WooCommerce Better Usability


Este plugin melhora diversos aspectos de usabilidade do comprador para uma loja WooCommerce. Estas melhorias se aplicam para: Listagem de produtos, Página de produtos, Carrinho e Checkout.

Funcionalidades da versão grátis:

  • Recarregar preços automaticamente no carrinho usando AJAX
  • Exibir botões de “-” e “+” ao redor da quantidade
  • Perguntar ao usuário ao trocar quantidade para zero
  • Ir para o checkout diretamente sem passar pelo carrinho (simplificação de compra)
  • Permitir remover ou trocar quantidade no Checkout
  • Permite mudar quantidade do produto diretamente no Shop
  • Adicionar ao carrinho via AJAX na página do produto (igual ao Shopping)
  • Permite sobrescrever vários aspectos padrões do WooCommerce
  • Ocultar quantidade on Produto e página de Carrinho

Funcionalidades da versão Premium:

  • Sincronizar produtos automaticamente quando mudar quantidade ver demo
  • Atualizar preços automaticamente na página do produto, igual no carrinho ver demo
  • Alterar variações diretamente na página de produtos, significando menos cliques para comprar ver demo
  • Alterar quantidade na página de produtos, sincronizando automaticamente com o widget MiniCart ver demo
  • Remover produtos no Checkout via AJAX ver demo
  • Exibir botões de quantidade (+/-) no Produto, Checkout e widget Mini-Cart ver demo

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Imagens de tela

  • Adicionar ao carrinho em Produtos
  • Configuração do carrinho
  • Configuração de produto
  • Configuração do Shop


  1. Faça o upload de woo-better-usability.zip para o diretório /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Ative o plugin na aba ‘Plugins’ do WordPress
  3. Está feito. Agora você pode ir para as Configurações para personalizar o que quiser


13 de junho de 2019
This is "please add this to Woo core"-sort of stuff. Just blam, so many things done with the same plugin considering shop usability for the end user, in terms of conversion. This guy's gotta get a name for himself, if he hasn't already, I don't know. Let's make it happen.
27 de março de 2019
Does exactly what I needed! Thanks!
29 de janeiro de 2019
Hi, I have a problem I will detail for you an example of what happens to me: when I have 1 product with quantity 2 in stock and pressing the + button twice it works correctly. the problem is that if I press once more to add three times it adds the third and redirects me to the product page I do not want this to happen I want it to block on the second click do not let add the third because I only have 2 in stock precise that freezes the amount referring to the quantity in stock in the page of the store in the page of the product it freezes the button + correctly but I need what freezes in the page of the store its plugin can do that? if not give me a path, tips or instructions. I use the pro version of your plugin recently bought, I will be waiting ... thanks
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Registro de alterações


  • Added option to ignore the shop quantity change field on front page


  • Fixed bug when working with WPML string translation on checkout
  • Fixed randomic crashing and excessive AJAX requests problems on Shop page
  • Fixed specific cases quantity synchronization problems


  • Added AJAX queue system to avoid request problems
  • Added hook wbu_is_shop_loop to intercept shop pages
  • Prevent quantity duplication in specific cases


  • Added properly internationalization (i18n)
  • Added WC tested up compatibility tag
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities on Shop page


  • Avada theme improvements and bugfixes


  • Making automatic Cart updating text configuration more flexible
  • Testing with new WordPress 5
  • Fixing Update cart button not hiding on Avada theme


  • Updated deprecated jQuery click events
  • Fixed single product page quantity inconsistence when add to cart multiple times


  • Added rule to respect the stock quantity when change quantity in Shop page
  • Enqueue wbulite.css file properly cause it stopped loading in last woocommerce versions


  • Fixed increment and decrement quantity buttons bug
  • Simplified and abstracted settings API


  • Enqueue assets in all pages for better compatibility with custom pages
  • Reduced is shop loop detection checks to better compatibility with Elementor and relateds
  • Added overlay when AJAX refreshing cart using Run Custom AJAX method
  • Removed option Don't apply this option to front page (use wbu_enable_quantity_input filter instead)
  • Removed option Always enqueue assets for better compatibility
  • Removed option Optimize to make Cart work better when embebed in other pages


  • Fix and optimize some mess in JS code and removing loops
  • Fix issue in Related products not showing quantity input for first product


  • Changed the cart overlay behavior in Custom AJAX mode to use the default of WooCommerce


  • Fixed blockUI to hide when finish Custom AJAX callback
  • Added AJAX timeout for quantity change refresh
  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Removing -/+ buttons when product is sold individually


  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Added support for modified remove link zero quantity check
  • Added support for Woo Gutenberg Products Block plugin


  • Added compatibility support with WooCommerce 3.8.1
  • Fixed Undefined Index error in Shop page


  • Fixed checkout max input quantity validation


  • Respect max stock quantities when using select input for quantities
  • Fixed bug that not displaying select input in Cart in some conditions