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WhatsApp Chat WP allows your customer to start a WhatsApp chat directly from your website.
Just click the button to open WhatsApp chat app with exactly contact and pre-filled message.
Fast and close answer can turn over your business and grow your results!
For detail information about WhatsApp Chat WP with video:
Official page of WhatsApp Chat WP plugin (portuguese)


Hello we’re QuadLayers! We’ve recently acquired this plugin and we will prepare a huge update to bring you some new features.

Why WhatsApp Chat WP

  • 100% free – We\’ll not try to sell you anything or restrict this plugin
  • Able to detect mobile and show different url so it will open your whatsapp on Android and IOS system and open WhatsApp Web if you are using desktop.
  • If you have Google Analytics installed, an event is triggered when the user clicks on WhatsApp Chat so you can track
  • If you have Facebook Pixel installed, an event is triggered when the user clicks on WhatsApp Chat
  • AMP supported. If you have amp activated, we still work fine (This is super important)
  • Shortcode included
  • Instant message. There is no need your customers to sign in or fill a form
  • Choose WhatsApp Chat position and style
  • Custom your message to start WhatsApp Chat
  • Custom your button call-to-action
  • New beautiful and easy panel
  • WPML supported
  • Woocommerce product page supported
  • Post type targeting. You can show the WhatsApp Chat on the whole site or specific post types

Developed by


Imagens de tela

  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard Switch
  • WhatsApp Chat Style 1
  • WhatsApp Chat Style 2
  • WhatsApp Chat Style 3
  • Star chat with pre-filled message
  • Shortcode Example


Search and Install WhatsApp Chat WP directly from WordPress repository
Alternatively you can download zip file and extract in wp-content/plugins
Active plugin
Fill the form and turn on the switches with your preferences
Save & Chat!
Remember to clear your cache and you\’re ready to see the WhatsApp Chat


Do i have some support?
Yes, you just need to post your issue in Support forum, directly in wordpress.
Support Forum

Why we don’t have more customize options?
We are just follow WhatsApp Brand Guidelines.
But if you really want, you can include some aditional css in your child theme.

I want to check how many clicks i had. Is that possible?
Yes, now you can.
You just need to install gtag.js in your website.
If you already have this, you can check in your Analytics Dashboard.
Go to ‘Content’ >> ‘Event’
You will notice that every click fire a new WhatsApp chat event.
There is no need to active or configure nothing.

How can i use more than one WhatsApp number?
You can use how many contact numbers you want with shortcode function.

How to create a shortcode?
[whatsapp phone=\”international-phone-number-here\”]Button content[/whatsapp]
If you want to open in a new windown:
[whatsapp phone=\”international-phone-number-here\” blank=\”true\”]Button content[/whatsapp]

What about GDPR?
WhatsApp Chat WP don�t save any personal data and don�t use cookies.

Will my WhatsApp number be visible to all users?
Yes, every user of your website will be able to see the number of WhatsApp you are using (for the way WhatsApp works). For this reason we advise you to not use a WhatsApp number that you want to keep private.

What is a full phone number in international format?
Omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number in international format, including your country code, area and regular phone number.
Use: 15551234567
Don’t use: +001-(555)1234567

For some reason my message is not working right, how can i fix this?
Keep in mind that all messages are automatically encoded to create a url.
Maybe your using a unsual element and it’s not encoding the right way.
Please, try to write your message with URL-encodedtext. Read this for more information about URL-encodedtext.


Your admin css overwrites main admin css

The top menu you have on your admin page uses the same classes as the standard classes for the admin. But you overwrite them for the whole admin and that's why top menu's aren't readable anymore on other pages. Can you use custom classes for the rewrites of make sure the css is only included on your own admin page? Thanks.

İphone 5

workıng ıphone 6s but not workıng on the ıphone5 . but ı dont know maybe plus another phones also now workıng . please update

Does not work on mobile phones if cache is present

Works on desktops but does not work on mobile phones when a cache plugin is active. On mobile phones, clicking on the button just takes the user to the whatsapp.com website. The administration page is easy to use but also very basic.

Future Features

this plugin would be really great if it allowed a multi-vendor site to associate a phone number to the profile of each seller and so consequently for each product automatically appears the whatsapp button that communicates with the phone number of the seller of that product.
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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações

3.1 Fix IcoMoon Font call for amp

3.0 Facebook Pixel support included
amp support included
New WhatsApp chat styles
Translation bug fixed
Hide to specific post type

2.0 Shortcode included
New position for floating button
Remove image upload
New button style
Integration with Google Analytics

1.5 Bug fix in line 143