_filter_ref_array() for PHP 7.1.
  • Fix French translation for Tag and Category.
  • Show error in Submit Listing view if required fields are missing.
  • Fix typo: ‘sucessfully’ -> ‘successfully’.
  • Fix sticky behavior for listings posted with recurring payments.
  • Improve security of listing image uploading.

Version 4.1.8

  • Do not generate HTML for Facebook field if the value is empty.
  • Fix a bug that caused Authorize.Net Gateway to build the Credit Card expiration date using the first two digits of the expiration year, instead of the last two.
  • Fix Fatal Error trying to render excerpt for textarea fields.
  • Allow admins to disable the CSS rules for listing action buttons.
  • Fix search problem that occurs when form field used in the Quick Search feature is deleted.
  • Update link to reCAPTCHA’s website.
  • Fix Author dropdown in Bulk Edit form for Listings to include the – No Change – option again.
  • Remove fuzzy tags from all translation files, making more translations available.
  • WPML integration: fix bug that caused different versions of the same listings to show up in widgets.
  • Generate better URLs to improve compatibility with WPML.
  • Fix routine to clean metadata for Checkbox, Radio and Select fields.
  • Add “country” as a new theme tag.
  • Fix PHP warning triggered when no update information could be retrieved during an update check.
  • Update JS code to latest jQuery standards.
  • Add wpbdp_should_enqueue_scripts_and_styles filter to allow third parties to force inclusion of BD scripts and styles.
  • Improve appearance of Region archives.
  • Fix French translation for Tag and Category.
  • Fix typo in WPBDP_Plugin.

Version 4.1.7

  • Fix ‘Include comment form on listing pages’ setting to store the proper value.
  • Avoid PHP Warning when field value includes ‘%’.
  • Use an array to pass headers to wp_mail in Email class.
  • Increase importance of rules in .wpbdp-show-on-mobile CSS class.

Version 4.1.6

  • Fix error in migration routine affecting multivalued fields on some sites.
  • Introduce new setting for comment handling to prevent duplicate comment forms.
  • Review compatibility with WordPress 4.7.
  • Fix preview links for admins.
  • Fix a problem with URL redirection to custom login pages.
  • Accept one option per line (including commas) as part of a multivalued field options.
  • Improve integration
  • Add Swedish translation.
  • Add CSS fix for quick search box.

Version 4.1.5

  • Add support for template block/variable metadata in PHP comments.
  • Fix support for template variables customization outside of themes.
  • Fix an error that resulted in the WP comment form appearing twice.
  • Fix a path resolving issue that resulted in an incorrect template being loaded under certain circumstances.
  • Support transliteration of arabic characters when normalizing field names for CSS, CSV export/import, etc.
  • Make some CSS selectors more specific to prevent conflicts.
  • Allow users to control the size of the list in Multiselect form fields.
  • Add phone and email fields to billing information form.
  • Make gateway use e-mail and phone number properties from the billing form.
  • Allow Editor user to Preview listings.
  • Improve performance of search queries that involve listing metadata.
  • Fix an issue with Form Fields options that caused selected values to show up unselected for some fields.
  • Add contact form message that wasn’t being marked as translatable.
  • Unify gettext contexts for “Submit A Listing” view title.

Version 4.1.4

  • Automatically load translation files from themes.
  • Improve performance for BD premium modules update checks on plugin page.
  • Custom themes (not developed by BD) can be used without a license.
  • Add showsearchbar parameter to business-directory-manage-listings shortcode.
  • Fix support for ‘&’ in tag names.

Version 4.1.3

  • Improve appearance of search button on Advanced Search form.
  • Remove carriage-return characters from options in multivalued fields.
  • Load jQuery-UI stylesheet using a secure connection.
  • Fix Edit and Delete links on the backend for the Contributor role.
  • Improve error handling during installation.
  • Minor fix to searches involving URL fields.
  • Fix meta tag generation when CPT Advanced Integration is disabled.

