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Turbocharge your website’s performance effortlessly with the Bunny WordPress CDN Plugin. This powerful tool effortlessly integrates bunny.net’s next-generation delivery optimization services into your WordPress site, providing you with a configuration wizard to simplify setup, all without requiring complex configuration or coding on your part.

Benefit from global delivery with optimal latency, automatically transfer your media to the cloud with multi-region replication, seamlessly compress media files without coding, and enhance user privacy and GDPR compliance with our open-source non-tracked fonts.

How does it work?

This plugin makes it easy to activate Bunny CDN, Bunny Offloader, Bunny Optimizer, and Bunny Fonts with our new configuration wizard.

  • Bunny CDN configures your WordPress to utilize our CDN, substituting existing static content links with lightning-fast CDN links.
  • Bunny Optimizer automatically processes and compresses files and images, achieving significant reductions in file size.
  • Bunny Offloader seamlessly transfers your media files to Bunny Storage, providing scalable cloud storage with automatic multi-region replication and high-throughput performance.
  • Bunny Fonts, available free of charge to all users, offers a vast selection of fonts to choose from. Simply select your favorite font from our extensive library and effortlessly import it into your site using a simple CSS @import or HTML tag.


  • New Configuration Wizard: Streamlines the entire setup process in under 5 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Enhanced Dashboard: Easily access vital information such as account balance, last month’s usage, content delivery bandwidth, cache hit ratios, and request statistics with our intuitive new dashboard interface, all without leaving the WordPress Admin panel.
  • Bunny CDN: Next-generation CDN boasting a lightning-fast 24ms latency, equipped with edge rules, optimized for video content, advanced caching capabilities, real-time logging, free SSL certificates, and global distribution utilizing NVMe+ SSD servers.
  • Bunny Offloader: Seamlessly automates the offloading of media content from WordPress to Bunny Storage.
  • Bunny Storage: Benefit from multi-region replication, with no egress or API costs, and unparalleled latency performance for your stored content.
  • Bunny Fonts: Rest easy with our font service featuring zero logging, full GDPR compliance, and no data sharing, all hosted within the EU for maximum privacy and security.
  • Bunny Optimizer: Automatic processing and compression of images, CSS & JavaScript files, optimizing your website’s performance effortlessly.

System Requirements

  • PHP >=7.4
  • WordPress >=6.0


Imagens de tela

  • Setup wizard
  • Overview page
  • Bunny CDN configuration
  • Bunny Offloader configuration
  • Bunny Optimizer configuration
  • Bunny Fonts configuration


2 abril, 2024
I've been using Bunny.net as a CDN for years and it's great. It's easily my favorite CDN to set up and it's pricing is better than most. This plugin works well too. However after using it for all this time, I randomly had a compatibility issue with an outdated plugin. I posted in the support forum and within a few days they fixed the problem. I believe the issue was not actually caused by the Bunny.net plugin, but by another plugin on our site that was loading a library with Composer of a different version, which caused the compatibility issue. Somehow the Bunny.net team fixed the compatibility issue with very little trouble. Thanks for the great plugin and customer service!
31 março, 2024
Bunny offers an exceptional service for both storage and CDN needs. The storage feature is robust and reliable, providing ample storage space coupled with convenient customization options. Moreover, the CDN functionality is top-notch, ensuring swift content delivery globally. The platform's plethora of configuration settings allows for fine-tuning to suit specific requirements, making it a highly flexible solution. Additionally, the user-friendly API streamlines integration and automation processes seamlessly. Overall, Bunny.net excels in both storage and CDN services, making it a superb choice for businesses seeking efficient content management and delivery solutions.
31 março, 2024
I use Bunny.net for my affiliate marketing gig, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. With the traffic I get from Latin American and African countries, I need something that's lightning-fast, and Bunny.net delivers just that. My landing pages, videos, and images load at an incredible speed thanks to its network of servers all around the globe. The interface is user-friendly, and the analytics are comprehensive. It helps me understand what's working and what's not, so I can tweak my strategies on the fly 🙂
17 março, 2024 2 respostas
Be warned that this is the first Wordpress plugin I've encountered that requires PHP 8. That's going to be a problem for Wordpress sites still running on PHP 7, which a lot (maybe most) still are. It's even more of a problem for sites running Linux distros that don't support PHP 8 or which require an OS upgrade to use it. Plugin authors should really follow the baseline requirements of Wordpress itself.
5 março, 2024
Rock-solid service: This might not be the prettiest or intuitive platform, but it gets the job done. The service itself has been incredibly reliable and stable, which is what matters most to me.Powerful API: Even though the API could use some tidying up, it works flawlessly.Country blocking: The feature for restricting access based on country is a good idea, but currently unselects countries after they have been selected and saved, so the feature can essentially not be used.
5 março, 2024
I have been using Bunny CDN for my video tube website and its great so far nothing to complain, i would recommend anyone who needs to delier content fast.
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  • Improved compatibility with other plugins


  • Fixed a fatal error introduced in 2.2.0


  • Added support for WordPress 6.5


  • Improved compatibility with plugins that use older composer versions


  • Improved compatibility with MariaDB
  • Improved compatibility with Divi Theme Builder
  • Improved compatibility with plugins that use older composer versions


  • Improved Offloader error handling for sync failures


  • Added support for PHP 7.4


  • Allow plugin to be converted into Agency Mode


  • CDN: support srcset without width/pixel density descriptor
  • Offloader: only show “in sync” if “sync existing” is enabled


  • Fixed link to the Bunny DNS guide


  • Redesigned plugin, with Bunny Fonts, Bunny Optimizer and Bunny Offloader support


  • Updated the branding to bunny.net


  • Increased pull zone name length limit


  • Added an option to disable BunnyCDN while logged in as an admin user
  • Added a built in Clear Cache functionality
  • Added automatic dns prefetch headers


  • Fixed the domain name input to allow hyphens


  • Logo update


  • Bug fixes


  • Added a Site URL setting for configurations using a non-standard URL configuration.


  • Fixed a problem with HTTPS URL handling


  • Initial release