MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce


Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce plugin splits the WooCommerce Checkout process into simpler steps for your ecommerce store.

Here, the plugin provides:

  • Option to split the checkout process like login, billing, shipping, and order details into separate steps.
  • Feature to customize the checkout form details like background color, text color, fixing the tab position, and a lot more.
  • Option for store owners to collect accurate information regarding the customers.

When combined with the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin, it creates an organized checkout process along with better conversion rates.

☞ Easy to Use

With the easy to use WooCommerce Multistep checkout plugin, you can configure and breakdown the WooCommerce checkout form into much simpler steps.

☞ Step Validation

The plugin’s step validation feature validates each step of the process and ensures all the required fields are filled.

☞ Multiple Layouts

The Multistep Checkout plugin comes with 3 layouts.

1.  Timeline Layout
2.  Horizontal Box Layout
3.  Vertical Box Layout

You can choose a suitable layout based on your preference and website theme.

☞ Combine Billing & Shipping Step

With the Multistep Checkout plugin, you can combine both the billing and shipping process into a single step.

☞ Customize The Display of Steps

The plugin offers different customization options for the display of steps. You can set up a different background color for both active and non-active steps, name the step titles, set the tabs’ position, and provide many other customization options.

☞ Back To Cart

The Back To Cart button of the plugin allows the customers to return to their cart page with a single click.

💎💎 Premium Features

The premium version of the Multistep Checkout For WooCommerce plugin simplifies the checkout process with several advanced features and customization options.

Upgrade to Premium Now!

You can check out the demo for a more detailed overview of the features. Live Demo

☞ 6 Multistep Layouts

The plugin comes with 6 different multistep layouts for your checkout process. They are:

1.  Horizontal Box Layout
2.  Horizontal Arrow Layout
3.  Vertical Box Layout
4.  Vertical Arrow Layout
5.  Timeline Layout
6.  Accordion Layout

☞ AJAX Validation

The Multistep Checkout plugin uses AJAX validation to confirm all the required fields are filled before the shopper moves to the next step.

☞ Create Additional Checkout Steps

The Multistep Checkout plugin lets you create additional steps in your WooCommerce checkout form. Add fields and sections in the newly created steps using the Checkout Field Editor For WooCommerce plugin.

☞ Mobile-Friendly Display

The accordion layout for the mobile view lets you create a responsive checkout page that fits all types of devices.

☞ Review Step Details

The plugin includes the order review step that lets your customers verify all the given data is right before the order is placed.

☞ Login Step

Using the Multistep Checkout plugin, the store owners can include the login step and display a login form in the checkout process.

☞ Add Coupon Step

Add the coupon step in your WooCommerce checkout process to display the coupon form on load. So, the customers can easily apply the coupon and grab the discount.

☞ Combine Billing & Shipping Step

With the Multistep Checkout plugin, you can combine both the billing and shipping process into a single step.

☞ Split Order Review & Payment Steps

The Multistep checkout plugin provides you the option to split the order review and payment process into separate steps.

☞ Add a Cart Details Step

Add a cart step in your WooCommerce checkout process and provide the shoppers a better idea about their cart details.

☞ Display Steps with Custom Image Icons

The Multistep Checkout plugin provides the option to upload image icons for each step of your WooCommerce checkout titles.

☞ Button Customization

The plugin lets you customize the button display styles like font color, background color, border-radius, and a lot more. Also, it allows you to show/hide the inactive buttons in necessary areas and name the buttons as per your wish.

☞ Compatibility

The Multistep Checkout plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin. You can add more fields and sections to the checkout page using the compatibility feature of the plugin.

For the complete list of features, Please visit WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout plugin’s official page.

Check how it works (Live Demo)

Why ThemeHigh

Frequent updates are made to improve the plugin with a talented group of developers. Moreover, the dedicated support team will help you set up and customize your dream store with all available features and hooks.

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Imagens de tela

  • Multistep checkout settings.
  • Login details step.
  • Billing details step.
  • Shipping details step.
  • Your order details step.
  • Timeline layout.
  • Combine billing step and shipping step.


Minimum Requirements

  • WooCommerce 4.0 or greater
  • WordPress 5.3 or greater

Automatic installation

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New”.
  3. Search and locate ‘MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce’ plugin.
  4. Click ‘Install Now’, and WordPress will take it from there.