Version 4.1.2

  • Fix meta tag generation when CPT integration is disabled.
  • Add option to display single view in a new browser tab/window
  • Fix typo in French translation.
  • Improve behavior of “Preview” button on listings backend.
  • Add some missing translatable strings.
  • Fix for search form not working when permalinks were disabled.
  • Fix shortcode execution in content fields under certain circumstances.
  • Fix fatal error trying to create a category in CSV Import.
  • Add rewrite rules for feed URLs for categories and tags

Version 4.1.1

  • Fix searching involving multivalued fields.
  • Re-enable user template overrides for core and theme templates
  • Fix: “Show search listings” setting wasn’t being honored.
  • Fix searches involving category fields.
  • Fix searches involving meta fields.

Version 4.1

  • Show width/height/size constraints for images in the image upload form.
  • Allow disabling of frontend listing submission.
  • Improve handling of paths on Windows systems.
  • Allow fee plans to have a description that is shown during fee selection
  • Add option to enable auto-generation of excerpt from listing content.
  • Add backend listing URL to e-mail notifications sent to admins.
  • Fix contact form toggle not working on mobile devices.
  • Various improvements to search.
  • New design for the quick search bar that integrates with Regions and ZIP Code Search.

Version 4.0.8

  • Added Arabic translation to core
  • Some query improvements when in CPT compatibility mode.
  • Work around a bug in U-Design theme.
  • Improve compatibility with fullwidth template in takeawaywp theme.
  • Translate some settings that were missing a translation.
  • Fix comments and comment form not appearing eve when enabled.
  • Fixes for mobile devices.
  • Add filtering to allow overriding security policy in wpbdp_user_can().
  • Fallback implementation for wpbdp_detect_encoding() when iconv is not available.
  • Improve security inside dispatching subsystem.

Version 4.0.7

  • Improve excerpt display on mobile devices.
  • Show themes update badge inside main menu item too.
  • Improved usability for Directory Themes screen.
  • Fix some query issues when on CPT compat mode.
  • Mark some strings as translatable.
  • Restore the routine that handled expiration of listings.

Version 4.0.6

  • Compatibility fixes for Canvas theme.
  • Compatibility fixes for X theme.
  • Add “City” and “State” as taggable fields in themes.
  • Improve display of addresses in themes.
  • Fix for Featured Listings widget not honoring configured number of posts setting.
  • Add “menu” attribute to listings shortcode.
  • Prevent Jetpack sharing from being displayed twice on listings.
  • Update admin sidebar.
  • Fix minor translation omission.

Version 4.0.5

  • Atahualpa theme compatibility fixes.
  • Use an auto-complete field instead of a dropdown for the users field on the CSV import screen to avoid performance problems.
  • Several fixes for encoding detection and handling during CSV imports.
  • Longevity theme compatibility fixes.
  • Divi theme compatibility fixes.
  • Do not show any sortbar filters when sortbar is disabled.
  • Additional fixes for the Genesis theme
  • Fix sorting and other query problems when in CPT compatibility mode.
  • Fix search query integration with sortbar.
  • Restore pre-4.0 behavior (regarding Regions and Maps) of the listings shortcode.
  • Add redirects for old submit listing URLs.
  • Restore tag functionality for the listings shortcode.

Version 4.0.4

  • Add compatibility mode that disables CPT integration for setups having issues or theme conflicts.
  • Try single and singular templates along with page.php for improved theme compatibility.
  • Add compatibility layer for themes.
  • Genesis theme compatibility fixes.
  • HMTPro5 theme compatibility fixes.
  • Customizr and Customizr-Pro theme compatibility fixes.
  • Prevent duplication of CSV labels for fields.

