The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. AMP enables web experiences that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across distribution platforms. The official AMP plugin for WordPress supports fully integrated AMP publishing for WordPress sites, with robust capabilities and granular publisher controls.

Recursos e capacidades fornecidas pelo plug-in incluem:

  • AMP-first Experiences: enabling full-site AMP experiences without sacrificing the flexibility of the platform or the fidelity of content.
  • Core Theme Support: enabling AMP compatibility for all core themes, from Twenty Ten all the way through Twenty Nineteen.
  • Compatibility Tool: when automatic conversion of markup to AMP is not possible, debug AMP validation errors with detailed information including the invalid markup and the specific components responsible on site (e.g theme, plugin, embed); validation errors are shown contextually with their respective blocks in the editor.
  • CSS Tree Shaking: automatically remove the majority of unused CSS to bring the total under AMP’s 50KB limit; when the total after tree shaking is still over this limit, prioritization is used so that the all-important theme stylesheet important is retained, leaving less important ones to be excluded (e.g. print styles).
  • AMP Stories (beta): the AMP plugin enables the creation, editing, and publishing of AMP Stories in WordPress; leverage the magic of storytelling the WordPress way!

The plugin can be configured to follow one of three different template modes: Standard, Transitional, and Reader. In Standard mode you use AMP as the framework for your site, and there need not be any separate AMP and non-AMP versions. When configured to operate in Reader and Transitional modes, a given page will have a canonical URL as well as a corresponding (paired) AMP URL. The AMP plugin is not serving as a mobile theme; it does not redirect mobile devices to the AMP version. Instead, the AMP version is served to mobile visitors when they find the content on platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google Search, and others. Reader mode only supports serving AMP for singular posts, pages, and other post types, whereas Standard and Transitional mode support serving the entire site as AMP.

Com o plugin oficial AMP para WordPress, o ecossistema WordPress é provido com recursos e ferramentas necessárias para criar experiências AMP de classe mundial sem se desviar de seus padrões, flexibilidade e seu conhecido workflow para criação de conteúdo.


Para saber mais sobre o plug-in e começar a aproveitar seus recursos para potencializar o fluxo de trabalho e criação de conteúdo AMP veja O site oficial do plug-in AMP.

Se você é um desenvolvedor, encorajamos você a acomponhar ou contribuir com o desenvolvimento do plugin no GitHub

Imagens de tela

  • Create great web experiences via AMP-powered websites or visually rich, engaging stories.
  • Story editor enables creation of pages in a horizontal, page-based interface, with background media, with blocks that can be dragged, rotated, and animated.
  • In the website experience, theme support enables you to reuse the active theme's templates and stylesheets; all WordPress features (menus, widgets, comments) are available in AMP.
  • All core themes are supported, but many themes can be served as AMP with minimal changes, Otherwise, behavior is often as if JavaScript is turned off in the browser since scripts are removed.
  • Reader mode templates are still available, but they are differ from the active theme, any validation errors are silently sanitized.
  • Switch from Reader mode to Transitional or Standard mode in AMP settings screen. You may need to disable the admin bar in AMP if your theme has a larger amount of CSS.
  • Disponibilize todo o site em AMP ou escolha post types e templates específicos; você pode também cancelar a inscrição por postagem.
  • Plug-in verifica a validade AMP e indica quando: não há problema, novos problemas precisam de moderação ou problemas bloqueiam a exibição AMP.
  • O editor apresentará problemas de validação durante a criação do conteúdo. Os blocos específicos com erros de validação serão indicados.
  • URLs validadas incluem a lista de erros de validação encontrados, dando controle sobre se a sanitização de um erro de validação é aceita rejeitada,
  • Os estilos adicionados por temas e plug-ins são automaticamente concatenados, reduzidos e alterados para tentar manter o total abaixo de 50KB de CSS inline.
  • Um comando WP-CLI é fornecido para verificar as URLs em um site para validade AMP. Os resultados estão disponíveis no admin para inspeção.


Este plugin disponibiliza 4 blocos.



  1. Envie a pasta para o diretório /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu ‘Plugins’ no WordPress.
  3. If you currently use older versions of the plugin in Reader mode, it is strongly encouraged to migrate to Transitional or Standard mode. Depending on your theme/plugins, some development work may be required.


cannot deactivate plugin

Attempted to deactivate the plugin from Installed Plugins menu and it just hangs. Have to go through the backend and forcibly rip it out.

The Perfect AMP

I have installed this plugin on my site, to be honest I have had a few technical issues but James has been fantastic and provides support and direction to address the issues. I would highly recommend this plugin.

Doesn’t Work

This plugin messed up my entire website. When this application is activated, it makes a time travel back to the 90s. Do yourself a favor and look for something else if you want to do a mobile optimization. Spec: WP 5.2.1 Theme: Highlight PRO

I am sick and tired

I would give 2.5 stars for the features, as they actually work in the real world. I have to give 1, because it is the 3rd time everything broke after an update (I am with this plugin since it was just a "baby" ). I get the feeling that the users' voice cannot be heard by the ( two? ) companies behind this plugin. For the coders interested, this time I got all my AMP pages invalidated and out of google index 🙁 I believe the problem started past version 1.1.0 but I cannot pinpoint the exact version. The thing is that the plugin timeouts when trying to validate page/ fix erros and the fix (suggested for 0.8 version) doesn't help either. For smaller projects I tried in the pasts AMP for WP and Better AMP, I guess I must look this way for our main project too. PS I used to believe, it's from Automattic, of course it IS GOOD.
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