Product Fields, Addons and Price Calculator for WooCommerce


WC Kalkulator (WCK) is a WordPress plugin which extends the WooCommerce to use custom extra fields with products and orders.
Extra product fields can be used to calculate product price and save information in order details.

  • Absolutely FREE plugin with PRO features
  • 23 field types to get customer input
  • Price calculation based on formula, conditional expression or price add-ons (product addons).

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Sell products by anything. You are not limited to sell only by length, area, volume, etc. You decide how the prices will be calculated. WooCommerce Product Fields and Price Calculator plugin allows full freedom to define fields and formulas for calculating custom price. You can create a personalized product in your store.


22 Field Types (ALL FREE)

1.  Attachment (URL/File)
2.  Checkbox
3.  Multi checkbox (group)
4.  Color Picker
5.  Color Swatches
6.  Date Picker
7.  Date Range Picker
8.  Dropdown
9.  E-mail input
10. Heading
11. Hidden
12. HTML
13. Image Select
14. Image Swatches
15. Link   
16. Number
17. Paragraph
18. Radio
19. Select
20. Textarea
21. Text input
22. Image upload
23. Formula Value

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  • Field – is used to get user’s input on the woocommerce product page. Custom Field can be used to calculate the price (is used in formula)

  • Fieldset – store manager can create the fieldset (set of custom product fields) which consists of different Fields. Fieldset must have at least one Field and the expression (formula) to calculate the product price

  • Expression/Formula – mathematical and/or logical expression using to calculate the woocommerce custom price. The expression can be single-line, conditional price addons (product addons). Expression is protected and calculated only server-side.

  • Validation – each Field has specific requirements to be met. Incorrect values make it impossible to calculate the woocommerce custom price and add the product to the cart.

  • Global Parameters – are numeric variables which can be used in formulas across all fieldsets.

Formula/Expression Builder

Use field’s values as variables to calculate product price. Drag&drop conditional statements.
You can use product addons to add extra price to the product regular price.

Price Add-Ons

Use custom fields to make Product Addons.

Display Fields

Assign fields to products, categories or product tags. Include/exclude options.
Mass assignment.


Each field has built-in validation tests on user input. You can define additional conditions.

Protected Formula

The price is calculated server-side only, so the Client can’t see exact expression.

Advanced Customization

Field HTML templates can be overloaded in your theme file. Each field has CSS class to set custom styles.


You can use basic math functions in the formula. Fields such as Multi-checkbox, Date Picker, Date Range Picker has additional functions to get sum, min, max value or get date, days between dates values as number.

Global Parameters

You can define numeric variable across all fieldsets. You can modify all prices by global parameters.


The customer can edit product options after adding to cart.

Integration with ACF

You can use acf('field_name') function to get ACF field value in custom price formula.


  • multisite mode is supported
  • product shortcodes
  • translation
  • virtual and variable products are supported
  • product regular and sale prices are supported
  • product tags and attributes
  • use product attributes in formulas
  • ACF supported

More Features

  • define unlimited fieldsets with unlimited fields
  • fields are displayed in product page, cart and order details,
  • expression builder
  • define single-line expression to calculate the price
  • define unlimited conditional expressions to calculate the price
  • attach fieldset to: all products/catgories/tags, selected products/categories/tags
  • supported variable products
  • supported multisite
  • the plugin is translatable
  • every field has built-in validation tests
  • the product will be removed from user’s cart when shop manager updates the fieldset settings
  • product shortcodes are supported
  • the formula is protected and will not be shown to the user – the price is calculated only server-side
  • regular and sale price are supported
  • supported price filters
  • customizable HTML code of every field
  • HMTL template of every field can be overridden in a theme directory
  • static fields such as HTML, Heading, Paragraph, Hidden, Link, Attachment
  • math functions to use in the expression
  • additional functions for radio group, checkbox group (sum, max, min), range date picker (days between dated)
  • global parameters can be defined and used in formula
  • ability to edit product fields after from a cart

Full documentation at:

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15 de setembro de 2022
Hi, I was hoping this plugin would be the solution to a feature a website project needed and while it worked as intended, there was a little compatibility issue the plugin had with the theme I was using. On pointing this out to the developer, they immediately got on to it and resolved it within a few correspondences. There was never a hint of "not a plugin issue it's your theme", the support simple came back with, "Here is the solution". I hope them all the success with this plugin. Great Work.
9 de agosto de 2022
This plugin is a hidden treasure: works great, is really useful, and the developer is available to develop new features.
28 de julho de 2022
This is a great plugin with many advanced features, I've actually purchased something similar before but it didn't manage to achieve what I was looking for and Krzysztof on the other hand helped with the customisation of his module. If you get any benefits from using this plugin, it is worth supporting it so that Krzysztof can keep improving it. Thank you for your help.
25 de julho de 2022
The plugin didn't quite have some functionality that I needed to do with multi checkboxes and conditional logic. The developer went the extra mile and made updates to the plugin to help me achieve something that I've found no other plugin that can help with yet. Considering this is a free plugin, the support was incredible. The plugin itself is well designed, easy to use and adds premium functionality that other paid plugins don't. I expect to use this on future ecommerce websites I work on.
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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações

2022-08-21 v.1.5.4
– add option to show Price Block before or after “Add to cart” button
– bug fixes

2022-08-16 v.1.5.2, v.1.5.3
– image upload bug fix
– option to display text before or after field’s title

2022-08-11 v.1.5.0
– fieldset’s options (toggle default price blocks)
– new field: formula value
– make fields required: always/only if visible/not required
– if the field is hidden, default value will be 0
– you can assign numeric value to the WC Product Attributes and use it in a formula
– added ACF integration. You can use ACF field value in a formula
– you can use custom JavaScript code
– bug fixes

2022-07-23 v.1.4.6
– added is_selected() function
– bug fixes in multi checkbox

2022-07-23 v.1.4.5
– conditional visibility support for multi checkbox

2022-07-23 v.1.4.4
– bug fixes

2022-07-23 v.1.4.3
– bug fixes

2022-07-22 v.1.4.1, 1.4.2
– bug fixes

2022-07-21 v.1.4.0
– new formula builder
– apply filters on td elements in field’s templates
– new assignment type: product attribute
– more columns on fieldset table
– toggle button to publish/unpublish fieldsets quickly
– support for stock management and stock reduction multiplier
– layouts feature – you can choose one or two column layout
– conditional visibility (set rules to show/hide fields)
– bug fixes

2022-07-11 v.1.3.3
– Bug fixed: str_replace on array
– Bug fixed: missing numberposts argument on get_posts()

2022-07-07 v.1.3.2
– added support for array and json objects in global parameters

2022-07-06 v.1.3.1
– new variables to get product’s weight, width, height, length
– new variable to determine if current visitor is logged in
– upload path settings

2022-07-05 v 1.3.0
– new calculation mode – Price Add-ons
– you can use formulas in HTML/Paragraph field, for example: {={field_a}*{field_b}/100}
– Image upload field added – you can use file size parameter in expressions
– cron jobs to keep uploaded files clean
– strlen() function added to expressions – it returns text length
– Settings page added – you can define custom product form selector, you can toggle error messages for admin/manager

2022-06-15 v.1.2.3

  • issue with ajax form serialization has been fixed

2022-06-14 v.1.2.2

  • add notices

2022-06-13 v.1.2.1

  • fixed issue with price calculation

2022-06-13 v.1.2.0

  • New fields: image select, image swatches, color swatches, checkbox group (multicheckbox), HTML, Heading, Paragraph, Hidden, Link, Attachment
  • Math functions to use in the expression
  • Additional functions for radio group, checkbox group (sum, max, min), range date picker (days between dated)
  • Global parameters can be defined and used in formula
  • Assign fieldset to product’s tags
  • Customer can edit cart item
  • text field has new option: pattern (regexp)
  • bug fixes

2022-06-03 v.1.1.3

  • bug fixes on ajax calls

2022-05-08 v.1.1.2

  • Added new fields: email, radio
  • fixed field builder (js script issue)
  • fixed typo in HTML code for dropdown and select fields

2022-04-20 v.1.1.1

  • Bug fix

2022-02-18 v.1.1.0

  • custom fields (fieldset) post type
  • assign the fieldset to products/categories on the fieldset\’s edit page
  • added a price option to all fields
  • new edit page
  • added the priority option to fieldsets
  • field’s template can be overrided in your theme folder
  • performance fixes
  • bug fixes

2022-01-20 v.1.0.0

  • Initial release