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WooCommerce My Account Widget


The WooCommerce My Account Widget allows shop managers to display customer information in a widget.

This plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.6 (and higher) and WooCommerce 3.5 (and higher)


  • Display link to shopping cart
  • Display number of items in shopping cart
  • Display number of unpaid orders
  • Display number of uncompleted orders
  • Display number of files left to upload (working with the WP Fortune WooCommerce Uploads plugin)
  • Display a log-in form when logged out
  • Localisation: English, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian and Persian, Serbo-Croation

WooCommerce Uploads

This widgets shows also the number of files the customer has to upload, when you use the WooCommerce Uploads plugin.
More information about that plugin on WP

WooCommerce Upload My File plugin

This widgets shows also the number of files the customer has to upload, when you use our WooCommerce Upload My File plugin.
More information about that plugin on plugin repository.

Imagens de tela

  • WooCommerce My Account Widget settings
  • WooCommerce My Account Widget on the website, in default Twenty Twelve theme
  • WooCommerce My Account Widget on the website, styled with custom CSS (not attached)


  1. Install WooCommerce My Account Widget either via the plugin directory or by uploading the files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the widget through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


2 de junho de 2018
Is not SSL/HTTPS friendly, browsers give not secure error. Works well otherwise.
14 de dezembro de 2017
Plugin has absolutely zero styling but dont dare say anything like the people before me , this guy is a NO machine No Support This , No support Themes, No support happy people WHy bother Dude. Hang it up and let someone who cares adopt it
2 de abril de 2017 1 resposta
Once installed could no longer access my Widgets page from the dashboard.
26 de outubro de 2016
I don't know why someone is writing that the plugin does not have a register link. It does have! It has all the necessary functionality. The only disadvantage for me and therefore I give 4 stars out of 5 that I haven't found css to add a white background for my widget. It seems that it is using default theme css...
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Registro de alterações

WooCommerce My Account Widget

2019.03.19 version 0.6.6

  • Fixed small php notice on line 67

2018.12.21 version 0.6.5

  • Added basic styling and icons

2018.05.14 version 0.6.4

  • Fixed PHP 7.2 notice

2017.11.23 version 0.6.3

  • Fixed username/email label issue for some themes

2017.10.23 version 0.6.2

  • Fixed WC my account page login error

2017.10.12 version 0.6.1

  • Tested for WC 3.2

2017.05.25 version 0.6.0

  • Updated readme.txt
  • Tested and fixed several issues for WooCommerce 3.0

2015.08.11 version 0.5.0

  • Fixed PHP 4 constructor style in widget

2015.03.23 – version 0.4.9

  • Fixed: Bug with translations
  • Added: Remember me checkbox

2015.01.30 – version 0.4.8

  • Fixed: Small bug when retreiving orders in WC > 2.2

2015.01.08 – version 0.4.7

  • Fixed: stupid alert message for testing removed

2014.12.29 – version 0.4.6

  • Fixed: wrong text view on some themes for “Username or Email”

2014.12.18 – version 0.4.5

  • Added: French translation
  • Added: Alert message when username and/or password are empty

2014.11.20 – version 0.4.4

  • Added: Danish translation

2014.09.12 – version 0.4.3

  • Fixed: Plugin is now working correctly with WooCommerce 2.2

2014.08.15 – version 0.4.2

  • Fixed: The plugin is now compatible with WooCommerce Uploads

2014.08.11 – version 0.4.1

  • Fixed: The plugin is now compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.-bleeding and WordPress 4.0-beta3

2014.05.12- version 0.4

  • Corrected cart link on logged-out version

2014.04.06- version 0.3

  • Added: Login with Email (thanks to pokeraitis for the idea & credits to the developers of the WP Email Login plugin )
  • Added: Custom login URL (thanks to rhonn for the idea)
  • Fixed: Better support for WPML (not fully supported yet) – Please make sure you update your language strings! – Please see FAQ

2014.03.13- version

  • Added: We’ve missed some languages strings and we’ve added it now 😉 SORRY!

2014.03.12- version

  • Added: Italian languages
  • Changed: We’ve changed the way plural and singular language strings are shown. Please update your languages files if translations are not shown correctly anymore! Sorry for this!
  • Fixed: Small bug when not logged in on some hosts(mostly not displayed, but what the hack, let’s solve it anyway)

2013.11.16- version 0.2.9

  • Tweak: Better support for WPML translations
  • Fixed: show registration link only when registration is enabled.

2013.11.14- version 0.2.8

  • Added: Serbo-Croation languages (thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic)
  • Fixed: small bugfix

2013.10.18 – version 0.2.7

  • Added Persion languages (Thanks to Khalil Delavaran)
  • Added Russian languages (Thanks to 192kb)

2013.06.13 – version 0.2.6

  • Tweak: Other method to redirect after logout

2013.06.11 – version 0.2.5

  • Fixed: Show logout link option now working

2013.05.28 – version 0.2.4

  • Added: Norwegian translations (Thanks to Jan-Ivar Mellingen)

2013.05.23 – version 0.2.3

  • Changed: After failed login, redirect to same page instead of normal WP login failed.

2013.05.21 – version 0.2.2

  • Fixed: Bug with redirect home after login

2013.05.21 – version 0.2.1

  • Fixed: Bug with redirect home after login / logout (Thanks to: Sebas de Reus)

2013.05.21 – version 0.2

  • Added: logout link
  • Added: basic CSS styling
  • Changed: some basic layout settings (as less as possible)

2013.04.01 – version 0.1

  • First release