Advanced Gutenberg


Advanced Gutenberg adds the missing blocks and configuration you need to build professional websites. Take the control of the new Gutenberg editor with user edition profile configuration and 20+ new blocks and options.


  • Create edition profiles and assign user or user group to the profile
  • Select each block activation per user profile
  • Default block configuration (Advanced Gutenberg blocks)
  • Custom CSS styles: apply on Gutenbergparagraph blocks
  • Define Gutenberg editor size and column materialization


  • Column manager with pre-defined layouts
  • Latest post slider and latest post slider
  • Latest WooCommerce product slider and latest product slider
  • Advanced Button block: create button with tons of styles
  • Contact form block: get user messages and export messages
  • Advanced List block: create list with list icon, icon color
  • Map block: load a Google map position with zoom, icon, tooltip, color…
  • Advanced Table block: create tables with style like color, border
  • Accordion block: display content in a fully configurable accordion
  • Tabs block: display content in a fully tabbed UX
  • Testimonial block: define avatar, title, text, colors, slider
  • Contact Form block: get email and export contact form data
  • Email Opt-In block: get email and export data
  • WordPress login block
  • WordPress register block
  • Counter block: display numbers in a dynamic, fun and engaging way
  • Advanced Image block: hover text, overlay, colors, link and more
  • Advanced Image block: load and display local and remote video
  • Advanced Video block: load and display local and remote video
  • Supercharge the separator tool with size, color, spaces
  • Social links block: custom icon and links to any social networks
  • Activate lightbox effect in Gutenberg image galleries
  • Display image information as lightbox caption in galleries
  • Gutenberg post summary based on content headers


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Yes we do plugins and we’ve got some popular ones 🙂

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We also have a forum on for feature requests.


PHP 5.6+, 7, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3 recommended for better performance, WordPress 5.0+

Imagens de tela

  • Amazing blocks with new ones each month!
  • Profiles attribution with block selection
  • Testimonial and counter blocks
  • Build fully custom accordions and tabs from Gutenberg
  • Advanced Video block including remote video (YouTube...) and local video (.mp4...)
  • Advanced table manager: manage tables in Gutenberg with several styling options
  • Google Maps Gutenberg Block
  • Latest posts and WooCommerce products blocks


Este plugin disponibiliza 23 blocos.

Search Bar
Columns Manager
Adv. Column
Accordion Item
Advanced Accordion
Advanced Button
Advanced Image
Advanced List
Advanced Table
Advanced Video
Contact Form
Count Up
Images Slider
Login/Register Form
Recent Posts
Social Links
Woo Products


To install the plugin automatically:

  • Require Gutenberg plugin to be installed first
  • Through WordPress admin, use the menu: Plugin > Add new
  • Search for Advanced Gutenberg
  • Click on install then click activate link

To install the plugin manually:

  • Require Gutenberg plugin to be installed first
  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the /advanced-gutenberg directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Use the left menus: Gutenberg > Profiles AND Settings > Advanced Gutenberg


I don’t see the new buttons or new tools in Advanced Gutenberg
  1. Make sure the plugin is activated 🙂
  2. All right, that could be because the new blocks are not activated to your account, please reach the menu Adv. Gutenberg > Profiles > Setup the blocks to activate
  3. Advanced Gutenberg is pretty well integrated with native Gutenberg, some blocks are new some other are original Gutenberg blocks but supercharged by new features
  4. You can define a custom color for the new blocks, by default it’s a kind of purple color
Can I get support for the editor use?

We reply to every question about the editor on the forum here, just ask 🙂 We also have an online documentation here:

Does Advanced Gutenberg slowing down my website?

The plugin has almost NO impact on page load for your visitors, it’s only loaded during the edition process.

What is the Gutenberg version required to run Advanced Gutenberg plugin properly?

The latest one, always! We’re testing it with previous versions but the latest version of Gutenberg brings new features for developer and allow better content edition.

Is Advanced Gutenberg free?

Yes, totally free of charge.

Where can I see Advanced Gutenberg in my WordPress admin panel?

