Currently, a plugin/theme author can’t automatically approve translations on Translating WordPress for their own project. In most cases, a General Translation Editor (GTEEditor de tradução geral Um editor de tradução geral (geralmente referido como GTE) é uma pessoa que tem acesso global para validar strings em todos os projetos para um locale específico.) needs to appoint a user as a Project Translation Editor (PTEEditor de tradução de projeto Um editor de tradução de projeto (geralmente chamado de PTE) é uma pessoa que tem acesso para validar strings em um projeto específico (por exemplo, BuddyPress, WooCommerce ou Twenty Twenty Three) para um locale específico. Um editor de tradução de projeto pode aprovar strings que são adicionadas por contribuidores de tradução. Por tradução do projeto, os editores são nomeados por um editor geral de tradução após solicitação dos próprios colaboradores.) in order to have these stringsString Uma string é uma parte traduzível do software. Uma tradução consiste em uma infinidade de strings localizadas. approved.

GTEs recurrently received a lot of peculiar PTE requests from authors, so our local team decided to create specific workflows when it comes to author requests.

We wanted to make sure that we can provide a good experience to our authors while also keeping our local community sustainable and successful.

This post has been created for plugin/theme authors that aren’t Brazilian Portuguese speakers. If you speak Brazilian Portuguese and you want to request to become a PTE, please follow our handbooks in order to proceed with your own PTE request.

This guide will put you in the right direction if you are a plugin or theme author that wants to have a project translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

Requests on behalf of translators

We no longer approve PTE requests asked from authors on the behalf of translators.

It means that you cannot ask us to add someone else as a PTE, and the translators would need to request themselves if they want to proceed with it.

We decided to do that because feedback and communication is a big part of the PTE requests reviews, so having the request coming from the translator makes things easier and let us make sure that we can let them know directly in case we find things that need to be improved.

We also had cases that the translator didn’t even want to be a PTE, but the author was requesting it anyway. It is for sure something that we don’t want to happen.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved with the translations and with the team, you can still get in contact with translators and point them in the right directions on our docs, and they should be able to follow it from there. You can as well keep an open communication with them in case any assistance is required as that would keep them engaged.

Using automated translations

There is nothing wrong when it comes to use automated translations as a reference while translating.

With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that you should never add automated translations to your project without a review from a Brazilian Portuguese speaker first.

If you create a PTE request with bad quality translations from automated translations tools, we won’t be able to approve your request.

Finding translators

There are different ways for finding translators and keep them engaged with your project.

A great way that we recommend for getting new translators is directly from your users. An example would be from sharing a banner on your plugin WP Admin page mentioning that they can help to contribute with the plugin translating to a different language. You could as well add the links for the translation directions on the description of the project inviting them to contribute.

There are several ways for making it happen, and usually getting involved and using your creativity is how you can get far on that.

Apart from that, if you want to invest money on having your project translated, an option is also hire translators for working on that for you. You can post job opportunities on the Jobs board:

If you are using external professional translations, you can as well apply to be CLPTE directly with the Polyglots team.

Directing translators

If you have users and translators that would like to become a PTE, you can share the following link with them (in Portuguese):

Contacting the local team

If you have specific questions, you can reach out to any GTE on Slack. You can see the full list here: