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WPi Designer Button


WPi Designer Button Shortcode plugin is good CSS3 Button Generator, Anyone can create Buttons, Call-To-Action (CTA) & Share Buttons in WordPress. It has small designer studio where you can style buttons & other elements using simple user interface. This plugin conists of below features.

  1. Creating beautiful buttons.
  2. Creating twin buttons.
  3. Creating call-to-action buttons.
  4. Creating Share buttons.
  5. Creating reusable button styles for buttons, CTA buttons & Share buttons.
  6. Creating buttons with popup window where you can insert shortcodes.
  7. Creating buttons with Dropdown Menu.
  8. Creating Single Enquiry button for multiple products or Services using Contact Form 7 plugin.

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Designer Button Studio Contains below features::

  • Icons Collection.
  • Styles collection which are professionally designed.
  • Color Themes collection.
  • Google Fonts collection.
  • Given more importance to UI & UX in this plugin.
  • Dynamic Help section for Plugin’s guide and getting any support.

Extra features::

  • Button Creator/Generator/Maker
  • Shortcode generator
  • CSS3 Buttons, Share Buttons, CTA Buttons


Creating Buttons::

  • You can apply styles to button from Styles collection or your own created styles.
  • You can add any Icon from the Icons collection.
  • You can add link url to the button and also set new tab or new window for link.
  • Once you create the button, you can use created button unlimited times and its easy to use anywhere in the wordpress using simple shortcode.
  • Shortcode looks like [wpi_designer_button id=256]
  • You can use the shortcode even without creating the button or style.
  • User can also generate shortcode directly inside wordpress visual editor( TinyMCE).
  • Please read plugin’s documentation before creating any style or button. Its a best practice to read documentation first.
  • Note:: In next version we will add more icons in icons collection..

Creating Styles::

  • You can create unlimited number of reusable styles for buttons.
  • You can change the button’s font from the fonts collection.
  • You can change the button’s Color.
  • You can change the button’s font-weight.
  • You can change the space around the text inside button.
  • You can add the shadow to the text inside button.
  • You can add the shadow to the button.
  • You can change the button shape like rectangle, little rounded rectangle, full rounded rectangle or circular(without button text).
  • You can add the glow to the button with any color and from small size to big size glow.
  • You can set the button icon from the Icons collection.
  • You can set the button border with any color, any thickness and style like normal, dotted, double etc.
  • You can set the texture from the texture collection.
  • If you dont know the color codes then you can use colors from our color pallete with so many predefined colors.
  • this plugin also consists of beauticul color themes collection for buttons.
  • In next version of this plugin we will add more items in all collections like fonts, icons, preset styles etc.

Creating Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons::

  • Every call-to-action button contains Heading, Sub-heading, Button & Footer Text.
  • You can create beautiful & awesome CTA buttons with small effort.
  • You can select from professionally designed CTA buttons Styles from Styles collection.
  • You can change the heading text font.
  • You can change the heading text size.
  • You can change the heading text color.
  • You can change the heading text border.
  • You can change the heading text border color.
  • You can change the heading text background color.
  • You can change the heading text top & bottom margin.
  • You can change the heading text padding.
  • Above setting can be done on sub heading also with limited settings.
  • We will update and add more styles to styles collection regularly.
  • You can check latest Styles and its settings in plugin’s website.
  • In next version we will add Export & Import Styles settings. which is good feature to extend this plugin’s power.
  • You can also add multiple headings with ticker animation.

Creating Share Buttons::

  • You can change the gap between Share buttons.
  • You can change the space around all Share buttons.
  • You can set the position for Share buttons like above/below the content.

Creating Twin Buttons::

  • Provide user a option to choose or click any one of a Twin Buttons.

Note:: WE ARE DOING OUR BEST TO MAKE THIS PLUGIN PERFECT. If you face any problem in using this plugin or you need some more features or any support please dont hesitate to contact us. You can contact us from here.

Buttons Demo | CTA Buttons Demo | Share Buttons Demo | Twin Buttons Demo | WPi Designer Button Help | Support

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How to change Colors

How to change Fonts

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* Video Backgrounds in Call To Action
* (Got more ideas? Tell me!)

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Arbitrary section

A brief Markdown Example

  1. Create Designer Buttons anywhere in wordpress using button shortcode [wpi_designer_button]

Imagens de tela

  • Professionally designed button styles collection
  • Call-to-action presets collection


  1. Upload folder wpi-designer-button-shortcode to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress
  3. Use Shortcode [wpi_designer_button id=”YOUR BUTTON ID”]
  • Correct Shortcode examples:
    [wpi_designer_button link=’/products/’ text=’products’]


Can i create buttons directly without creating styles?