In different places: in Gutenberg itself by adding some options to existing blocks, by adding new blocks, as new menu named Adv. Gutenberg

Can I setup an edition profile per user?

Yes, this is possible, from the Gutenberg profile management, select some blocks, then you can give the profile to a single user or a user role

Can I translate Advanced Gutenberg plugin?

Yes, and that’s really easy! JU Translation is a translation tool included in all our WordPress plugins: get, share and manage your extensions translations from a visual and easy to use interface! You’ll find it in the Advanced Gutenberg settings menu

Does the Advanced Gutenberg custom styles works with the Gutenberg CSS block class?

Both are loaded from a separated stylesheet file and offer 2 ways to style your blocks. The Gutenberg default CSS class apply a CSS class on a single block then you can create your CSS on an external file.
The Advanced Gutenberg Custom CSS can be created from the plugin configuration and applied from a dropdown list to any block.


10 de outubro de 2019
I really enjoy the layout and construction of the blocks in Advanced Gutenberg. However, I've had issues with directly editing one block in particular - the Testimonials Block. The block won't allow changes to the default text through simply clicking on the block editor. Is there somewhere else where those changes are made, or can you offer other assistance? Thank you!
7 de outubro de 2019
I have only touched the surface in using this suite of plugins. In my case I was using the columns manager. Great user support too.
20 de setembro de 2019
Setting up a custom table is quite unwieldy in this plugin. (Though Gutenberg is partly to blame, as it constricts all options into the sidebar.) I'll just do it in HTML instead.
13 de agosto de 2019
Excelente plugin, gostei de todas as ferramentas disponíveis, a opção de formulário para contato é perfeita, um dos melhores plugins para o Gutenberg. Parabéns aos Desenvolvedores!!
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Registro de alterações


  • Fix : Material fonts missing


  • Add : Add Opt In feedback on plugin first disabling & review message


  • Fix : Default editor width now apply the Gutenberg default width (750px)
  • Fix : HTML tag is rendered on accordions header


  • Fix : Count Up block: br tag is shown as text on front-end
  • Fix : Count Up block: check counter type to avoid render NaN


  • Fix : Error on login block with Gutenberg core


  • Add : Login/Register Form block: Easy to create login and register form
  • Add : New Search bar block: Create a search bar block
  • Add : New Accordions Wrapper block: group accordions elements
  • Add : Adv Button block: add predefined styles and hover opacity
  • Fix : Adv Table block: block error on headers in some cases
  • Fix : Cannot verify newsletter form captcha


  • Fix : Some blocks missing styles when using as Reusable blocks
  • Fix : Remove notice on Container block


  • Add : Show Count Up symbol on editor
  • Add : Allow nested Accordion blocks
  • Add : Allow to change the html tag of the Container block
  • Fix : Bring back the Container block (can be enabled in profile)
  • Fix : Add missing classname for Count Up block on editor
  • Fix : Remove inline styles from Summary block


  • Fix : Compatible with Gutenberg v6.1.0


  • Fix : Prefix all Column Manager css class to avoid conflicts
  • Fix : Columns Visual Guide not activate on fresh install
  • Fix : Keep custom block class when transform Container block to Columns Manager block


  • Fix : Add back Container block and allow to convert it to Columns Manager block
  • Fix : Fix Jutranslation url


  • Fix : Blocks not loaded on WP version < 5.2 without Gutenberg plugin


  • Fix : Remove empty inline style tags
  • Fix : Remove unneeded styles to avoid conflict with theme styles


  • Add : New block: Columns Manager with predefined sizes
  • Add : Multiple responsive options on the column manager
  • Add : New editor menu to choose editor width
  • Add : New editor menu to display/hide column visual guides
  • Add : Compatible with Gutenberg v5.9
  • Add : Drop support for PHP version < 5.6.20
  • Add : Remove Container block (replaced by column manager)
  • Add : Remove custom columns and custom separator block settings
  • Fix : Map block not showing on IE
  • Fix : Recent Posts block: Compatible with WPML
  • Fix : Remove empty HTML element on Map block, Image Slider block, Adv Image block


