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WP Blame lets you keep a record of everything that has happened on your website by logging the actions of your users in a simple but useful table of data.


There are currently no hooks available for this plugin as of yet, however whilst it is discouraged, you can log actions using the WPB_Log_Hooks::save_new_log function.

Imagens de tela

  • An example of the logs table.


  1. Download, unzip and upload the package to your plugins directory.
  2. Log into the dashboard and activate within the plugins page.
  3. Review your website logs under Tools > Logs.


What kind of things will be logged?

Almost anything that can be logged, is logged. This includes but is not limited to posts, terms, media and users as well as general options.

Can I log a custom action by another plugin?

You can, but it’s not advised as the Log API has not bee fully developed yet and may not work very well with other plugins. WPB_Log_Hooks is the class that handles logging.

Can I only log particular users?

You can add usernames to a whitelist of people who’s actions should not be logged on the website.


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  • Updated plugin author information


  • Updated author information


  • Updated author information – Removed Daniel James danieltj


  • Updated for new developer to maintain.


  • Updated the plugin translations to be in en_US by default.
  • Fixed a bug relating to terms being shown in the log table.
  • Minor improvements to some translation strings.
  • Minor updates to the plugin readme.txt file.


  • Fixed a bug where the per page option wasn’t added on install.
  • Fixed a bug with the item column being blank after deletion.
  • Fixed an untranslated string for the logs per page option.
  • Minor improvements to a variety of core functions.


  • Major rewrite of the entire plugin code.
  • Changed the license from GNU GPL v2 to v3.