Yes, But i recommend to create styles first.

Can i create multiple icons in buttons ?

Yes, by using shortcode [wpidb icon=”icon name”] in button text. Button text accepts only [wpidb] shortcode. [wpidb] shortcode accepts only two attributes “icon” & “icon_size”.


10 de julho de 2018 1 resposta
Great plugin and and easy application. My only suggestion would be this: Would like to be able to make a copy of a button, call to action, etc - where the only thing I need to change is text and links.
24 de julho de 2017 1 resposta
WPi Designer Button is a very nice and fairly advanced Button-plugin - one can always ask for more. It is easy to work with: first create your style or use some of the pre-defined ones - then do the button with the specifics - generate the button - and you have a ready to go [shortcode] for implementing on your site. If you like the button - there's a copy function - edit text/link/whatever and you have one more - very easy and simple indeed! Swift support and agility to overcome problems or requests for enhanced features. I would give it 4½ star due to some small features missing - in my perspective - but that score is not an option, so I'll be happy to give it 5 ones for a very nice plugin - and hoping for more in the future. Good job!
12 de maio de 2017 1 resposta
Hi Prali, I really appreciate you from my heart for such great, neat and clean plugin. I have some idea to make it more functional. While I have created button with pop up functionality. while I want to use that button in CTA. But to use that button I need to use short code. Can you do something by which new buttons can available internally in CTA. Please add one more functionality for write and add custom css. Thanks Aniket
23 de janeiro de 2017 1 resposta
When I want to create a new button shows the incompleted window I have 5 button created 1 years a go... a cant edit now, I cant create new. I reinstaled plug but problem is still.
12 de janeiro de 2017 1 resposta
FIVE STARS! This plugin works wonderfully for my needs. Also, when I had a problem due to a Wordpress updated breaking how I was using the short codes, PRALI the plugin creator was prompt in responding and actually provided a plugin update to help work around the Wordpress problem. Amazing support you just won't typically see. Regards, sjmyst
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Added Button Menu Position


Input Value Fix


Just Refesh


Just Refesh


  • http fixed


  • Caption Shortcode added which enable to run Shortcode placed inside caption field of Image


  • New Feature Fixed: Designer Button Relocated in the TinyMCE Editor


  • New Feature Fixed: Now you can track every button click using onclick feature of the button. Note: We Recommend Google Analytics


  • New Feature Fixed: Now its possible to display any one CTA button in all POSTS after or before content


  • New Feature Fixed: button’s visited state Fixed


  • New Feature Added: Now its possible to style button’s visited state


  • New Feature Added: Now its possible to change the “or” text in the twin buttons


  • New Feature Added: Now Single Button can be used as Enquiry Button for Multiple Products


  • New Feature Added: Button with Menu


  • Button Popup improved


  • Media Upload Error fixed


  • small code issues fixed


  • small code issues fixed


  • button shadow issue fixed


  • Button with Popup window feature is added


  • Plugin bug fixed


  • Share buttons title fixed


  • Plugin bug fixed


  • Now you can add two separate styles to twin buttons.


  • Now use this designer button for same page navigation. Easy Steps


  • Now you can disable Designer Button Plugin’s Dashboard Widget from this plugin’s global settings page.


  • Now buttons supports to capture POST or GET variable in the Button text & Button Link.
  • Now this plugin supports Shortcake (Shortcode UI).


  • Now you can create twin buttons which povide user a option to choose or click any one of a Twin Buttons.


  • Font-awesome icons added. ability to add multiple icons in the button.


  • New Button style property added. Now we can add min-width to button style


  • After activate plugin message for users to access global settings page


  • Now you can create CTA with min-height 100px


  • Now you can add WPi Designer Button Shortcodes in sidebars using Wpi Designer Button Widget


  • Ability to add transparent background button style


  • Settings Panel simplified


  • Now you can access button shortcode directly from Dashboard


  • Now you can access button shortcode directly from buttons list


  • Button Icon Position Feature is added


  • Button text Element ID bug Fixed
  • Box Sizing Issue is Fixed


  • Broken Preset links are fixed
  • Button css fixed
  • plugin website link updated with New Brand website


Share Buttons & Global Settings added in this version


This is the first version .