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Install and activate the Who’s Logged In plugin, and it will start collecting a list of users logged into your website. When a user logs in they are added to the list, and when a user logs out they are removed from the list: and it’s automatic! The list of logged in users is displayed to administrator users only on their dashboard homepage, in a simple metabox. The list displayed is automatically updated every 15 seconds to ensure you know who’s logged on to your website asap.

New Feature!

  • Added a requested feature that automatically logs out users 15 minutes after they have left the current website window or tab. The automatically updating list of users displayed on your administrator dashboard will update shortly after to reflect that user has been automatically logged out. If a user returns to the window or tab within 15 minutes, the timer that would have logged them out stops.


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Visit your Dashboard home page and look for the Who’s Logged In Metabox.


21 de março de 2019
I tested in in WordPress 5.1.1 and it is working perfect. I logged in as myself (admin) and saw my userID in the dashboard metabox: Who's logged in. In another browser, I logged in as another user (editor) she does not see this metabox in her dashboard; but I saw her name below mine. She logged out, and her userID disappeared from my dashboard. That's all I need. Thanks
3 de janeiro de 2019
Installed the app and it did exactly what it said. Indicated who was logged in. The only problem is... the populated "who's logged in" list does not change, refresh, and remove the users that are NOT logged in. The problem was already posted 8 MONTHS AGO with NO RESOLUTION. So, it only goes to say... the app sucks and so does their support. If they prove me wrong and reply with a resolution to not only myself but the original posting user that would be great. But, nothing thus far. Good day!
5 de dezembro de 2018
Straightforward app that does exactly what I needed. Worked first time and gave me good visibility of who is on the site at any time. As a proposal for future development it would be nice if the software allowed the admin to log users out from the dashboard.
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  • Added a requested feature that automatically logs out users 15 minutes after they have left the current website window or tab, and updates the administrators list of users shortly afterwards.