Registro de e-mails – WP Mail Catcher


Fazer registro dos seus e-mails impedirá que você perca seus e-mails! Este plugin rápido e leve (com menos de 140kb de tamanho!) Também é útil para depurar ou fazer backup de suas mensagens.

Basta instalar e ativar, em seguida todos os e-mails do formulário de contato serão registrados e salvos em seu banco de dados sem a necessidade de configuração adicional.

Visualize e gerencie todos os envios de formulários de e-mail por meio da interface padrão do WordPress. Falha ao enviar um e-mail? Com um único clique, você pode reenviar o e-mail a partir do backup.

Envie e-mails diretamente da interface do WordPress. Também inclui suporte para anexos.

Descubra imediatamente se o envio do seu formulário de contato foi enviado com sucesso.


  • Nenhuma configuração necessária, basta instalar e pronto
  • Minimalista – sem recursos excessivamente inchados que você nunca usa para pesar seu site, possui menos de 140 KB de tamanho!
  • Exportar e-mails em massa para CSV para fácil inclusão no Excel ou qualquer outro programa
  • Componha novos e-mails com os controles do WordPress com os quais você já está familiarizado
  • Reenvie seus e-mails em massa
  • Depuração, veja exatamente qual arquivo e linha de código foi responsável por enviar o e-mail, juntamente com quaisquer erros encontrados
  • Gerenciar quais permissões de usuário podem ver os registros
  • Rotineiramente, limpe seus registros em um horário especificado ou mantenha-os para sempre
  • Need to be notified when there’s a problem sending your mail? We’ve got hooks that allow you to do just that
  • Totalmente grátis

Hooks and actions

  • wp_mail_catcher_mail_success is triggered when a message is sent and logged successfully. It has a single argument that is an array containing the log
    • id related to the id in the mail_catcher_logs MySQL table
    • time relative, readable time to when the log was saved
    • email_to the email address(es) that the message was sent to
    • subject the subject line of the message
    • message the contents of the message
    • status an integer depicting if the message was sent successfully or not (1 = sent successfully. 0 = sending failed)
    • error the error that occurred – if any
    • backtrace_segment a json_encoded object that shows which file and line the mail was initially triggered from
    • attachments a list of any attachments that were sent along with the email
    • additional_headers a list of any headers that were sent
    • attachment_file_paths a list of the location of any attachments that were sent
    • timestamp a unix timestamp of when the email was sent
    • is_html a boolean, that will be true if the message is a html email and false if not
    • email_from the from value of the email
  • wp_mail_catcher_mail_failed is triggered when a message failed to send and logged successfully. It has a single argument that is an array containing the log (same as the arguments for wp_mail_catcher_mail_success)
  • wp_mail_catcher_deletion_intervals is a filter that should return an array where each key is an amount of time in seconds, and the value is the label. Used to determine when a message has expired and should be deleted

Imagens de tela

  • Envie um e-mail rápido de seu painel
  • Básico, página de opções sem confusão
  • A tabela suporta: classificação, exportação e reenvio
  • Suporta personalização de colunas e paginação


Isso é realmente gratuito?

Sim, totalmente 100% gratuito, sem complementos “premium” ou algo parecido.

Isso inclui anúncios/alertas

Yes, there are no adverts/annoying messages asking you to “upgrade to pro” or anything similar, 100% of the features are available.

Quais plugins são suportados?

Anything that doesn’t unhook the native wp_mail function is supported, this includes but not limited to:
* WooCommerce
* Contact Form 7
* MailGun
* SparkPost
* Easy WP SMTP (excluding their test email function)
* SendGrid
* BuddyPress

Click here for a full list

Quais plugins não são suportados atualmente

  • WP Mail Bank (remove filtros do wp_mail)

If you’d like to see support for these plugins or any other plugins please leave a feature request in our GitHub tracker

Eu encontrei um problema!/Tenho uma ótima ideia de como melhorar isso

Ótimo! Deixe uma observação em nosso (GitHub)