  • Add : Adv Table block: Add more border options on range selection
  • Add : Adv Table block: Allow to enable table header and footer
  • Add : Adv Table block: Add table predefined styles choosing
  • Add : Adv Table block: Add option to enable cells fixed width and table border collapsed
  • Fix : Images Slider block: Replace drag and drop ordering by arrow button
  • Fix : Click on slider item of the block not focused on it


  • Add : Notice incoming dropping support of PHP version < 5.6.20
  • Fix : Not disable wpautop function by default


  • Add : Add option to disable wpautop (automatic paragraph)
  • Fix : Support RTL language in blocks
  • Fix : Lightbox with multi-galleries per page load group image only


  • Add : Accordion block: allow to make all accordion collapsed by default
  • Fix : Improve compatibility with other plugins (slider revolution)


  • Fix : Adv Table block: bring back padding setting to cell
  • Fix : Adv Table block: Improve typing experience
  • Fix : Recent Posts block: post text as excerpt not displayed properly (frontend)


  • Fix : Reusable block not loaded properly on frontend
  • Fix : Testimonial block: cannot add columns


  • Fix : Paragraph block error
  • Fix : Adv Video block: custom width for remote video not work in some theme
  • Fix : Adv Video block: display error if fetching remote video fail
  • Fix : Adv Video block: video full width not working without lightbox
  • Fix : Testimonial block: odd behaviour if columns value is empty


  • Add : Left panel responsive in plugin settings
  • Add : Recent Posts block: add default post thumbnail
  • Add : Recent Posts block: allow to custom read more label
  • Fix : Recent Posts block: slider view not loaded on frontend
  • Fix : Testimonial block: add responsive for slider view


  • Fix : Blocks validation error on multisite and author users


  • Fix : Compatibility with WordPress 5.1.0
  • Fix : Summary block broken on post page reload
  • Fix : Group Advanced Gutenberg blocks to a dedicated category


  • Fix : Google recaptcha validation error


  • Add : Posibility to edit link target type on Adv Image block
  • Add : Make captcha above the submit button in Contact Form
  • Fix : Cannot save multi Recent Posts block
  • Fix : Make Testimonial and Count up block more responsive
  • Fix : When open image in lightbox the page shifted
  • Fix : Remove custom styles ajax saving, use Save Styles button instead


  • Add : New container block – A block that contains other blocks
  • Add : New block: newsletter optin, get and export newsletter emails
  • Add : Integrate Google reCaptcha in Newsletter and Contact Form block
  • Add : Custom error label for Newsletter and Contact Form block
  • Add : Custom map color styles for Maps block
  • Add : New Testimonial block style: slider view
  • Fix : Cannot use too small image as Map custom marker
  • Fix : Social icons block can not render properly in some rare cases
  • Fix : Testimonial block: Let br tag show correctly on front end
  • Fix : Products block: Cannot load show all products categories
  • Fix : Recent posts block extra classes prevent Gutenberg save
  • Fix : Tooltip icon to the label that has tooltip


  • Fix : Cannot save Recent Posts block inside Columns


  • Fix : Compatibility with 3rd party Gutenberg blocks (including Elementor)
  • Fix : Validation error on Table block
  • Fix : Add button to clear custom styles of Columns and Separator (before block removal)


  • Add : New block: Contact Form, receive and download contact form data
  • Add : Settings to define editor admin width: Default, large, Full width
  • Add : Change default state of social icons align to center
  • Fix : Advanced Table block: Error while set cell color color in some cases
  • Fix : WooCommerce Products block: Error while load product without image
  • Fix : Social link block: add support for png and small size image
  • Fix : Remove Custom Separator block and Custom Columns block settings


  • Fix : Error on post page using WP 4.9


  • Fix : New blocks not loaded in WP 5.0
  • Fix : Php notice in Recent posts block


  • Add : New Images Slider block: Show your images in slider view with various styles
  • Fix : Accordion block: Split block to separate accordion, allow to insert other blocks inside it
  • Fix : Compatibility with WP 5.0.0


  • Add : Adv Table block: Reformat block structure and allow to style for multi cells, allow to transform from core Table block
  • Fix : Validation issue when clear color styles of some blocks
  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg ver 4.5.0


