Yappa Widget

Yappa is the web's most popular comment system. Use Yappa to increase engagement, retain readers,…

Yappa 40+ instalações ativas Testado com 5.2.5 Atualizado há 6 meses atrás


YATCP allows you to have threaded comments (i.e. reply to existing comments) in your wordpress.

Joachim Praetorius (yatcp@organisiert.net) 30+ instalações ativas Testado com 2.5 Atualizado há 12 anos atrás

Hikari Featured Comments

It adds 3 new custom fields to comments (Featured, Buried, Children buried), allowing you to…

Hikari Menos de 10 instalações ativas Testado com 3.0.5 Atualizado há 9 anos atrás


The HyperComments technology replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by…

Alexandr Bazik, Dmitry Goncharov, Inna Goncharova Menos de 10 instalações ativas Testado com 0.9.6 Atualizado há 8 anos atrás

W3 Ajax Comments

Nested/threaded ajax comments for WordPress. Instantly create new comments, post replies and edit existing comments.

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