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16 de dezembro de 2017
I was really excited to try the shipping calculator plugin. However after installing and double checking everything I could see there is some code in your plugin that is hijacking the checkout process. When I'm in cart view and click proceed to checkout a google payments window pops up. I do not accept google payments, and I'm never properly re-directed to checkout. You need to seriously look into what's going on here as this is either a hacked plugin, or you are deliberately hijacking the checkout process to take payments. The window went away as soon as I de-activated the plugin, so it's definitely your plugin doing it. No one should install this plugin until this is resolved.
21 de agosto de 2017
Very good plug-in, thank you ! I just got a little error, when I enter the postcode then right after I click on the button "calculate", I got "Selected Shipping method not available." (I use the radio input, because I have only one shipping method per postcode so no need to choose shipping method). I need to click the button "calculate" again (when the shipping method got updated) to get the shipping cost. Thank you.
4 de agosto de 2017
It really is the best free shipping calculator in product page plugin I could find. And I've been through them ALL! Thanks guys, you made my day! Really appreciate!!!
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