  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg ver 4.1.0


  • Fix : Category on Recent Posts block is not saved
  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg ver 4.1 rc1


  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg ver 4.0 rc1


  • Fix : Error when Woocommerce is not installed


  • Fix : Cannot show products with some filter on backend (WooCommerce Block)


  • Add : New Recent Posts block with 3 layouts Grid, List and Slide
  • Add : WooCommerce Products block with 2 layouts Normal and Slide
  • Fix : Cannot set styles for Header text (Tab blocks)
  • Fix : Error on Map block if no Google API provided
  • Fix : Add default select option on Blocks Config


  • Fix : Blocks not listed on first installation


  • Add : List automatically new installed blocks in profiles and in edition modes
  • Fix : PHP Warning in block listing
  • Fix : Table block styling not rendered on frontend
  • Fix : Summary block not rendered inside Gutenberg column


  • Fix : Apply default color for block icon on first install
  • Fix : Cannot update blocks list on Gutenberg ver 3.8


  • Fix : Cannot change tab on front-end in some rare cases (Tabs block)


  • Add : Adv Table block: Add ability to split merged cells to normal cells
  • Add : Adv Table block: Add styles indicator for multi-selected cells
  • Fix : Adv Table block: Compatible with Gutenberg version 3.7.0
  • Fix : Adv Table block: No longer can transform from core Table block
  • Fix : Adv Table block: Add styles indicator for multi-selected cells
  • Fix : Remove top border in Advanced Tab block


  • Fix : Cannot change menu on Firefox
  • Fix : Cannot re-edit title and subtitle when its empty (Adv Image block)


  • Fix : PHP warning when install plugin for the first time
  • Fix : Blocks with custom category not showing in Profile
  • Fix : Poster not change after fetching video from remote host (Adv Video block)


  • Add : New fresh designed backend UI/UX
  • Add : Implement AJAX admin search engine in plugin settings
  • Add : Default config for Advanced Gutenberg blocks
  • Add : New option to define Advanced Gutenberg blocks icon color
  • Add : New custom CSS style edition interface
  • Add : Add a search engine to filter blocks in profile block attribution
  • Add : Add a dedicated left menu for all the configuration named Adv. Gutenberg
  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg version 3.6.2
  • Fix : Compile all blocks styles to a single file for faster load


  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg version 3.2.0


  • Fix : Add option to toggle blocks spacing setting
  • Fix : Blocks still show on Gutenberg even disabled from profile


  • Add : New block: Accordion block
  • Add : New block: Tabs block
  • Add : New block: Social links block
  • Add : Option to define default vertical spacing between blocks (frontend)
  • Fix : Advanced Video block: Not override poster after fetching video
  • Fix : Error while updating blocks list on profile


  • Add : New block: Map block
  • Add : New block: Advanced Video block
  • Add : New block: Advanced Table block
  • Add : New options to add margin & padding on Columns and Text Columns block
  • Fix : Update code format to match latest Gutenberg release


  • Add : New block: Testimonial block
  • Add : New block: Advanced Image block
  • Add : New block: Counter (count up) with symbol
  • Add : New options to customize Separator block
  • Fix : Make block icons in profile display properly like in Gutenberg


  • Fix : Improve code format and compatibility


  • Add : New Advanced Button block: create button with more styles (hover, border, padding…)
  • Add : New Advanced List block: create list with list icon, icon color…
  • Add : Summary block: Allow to set anchor links color, block alignment and load summary in minimized
  • Add : New summary block option: load the block minimized and define text
  • Add : New style for summary block: align the block + font style and color options
  • Fix : Improve compatibility with other plugins


  • Add : Create custom CSS styles and apply to paragraph blocks
  • Add : Identify CSS property by: name, class and color
  • Add : New Summary block: Insert Gutenberg summary based on content headers


  • Fix : Compatibility with Gutenberg version 2.2.0


  • Add : Initial version
  • Add : Blocks access: Define which editor blocks Users / User roles can use
  • Add : Make gallery blocks images can be opened in a popup lightbox
  • Add : Option to display alt text as caption when a gallery lightbox is opened