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Waffar AD Tracking


WaffarAD is an affiliate network that provides technical and promotional tools to create and manage affiliate programs and carry out effective advertising campaigns.

The WaffarAD merchant platform maximizes efficiency in reporting and analysis so advertisers can scale their business in a streamlined fashion.

The WaffarAD tracking plugin allows you to quickly integrate your WooCommerce shop with our website and mobile app (WaffarX), the first cash back aggregator in the MENA region. When end-users perform actions on the merchant’s website, their data & order details are sent to WaffarAD servers.

The plugin stores user data sent from publisher websites to the merchant website so merchants can track and confirm cash back.

WaffarAD is optimal for online advertisers with an established audience and online presence. For advertisers with developed affiliate programs, we provide a streamlined service and exceptional reach to maximize content. For advertisers with little or no experience with affiliate marketing, we are here to help start the process and access lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities.

There are two major 3rd-party functions we depend on from WaffarAD.

First: (general.js)

We use a link to access the WaffarAD script and track the merchants(s) a user visits in order to identify if the user makes a purchase or not.

Second : (‘Add Order’, ‘Woo/AddOrder’);

We use a link to send order data to WaffarAD to check order confirmation and allocate commission to the publisher.

If you want to increase your sales or to attract additional customers, become a WaffarAD partner today (

For privacy policy details and how WaffarAD works, click here (


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