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This plugin is officially unsupported. Please do not expect new features or bugfixes. Features may be removed at any time.

Add From Server is designed to help ease the pain of bad web hosts, allowing you to upload files via FTP or SSH and later import them into WordPress.

This plugin is NOT designed to..
* Be used as a replacement for the file uploader
* Be used for migration of websites
* Re-import your files after moving webhosting
* Batch import media

This plugins IS designed to..
* Import files which are larger than your hosting allows to be uploaded.
* Import files which are too large for your internet connections upload speed.

WordPress does a better job of file uploads than this plugin, so please consider your needs before you use it.

You may also want to look at using WP-CLI for media import purposes:


How can I import files from other folders?

In 3.4, the plugin changed to limit the directories you can import files from.
If you wish to import files from other folders, you need to add the ADD_FROM_SERVER constant to your wp-config.php file.
For example:
define( ‘ADD_FROM_SERVER’, ‘/www/’ );

Why does the file I want to import have a red background?

WordPress only allows the importing/uploading of certain file types to improve your security.
If you wish to add extra file types, you can use a plugin such as: You can also enable “Unfiltered uploads” globally for WordPress if you’d like to override this security function. Please see the WordPress support forum for details.

Where are the files saved?

If you import a file which is outside your standard upload directory (usually wp-content/uploads/) then it will be copied to your current upload directory setting as normal.
If you however import a file which is already within the uploads directory (for example, wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ then the file will not be copied, and will be used as-is.

I have a a bug report

You can report bugs on GitHub and get support in the Support Forums.


10 de setembro de 2020
This is a lifesaver when it comes to uploading problematic SVG files on Go Daddy. I became an expert on SVG files trying to fix the upload problem and nothing worked. Bit the bullet and uploaded this plugin and activated it. Everything was fine and the problem was solved. Like i said, works fine with WordPress 5.5 (or at least it did for me).
19 de agosto de 2020
So fully aware this plugin is not longer maintained: I was migrating servers and need to bulk important uploads via the server (couldn't get the media attachment import to work). The plugin UI is easy to use and straightforward. I was able to access my server folders and navigate using WP 5.5 without a problem. Couldn't see any conflicts with other plugins I had installed. However, the plugin will important whatever file you select, not necessarily in the convention of WP's thumbnail settings, if you are importing images. This would be a great plugin for say PDF files or importing larger files to bypass the upload limits. But as far as bulk image import, it's not the best tool. Would recommend for the other applications, however.
9 de agosto de 2020
Used Ftp to upload files that were breaking in WP Upload engine. This Plugin saved the day
15 de julho de 2020
I used WP Original Media Path to move images to a different location. I could no longer see migrated images in meedia folder. Add From Server plugin saved the day. Yeaaay.
1 de julho de 2020
I imported close to 4000 PDFs to the media library from our FreeBSD server and it worked like a charm with WP 5.4.2! For me the import limit seemed to be ca 300 PDFs at a time. It was part of a new PDF fulltext search solution with SearchWP since swish-e suddenly wasn't available anymore. Saved me most likely a days of work not to mention keeping my sanity not having to use the media uploader for all those files!
22 de maio de 2020
It did not work properly until I cleaned all traces of the old images from the database using PhpMyAdmin. Edit: nope, does not work, see below.
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  • Plugin now requires WordPress 5.4+


  • The plugin now requires WordPress 5.1+ and PHP 7.0+. No reason other than why not.
  • Bumps the version to stop the invalid vulnerability warnings.
  • Cleans up code.
  • Removes the User Access Control. Any user with File Upload ability can now use the plugin.
  • Removes the Root Directory Control. The root directory is now assumed. You can use the ADD_FROM_SERVER constant to change it.
  • Removes the Quick Jump functionality.
  • Removes the ability to be able to select the date for imported media. It’s always today. Or, the 1st of the month if it’s stored in a dated folder.
  • Removed Media Manager integration, as it’s no longer shown with the WordPress Block Editor. Classic Editor is not supported by this plugin.