XS2Content wants to give publishers, governmental organizations and companies with a newsroom the tools and the possibility to transform their own existing textual content into audio with soundscaping. The TTS-platform XS2Content provides new revenue models and the possibility to reach the target groups at other times of use.

With XS2Content, publishers and content producing organizations can create a new owned media channel easily and with very low costs. XS2Content offers an end to end-platform for publishers with the possibility to start broadcasting within a week.

This plugin directly integrated with XS2Content where you can submit every post or which you want. You can add a player on the post itself or use our widget.
There is also a playlist widget you can use.

Imagens de tela

  • How it would look like after enabling this plugin


  1. Upload the folder xs2radio to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the Settings -> XS2Content to start connecting it to XS2Content


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Registro de alterações

1.3.1 ( 2022-08-04 )

  • Use dataLayer.push() instead of gtag() to allow wider support

1.3.0 ( 2022-07-20 )

  • Rebranded from XS2Radio to XS2Content
  • Send Analytics events to Google Analytics when it’s enabled
  • Fix changing playlist itemwhen no image is displayeed
  • Fix showing player in widget admin area when current page is selected
  • Updated Wavesurfer library to 6.2.0

1.2.4 ( 2021-3-17 )

  • Added post creation date in export of analytics

1.2.3 ( 2021-12-23 )

  • Improved loading audio file
  • Add ability to show/hide image in widgets
  • Show correct image in playlist after changing item
  • Load styling and filter settings in playlist
  • Fix showing player widget when showing current post in widget admin area

1.2.2 ( 2021-12-20 )

  • Fixed typos
  • Updated “requires at least” to 4.6

1.2.1 ( 2021-12-15 )

  • New version after direct fix after releasing 1.2.0 with missing file

1.2.0 ( 2021-12-11 )

  • Added analytics when audio is started, hallway and finished
  • Fix minor styling issue with play button icon

1.1.0 ( 2021-11-01 )

  • Add ability to specify player title when added to a post
  • Hide player when there is no content to play
  • Hide player when audio file isn’t playable
  • Increased timeout for API calls
  • Check directly if API connection still works when visiting the settings page
  • Updated Wavesurfer library to 5.2.0

1.0.2 ( 2021-03-13 )

  • Fix showing correct default value of transferring post
  • Fix not transferring the post when not required

1.0.1 ( 2021-03-13 )

  • Be able to remove the API token
  • Add additional error handling for adding API token
  • Fix getting options when nothing is set

1.0.0 ( 2021-03-12 )

  • First version of the plugin
  • Integrates with XS2Radio
  • Two widgets: Player for single post (current/latest) and playlist