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WP Logo Slider and Widget Responsive


WP Logo Slider and widget Responsive is easy to implement slider, Grid and Portfolio Filter with widget plugin for wordpress. With this plugin you can show a list of clients, supporters, partners or sponsors logos in your website. You can create a grid of images with suitable links. This plugin works great on mobile and tablets.

WP Logo Slider and widget Responsive plugin is simple, flexible & powerful.

Plugin Features

  • No need of coding skills.
  • Within 2 min you can set you logo slider, grid, ticker, Logo Portfolio with using shorcode generater.
  • Plugin is very light weight.
  • 10+ Design template available.
  • Easy to used with any sidebar using widget and it’s setting.
  • Custom post type for Logo posting image with category.
  • Work with all WordPress theme and WordPress website.
  • No need of any settings.
  • User & Developer friendly & easy to customize.
  • Easy to generate shortcode in this plugin.
  • Its easy to use interface allows you to manage, edit, create, and delete Logo with slider, Grid and Portfolio.
  • Responsive & columns structures.
  • Order options.
  • All options works with True/ False.
  • Custom link for Logo URL.
  • Fully SEO Friendly.
  • No extra Code.

Logo slider, ticker, grid and logo portfolio works with 10+ Design template

This WP logo slider and widget responsive contains three shorcode

  • [logo_slider] : Displays Logo in Slider view And Ticker view.
  • [logo_grid] : Displays Logo in grid view.
  • [logo_portfolio] : Displays Logo in Portfolio Filter view.

Following all parameter work with shortcode for slider, Grid, Ticker, Portfolio Filter to display partners, clients or sponsors Logo.

For Logo Slider with fully responsive


For Logo Grid(Columns) With Fully Responsive


For Logo Portfolio Filter With Fully Responsive


Common shortcode generater paramaters for Grid, Slider, Ticker and Portfolio Filter view.

  • To Set Design Template:
    design_template=”template-2″(ie. there are 10+ Design template.)
  • For use of Category id
    like: cat_id=”6″ ( ie. this parameter get logo according to category and 6 is category id.)
  • To Set Category Name
    cat_name=”Sports” (ie. use for category Name and Sports is category name.)
  • To Set Logo Limit:
    logo_limit=”2″ (ie. like: 1,2,3 etc. if Display To all logo use limit=”-1″ (Use for Grid and Slider only)).
  • To Logo Cell
    logo_cell=”3″ ( ie. Set Image in cell(columns) per Row. 3 is a number of columns, option: 1,2,3,4,6)
  • To Set Order
    order”ASC” (ie. Set slider slide Ascending and Descending order. option: ‘ASC’ , ‘DESC’.).
  • To Set Orderby
    orderby=”ID” ( ie. set slider slide with orderby Attribute. option: ‘none’,ID’,’author’,’title’,’name’,rand’,date’).
  • To Set Click target
    click_target=”new-tab” ( ie. on click link behaviour. option: new-tab, same-tab. ie. Click on Image open new Tab as well as same Tab.)
  • To Set Show title
    show_title =”false” (ie. for show logo title. value are true or false.)
  • To Set Image Size
    image_size=”original” ( ie. set Image size, option: thumbnail, original, large, medium).
  • To Set Hover Effect
    hover_effect=”Pulse” ( ie. for hover animation. Option is: Flash, Pulse, Head Shake, Rubber Band, Bounce In, Wobble, jello, Swing, Fade In, Fade Out, Light Speed Out, Rotate In.).

Others shortcode paramaters logo slider only

  • To Set Slides Scroll
    slides_scroll=”3″ ( ie. set How many slide move at a time in slider).
  • To Set Pagination Dots
    pagination_dots=”false” ( ie. use for slider dots pagination. option: true/false).
  • To Set Arrows
    arrows=”false” ( ie. use for Show Prev/Next Buttons. option: true/false).
  • To Set Slider rows
    slider_rows=”2″ ( ie. Set how many Row at a slide Option: any number).
  • To Set Autoplay
    autoplay=”false” ( ie. set slider slide move automatically. option: true/false).
  • To Set Autoplay interval
    autoplay_interval=”3000″ ( ie. use for transition effects speed between two slide. value in Milliseconds).
  • To Set Speed
    speed=”1000″ ( ie. use for slider slide moving speed. value in Milliseconds).
  • To Set Center mode
    center_mode=”true” ( ie. use for slider slide center automatically. but slider must be set with logo cell with 3. option: true/false).
  • To Set Loop
    loop=”true” ( ie. use for move slide infinite automatically. option: true/false)
  • To Set Ticker
    ticker=”true” ( ie. use for slide infinite move continuously automatically. option: true/false).

Other shortcode parameter for Logo Portfolio Filter only

  • To Set Category Limit:
    cat_limit=”0″ (ie. how many category get, 0 For All, option is: 1,2).
  • To Set Category Order
    order”ASC” (ie. Set Category Ascending and Descending order. option: ‘ASC’ , ‘DESC’).
  • To Set Category orderby
    cat_orderby=”ID” ( ie. set Category with orderby Attribute. option: ‘none’,’ID’,’author’,’title’,’name’,rand’,date’).
  • To Exclude Category
    exclude_cat=”4,7,8″ ( if you no need some category to dispaly. option: category id).
  • To Set All text
    all_text=”All Clients” (if you change first tab text Option: any text value).
  • To Set Content words limit
    content_words_limit=”20″ (set word limit Option: any numeric value).
  • To Set Content tail
    content_tail=”>>>” (set word limit Option: any value.).
  • For Extra class
    extra_class=”outer-row” (set extra class for some css change. Option: any text value. this class set top of division.).

How to install & Setup Plugin :

How to Install in directory

  1. Upload the ‘WP logo slider and widget responsive’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the “WP logo slider and widget responsive” list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add and create new page and use this short code like:
  4. If you use in PHP Template Code:

Imagens de tela

  • How to Add Logo.
  • All Logo List.
  • How to Generate shortcode and how to use widget.
  • Generate Portfolio Filter shortcode.
  • Preview Logo in Slider, Grid.
  • Preview Logo Portfolio Filter.


16 de agosto de 2020
I really love this mazing plugin and the support is awesome! Many thanks!
9 de maio de 2020
I've been trying many image plugins but this one has everything you need and more! You could see the developer's love in what he did. Thank you!
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