WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design


WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design provides you security for wordpress website.
It protects from copying the content, stealing data, and also images from your pages.
You can also exclude pages and posts.

If someone right click, It`ll show an alert window with messages. You can change the color of the alert window that matches to your web site.

WP Content Copy Protection selecting texts, and disable drag and drop images to your computer.
By not selecting texts, users cannot CTRL+C, CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+V and CTRL+P.

  1. You can also disable right click without giving the alert window.

  2. You can change the alert messages by yourself.

  3. You can exlude login users from the option page.

  4. You can exclude pages and posts.

  5. You can protect only specified pages and posts.

  6. You can protect print preview page (CTRL+P).

Imagens de tela

  • Options Page


  1. Upload the “wp-copy-design” directory to /wp-content/plugins/.
    Generally, upload .zip folder to WordPress.

  2. Activate WP Content Copy Protection from “Plugin menu”.

  3. You can set options from “WP Protect settings”.


Does is affects SEO?

No, it won`t affects SEO. It uses very short javascript codes and css that the search engine crawler will smoothly stream.

Does it work on smartphone and tablet?

Yes, the text and images will be protected even if the users are using smartphone or tablet.

Can I just only disable right click and have no messages?

Yes, you can change it from the option page.
Please see WP Content Copy Protection screenshots above.


15 junho, 2024
it´s not a bug it’s a feature 😉 when it would be clear and deactivated after 3xtimes pushn´ on the right mouse button for a special secret function like a tricky for fast inputer of the company or worker, that could be the nicest feature of Wordpress… maybe it is possible! I would be very happy for that. 😉 (Q) 5-5*****
26 julho, 2022
Only basic functions work using hot keys. None of the options work from any browser menu. So, waste of time. Install and try to do all options from browser menu, everything works like printing, save the page, developer tools like inspect element, view page source. So what is the point of having this plugin. Waste of time.
6 setembro, 2021
I want to share my experience with the developer of this plugin. I purchased the pro version, but noticed that it is missing one feature, which is not critical, but still. I wrote to the developer to clarify. The developer didn’t make something up and make excuses like many vendors do. The developer apologized and returned the money. I was very pleasantly surprised. I recommend Kazuki Yanamoto as an honest and decent seller. He is a pleasure to work with.
12 abril, 2023 1 resposta
<p>You have to buy the Pro version to block the F12 copy-capability that some PCs have, but it’s well worth it.</p> <p>It has saved me a lot of effort stopping scrapers and content thieves, not to mention the time saved sending out DMCAs.</p> <p>Kazuki, the Developer, is very dilligent answering queries, if you encounter problems setting it up.</p> <p>I didn’t have a PC to test if the F12 trick was working after I set up the Pro version, so Kazuki made a video to show me it works perfectly to block PC trickery.</p> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p>April 2023 Update: Working perfectly well, and regularly updated by Kazuki San to keep pace with WP core updates. I’ve not had to send a single DMCA notice since I installed both Pro plugins.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –>
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