WP Modal Popup with Cookie Integration


If you are trying to show up a lightbox popup similar first time visitors that is easily styleable and has cookie integration, this is for you.

Create and manage powerful promotion popups for your WordPress blog or website. Easy to use popup plugin that will help you to grab your visitor’s attention to introduce him offers, discounts or other kind of promotional notices.

WP Modal Popup with Cookie Integration is a popup plugin for WordPress website that allows you to add highly customizable popup windows.

Create Popups for advertise, lightbox, marketing, promotion, Subscription Forms, Social Buttons, Contact Form, Google Map, Slider, Lightbox and more:

  • Responsive Mobile Freindly Popups
  • Social Popups
  • Popup with Video
  • Google Maps Popup
  • Contact Form with pop-up
  • Facebook Popup
  • Age Restriction Popup
  • Full Screen Popup

Plugin allows you to create popups with any type of content

  • HTML Text
  • Images, Audio and Video
  • Pictures and Video Galleries
  • Iframes, Forms, Subscriptions

Why Use WP Modal Popup with Cookie Integration Plugin?

  • If your visitors don not want to see your popup, you can let them to choose to hide them for future visits.
  • You can decide how many days before the user will see the popup again.

PRO Features :

  • Create Unlimited Popups
  • Welcome popup on page load
  • Exit Intent!
  • Open when user scrolled XX% page!
  • Open after X sec of inactivity (no mouse or keyboards actions)!
  • 8 Popup position
  • Insert your pop-up into any page or a post
  • 10 predefined layouts
  • Add any Video, HTML, iFrame, Shortcode of any plugin to display on popup.
  • Display Popup on load page
  • Display Popup on close/leave page
  • Page level Targeting (different popups for each post/page, turn popup on/off for all page or for few pages/posts)
  • Close button (show button: yes/no, auto close popup)
  • Open Delay (open popup delay in seconds)
  • Customize the look and feel of the popup
  • Change popup content background color
  • Customize popup overlay color and opacity

View PRO for more details.

Imagens de tela

  • Design your popup
  • Admin side setting-1
  • Admin side setting-2


  1. Upload the ‘WP Modal Popup with Cookie Integration’ Plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the “WP Modal Popup with Cookie Integration” Plugin list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to ‘WP PopUp’ menu tab and design your popup with different settings.


25 de setembro de 2017
very nice pluging, and the technical support is very good. they have resolve my problem in 5 minutes. thanks very good
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Registro de alterações

2.2 (30, July 2021)

  • [*] Tested with WordPress 5.8 and PHP 8

2.1 (14, Dec 2020)

  • [*] Tested up to: 5.6

2.0 (28, May 2019)

  • [+] Updated Recommendations notice.
  • [-] Removed premium page.

1.3 (28, May 2019)

  • [*] Important Recommendations : For better user experience we have shifted WP Modal Popup with Cookie Integration plugin in to our new plugin ie InboundWP-A Complete Inbound Marketing Pack. It help us to maintain our plugins in a single plugin package and provide you better and fast support. Module name under InboundWP is : Marketing PopUp where you will get 5 type PopUp Goal – 1) Collect Emails 2) Target URL 3) Announcement 4) Get Phone Calls 5) Social Traffic.
  • [-] Removed Opt-in flow.
  • [-] Removed Hire Us page.

1.2.3 (04, Jan 2019)

  • [*] Update Opt-in flow.

1.2.2 (27, Aug 2018)

  • [*] Follow some WordPress Detailed Plugin Guidelines.

1.2.1 (07, Aug 2017)

  • [+] Fixed Popup issue not display in center from top.

1.2 (21, Oct 2016)

  • [+] Added main heading and sub heading.
  • [+] Added font color option.
  • Fixed background color option


  • Fixed some css issues


  • Release inicial.