Manual installation

Manual installation method requires downloading the ‘MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce’ plugin and uploading it to your web server via your FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Will the MultiStep Checkout plugin allow me to add additional steps in the checkout process?

The free version does not support the addition of custom steps. However, sections created using checkout form editors are displayed, but just as part of the existing steps. Based on the display position of the section, it will be displayed in one of the steps.

Will the changes made using other checkout field editors work with the MultiStep Checkout Editor?

Yes! The Multi Step Checkout Editor for WooCommerce follows coding, WordPress and WooCommerce best practices to make sure that it is compatible with other checkout field editors.

How do I use the MultiStep Checkout Editor?

Go to Woocommerce > MultiStep Checkout and enable MultiStep Checkout. You can now make any changes you want. Save changes.


19 de novembro de 2021
Functional module and in line with our expectations. Little more for the support which is responsive and attentive.
19 de agosto de 2021
Intuitive and understandable interface of the plugin. But there is no option to disable the delivery section at all (because some sites provide only online services!!!). When you combine the checkout and delivery section, two NEXT buttons appear.
29 de julho de 2021
Very well done plugin, clean code and 100% working. We needed assistance and the team was very helpful and professional to accommodate our requests. We are evaluating, based on customer needs, to install it on all e-commerce and, when necessary, switch to the pro version. 5 stars you deserve!
21 de maio de 2021
The plugin helps to separate check out steps and make it more professional. There are many design styles, colors for step bars/titles, also. My check out page are now look nice! The Team have supported me very well. Thanks ! Phuc
26 de março de 2021
We purchased the premium version of this plugin and are very happy with it. We have been able to customize a new Woocommerce site checkout into 3 separate steps which makes the user flow much better. The main reason we chose this plugin was the ability to add a custom step to the checkout process (step 2 in our case) which we used to asked the custom important non-billing related details about their order. We also were able to add our own custom checkout form validation thanks in part to their helpful customer support team. I recommend this plugin to both non-techie site owners looking to make their checkout pages better as well as developers looking to create a more expansive user experience.
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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


  • Improved the labels.
  • Added WooCommerce 5.8.0 compatibility.


  • Added Astra theme compatibility.
  • Added WooCommerce version – 5.6.0 compatibility.
  • Added WordPress version – 5.8 compatibility.


Fix: Added nonce check for form submission.
Improvement: Improved all input field sanitization,.
Improvement: Added WooCommerce version – 5.3.0 compatibility.


  • Added new layout (Time Line) for checkout steps.
  • Added option to combine Billing step and Shipping step.
  • Checked woocommerce 5.1.0 and WP 5.7 compatibility.


  • Added translation string for javascript error text and newly added strings.
  • WooCommerce version 4.7.0 compatibility added.


  • Added new layout (Vertical Box) for checkout steps.
  • Added option for Next button text.
  • Added option for Previous button text.
  • Added option for showing the back to cart button in the checkout page.
  • Added option for changing the back to cart button text.
  • Improved the admin panel UI.
  • Checked woocommerce 4.5.1 and WP 5.5.1 compatibility.


  • WooCommerce version 4.3.0 compatibility added.
  • Added a new filter thwmcf_plugin_settings to modify settings


  • WooCommerce version 4.0.1 compatibility added.


  • WooCommerce version 3.9.1 compatibility added.


  • WooCommerce version 3.8 compatibility added.
  • WordPress version 5.3 compatibility added.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with astra theme.


  • WooCommerce version 3.7.0 compatibility added.
  • Fixed the validation error of shipping field if ship to diffrent address is unchecked.
  • Fixed the validation error issue of create account fields if create account check box is unchecked.
  • Fixed the validation issue related to the themehigh checkout field editor conditional fields.
  • Added Before customer details hook in billing step and After customer details hook in shipping step.
  • Improved the validation message.


  • WooCommerce version 3.6.1 compatibility added.


Release Date – 7th Jan, 2019

  • Added javascript step validation in each step


Release Date – 26st May, 2018

  • New option to remove login from step layout.
  • WooCommerce tested up to version updated.


Release Date – 31st January, 2018

  • WooCommerce tested up to version updated.


Release Date – 25th January, 2018

  • Added POT file in language folder.


Release Date – 17th November, 2017

  • New option to set tab background and text colors.
  • New option to align tab left or right.
  • New option to set content background color.


Release Date – 03rd November, 2017

  • Initial version.