7 de agosto de 2021
This is the best email logging plugin I've tried, and it works well with ClassicPress too. I love how clean and lightweight it is, and the fact that you have included a resend facility. Great job! Like another reviewer, though, I think the plugin shouldn't really occupy a top-level admin menu item. I would suggest moving it to Tools. But it's terrific nevertheless. Thanks!
2 de julho de 2021
Thank you very much for making this. I tried another solution that did not to work with Beaver Builder forms. This works well. I like that you can set access according to privileges given to a user and that you can automatically clear old logs and hold them for up to 6 months. Good for GDPR. The only negative for me is it in the WP main menu. Seems too high for something rarely visited and with a mail icon it easy to confuse with email plugins.
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Registro de alterações


  • Fix: Auto delete wasn’t always deleting Logs
  • Fix: Fixed header syncing issue


  • Fix: Cron job issue preventing logs from being auto deleted
  • Fix: v1.5.0 broke compatibility with some other mail plugins


  • Fix: PHP notice that appears if additional_headers column is corrupted


  • Fix: Auto deleting timer isn’t pulled through on settings page. Thanks to @oginomizuho


  • New: Added beta BuddyPress support
  • New: Can now auto delete messages that are over a specific age
  • Fix: Minute/seconds being slightly off in export


  • Fix: Log exports now show the correct date and time


  • New: Refreshed log table UI
  • New: Added 2 new actions wp_mail_catcher_mail_success and wp_mail_catcher_mail_failed


  • Performance: Email previews are now loaded lazily


  • Fix: Auto delete notification is always shown regardless of settings


  • Fix: Logs per page screen option was being ignored
  • Compatibility: Added support for WordPress 5.5


  • New: Can now see raw html code of an email if it’s html enabled (open a message and go to the Debug tab)
  • Update: npm dependencies updated


  • Fix: Object serialization issue stability when a third party modifies the object
  • Fix: Minor typo


  • New: French translation


  • New: Added search functionality, supports partial and exact matching for: to, subject, message, attachment names and email headers


  • Fix: Improved support for multisite


  • Fix: Child CSS class not matching parent


  • Fix: Improved clarity of ‘from’ header
  • Fix: Fixed issue with bulk deletion


  • New: ‘From’ column now included in admin table
  • New: Screen options have been added that allow you to pick which columns are visible along with the number of logs per page
  • Fix: Fixed an issue adding an attachment in the ‘new message’ modal
  • Fix: Fixed custom headers being rendered incorrectly in the ‘new message’ modal
  • Fix: Fixed bug whereby tables were not dropped when deleting a multi-site


  • New: Exact time (including timestamp) mail was sent can now be seen in the debug panel and when you hover over the value in the sent column of the table
  • Improvement: Significantly reduced file size of plugin
  • Fix: Fixed error when calling wp_mail and passing an attachment as a string
  • Fix: Namespaced CSS
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect time being rendered
  • Fix: Sorting columns now works


  • New: When the number of logs exceeds a specific value (currently set to 100) then a warning appears. Upon trying to do an ‘export all’ a dialog opens to batch the exporting
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with interacting with messages beyond the first page
  • Fix: Non-html emails now have their spacing rendered correctly


  • New: Added new filtering system that allows only successful or failed messages to be seen
  • New: Added ‘export all’ button
  • Improvement: Removed carbon dependency, reducing the plugin size significantly from 322kb to 53kb (zipped)
  • Improvement: Added basic caching system so repeated, identical database calls are avoided


  • Fix: Hotfix for html emails not rendering correctly


  • New: Added support for foreign characters
  • New: Added link to settings page from the plugins page
  • Fix: Fixed issue where non-html emails lost their line breaks


  • Fix: ‘Failed security check’ message appearing when trying to perform any bulk actions
  • Fix: Exporting with no attachments but with additional headers causes the wrong column to be populated
  • Fix: HTML emails cause modal styling problem
  • Fix: Long file names cause the content to spill over modal
  • Fix: Admin notices makes ‘New Message’ button fall out of alignment