Integrate PhonePe with WooCommerce


This plugin help shop owners to accept payments through the PhonePe payment gateway.

It uses a seamless integration, allowing the customer to pay on your website.

Use this Demo link to see how it works!

With this plugin, you can simplifying Desktop Checkout with QR

For users making web payments on a desktop, PhonePe ease the process by using a QR code. Once users select PhonePe, instead of asking for their VPA, PhonePe shows a dynamic QR code. This code can be scanned using any UPI app to complete the payment.
Test Mode Credentials


SaltKey : 099eb0cd-02cf-4e2a-8aca-3e6c6aff0399

SaltKey Index : 1

Test Card Details

Debit Card
“card_number”: “4622943126146407”,
“card_type”: “DEBIT_CARD”,
“card_issuer”: “VISA”,
“expiry_month”: 12,
“expiry_year”: 2023,
“cvv”: “936”

Credit Card
“card_number”: “4208585190116667”,
“card_type”: “CREDIT_CARD”,
“card_issuer”: “VISA”,
“expiry_month”: 06,
“expiry_year”: 2027,
“cvv”: “508”

Note: The OTP to be used on the Bank Page: 123456

How to verify Net Banking Flow

Always use “bankId”: “SBIN” for testing purposes in the request payload of PAY API.

Username: test
Password: test
and click “Submit” on the next screen.

Note: For testing transactions, the lower amount limit is defined as Rs.1/- and the upper amount limit is defined as Rs.1000/-. Please make sure your transaction requests are within these limits.

– Trusted by 304 million Registered Users
– Accepted in over 12,000 Towns in India
– Accepted at over 20 Million Stores and more

Use the official PhonePe registration link to enable lightning-fast payments on your WooCommerce website!

Upon registering on PhonePe, you will receive your SaltKey, Merchant ID, and SaltKey Index via email.

Disclaimer: PhonePe, PhonePe’s logo and all terms and logos marked with a ™ or ®, are Trademarks or registered Trademarks of PhonePe. All other Trademarks and logos or registered Trademarks and logos found on the plugin or mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

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Install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory


Where i can get official documentation ?

Official PhonePe Woocommerce Plugin and WC-Phonepe Plugin

Official Phonepe woocommerce plugin have too many bugs and their coding standard is not matching with wordpress coding standard. Hense
we at Sevengits created this plugin for woocommerce users. you can help us to improve this plugin by giving
positive reviews and by reporting issue in support forum. also you can give some donations if possible.


31 julho, 2021
After being asked to rewrite my review for pointing out the security issues, here is my revised review. Plugin offers functionality already offered by payment providers. Plugin causes excessive memory leaks and needs the BASE64 altering to patch the security issue. Would not recommend, and suggest you stick to official payment providers who already offer this functionality.
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1.2.1 – 25 JAN 2024

  • Improvement: Code tested with wooCommerce version of 8.5

1.2.0 – 16 DEC 2023

  • Improvement: Blocked checkout feature is enabled.
  • Improvement: Code tested with WordPress version of 6.4
  • Improvement: Code tested with wooCommerce version of 8.4

1.1.5 – 21 OCT 2023

  • fix: Activation error fixed.

1.1.4 – 21 OCT 2023

  • Improvement: Review option added.

1.1.3 – 28 SEP 2023

  • Improvement: Code tested with wooCommerce version of 8.1

1.1.2 – 20 SEP 2023

  • Updated: updated to latest PhonePe API
  • Improvement: Code tested with WordPress version of 6.3

1.1.1 – 23 MAR 2023

  • Improvement: Code tested with WordPress version of 6.2
  • Improvement: Code tested with wooCommerce version of 7.5

1.1.0 – 24 AUG 2022

  • Updated: updated to latest PhonePe API
  • Compatability: Compatible with wordpress 6.0.x and WooCommerce 6.8.x

1.0.4 – 19 JUL 2022

  • Translation: Added more translation strings.

1.0.3 – 19 JUL 2022

  • Updated: updated logos,banner and versions due to trademark issues.

1.0.2 – 13 DEC 2021

  • Translation: Translation ready.
  • Improvement: Tested with WC 5.9 and WordPress 5.8.2
  • Improvement: Added plugin uninstall survey.

1.0.1 – 09 AUG 2021

  • Improvement: Improving codebase.
  • Compatability: Compatibility check wordpress 5.8 and woocommerce 5.5.x

1.0.0 – 24 JUNE 2021

  • First version