Dropshipping & Affiliate for eBay and woocommerce


Dropshipping & Affiliate for eBay and woocommerce allows to import eBay products to WooCommerce wordpress store.
TheShark allows to import products automatically and a lot of other features.
TheShark plugin helps to make ebay dropshipping importer much easier and less complicated.

Go Pro from here Wooshark dropshipping importer for eBay and woocommerce

How to import products using the plugin ?

How to import products in bulk using the ebay dropshipping importer plugin ?

How to import products using the chrome extension for ebay dropshipping importer ?

How to import products in bulk using the chrome extension for ebay dropshipping importer?

How to create price markup formula using the ebay dropshipping importer plugin ?

How to setup shipping methods and cost from eBay ?

+ Import products to your shop directly from eBay
+ Import eBay product images
+ Import eBay product Title
+ import eBay product weight
+ Import eBay product variations
+ import eBay product description
+ import eBay product price
+ import eBay product quantity
+ publish/draft an eBay product

  • import shipping methods and shipping cost (checkout page autimatic calculation)
  • bulk import products from eBay
  • Edit eBay images (resize, crop, add text, add logo, add border, brightness, et..)
  • Customizable and import short description
  • customize and edit description using a special editor which is very easy to use
  • customize, delete and edit variations (sku, price, sale price, quantity)
  • set price formula which allow to automate price calculation, the user set a set of interval which are persisted and used to calculate the price.
  • Customize and import eBay Product Reviews.
  • Customize and import eBay product rating.
  • Customize and import eBay product specifications.
  • Select the product categories you wish to import the products to.
  • Synchronize eBay stock and price for all products
  • Synchronize eBay stock and price single product

theShark ebay dropshipping is most suited to start a dropshipping business using ebay and woocommerce.

Go Pro to theShark dropshipping from here Wooshark dropshipping for eBay and woocommerce

get the chrome extension from here: here

WordPress 4.7+
WooCommerce 3.0.0+
PHP version 5.6+

for all support requests, please use the contact form of the website https://wooshark.com or send an email to wooebayimporter@gmail.com

Privacy policy
you can find the term of use by following the link https://www.wooshark.com/term

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To install the plugin, please follow this instruction.
1. install the plugin from WordPress directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Start importing items and sell them in your WooCommerce store


Is this plugin free

yes the plugin is free, you can import up to 100 per month, if you need an unlimited use of the plugin, you will need to go pro and upgrade

I found a bug or an issue, what to do ?

contact our support team through our website https://wooshark.com

I need order fullfillment from eBay, does this provide such feature

The current version of theShark for ebay dropshipping does not have this feature

Can I customize products details before import from ebay to woocommerce ?

yes this is possible

How many items I can import each month

100 free ebay import (simple and variable products)

do you offer also a chrome extension to import products from ebay ?

yes, we offer a chrome extension that allow to import directly from eBay product page, it is easier and faster.

does the plugin for ebay dropshipping offer the possibility to apply a price markup formula

yes you can automate your profit margin according to a specific formula

where can I buy the premuim version of theShark dropshipping for ebay and woocommerce ?

you can visit the product page https://wooshark.com/ebay

How to ask a support question

the preferred way is to contact us using the contact form on our website https://wooshark.com/support

other plugins ?
wooshark for Aliexpress and woocommerce here


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  • Initial Revision


  • reimplement bulk import
  • reimplement single import
  • reimplement update products stock and price


  • fix issue import categories
  • fix variations not being imported correctly
    fix other bugs