Version 4.0.3

  • Restore WPBUSDIRMANMANAGELISTING as a valid “Manage Listings” shortcode.
  • Prevent view classes from being loaded more than one to prevent PHP strict errors.
  • Improve compatibility with Graphene theme.
  • Restore listing count shortcode functionality.
  • Fix “Address” section appearing on default theme even when no address was available.
  • Add missing ORDER BY clause resulting in “paid first” sort order not working correctly.

Version 4.0.2

  • Fixes for themes showing “Untitled” on some directory pages.
  • Fixes for Avada theme.
  • Reduce themes update checking periodicity to 48 hrs.
  • Add missing argument to search form to prevent incorrect search results being returned.
  • Fix to locate a replacement for page.php template for themes that don’t have it.
  • Fix random ordering in Featured Listings widget.
  • Fix title filter for modern themes.
  • Fixes for path handling on Windows environments.
  • Fix some PHP warnings resulting from JSON decoding theme files.
  • Do not show a 404 error for empty categories.

Version 4.0.1

  • Fix some PHP warnings and errors
  • Fix listings shortcode category support.
  • Fix search issue in Featured Listings widget.
  • Fix tag pages.
  • Make “Pre-4.0 Template” the default theme for upgrades from 3.x.

Version 4.0

  • NEW: Add support for theming the directory + 5 premium and 1 default themes.
  • NEW: Added listing categories shortcode businessdirectory-categories.
  • NEW: Better integrate with WP’s main query.
  • NEW: Allow reCAPTCHA to be disabled for logged-in users.
  • NEW: Allow admins to add a message with instructions during submit.
  • Add support for LinkedIn URLs (not just company IDs).
  • Fixes for recurring payments.
  • Fixes for SEO validation with Yoast.
  • Fixes for new WPML functionality.
  • Allow registration warning to be dismissed.
  • Quick search bar fixes for mobile users.
  • Add support for recurring payments for listing claims.
  • Added support for HTML tags in ratings comments.
  • Regions fixes for PHP 7.

Version 3.7.5

  • Fix queries involving featured listings to include listings made sticky by plan (not level).
  • Add SSL debugging info to “Debug” page.
  • Include certificate bundle for use by gateways.
  • Fix some backend fee editing issues.
  • Fix search form not appearing on Advanced Search in some cases.
  • Compatibility test with WP 4.5
  • Rename file upload JS to avoid conflicts with Visual Form Builder Pro.
  • Add IFRAME support for textarea fields.

Version 3.7.4

  • Show WPML translations of form field labels in validation errors.
  • Improve handling of line breaks in textarea fields.
  • Fix handling of permalink URLs with cyrillic characters.
  • Support “author” attribute in listings shortcode.
  • Make CSV export encode line breaks in a way that is compatible with CSV import.
  • Fix PHP warning on backend.

Version 3.7.3

  • Make category-specific fees work again.
  • Improve the handling of deleted categories.

Version 3.7.2

  • Add alternative code for MIME type checking on image upload when FINFO is not available to prevent fatal errors.
  • Fix fee selection on the frontend after Fees API update.
  • Add warning to admins when the Directory is in paid mode and there are no fees active.
  • Several minor improvements to the Fees API.

Version 3.7.1

  • Fixed bug where users can’t change the category on listings during submit

Version 3.7

  • NEW: Improved Fee admin interface
  • NEW: Allow content fields to use a WYSIWYG editor on the frontend.
  • NEW: Allow admins to search listings by username on the backend.
  • NEW: “Phone Number” field type.
  • NEW: Added Russian translation.
  • Image fields now adhere to global image size restrictions.
  • Fix handling of tags in select fields, during CSV imports.
  • Improve CSS classes on checkout screens.
  • Improve handling of line breaks in content fields.
  • Improve presentation of settings pages.
  • Better handle reCAPTCHA fields outside of the main page.
  • Maintain Yoast SEO compatibility when title-tag is used by the theme.
  • Remove Google Wallet support from the plugin.
  • Use “Reply-To” header for listing contact emails.