Este plugin foi encerrado em 16 de setembro de 2018 e não está disponível para download. Este encerramento é permanente. Motivo: Pedido do autor.


3 de setembro de 2016
First off, the "look" is nice and gives your site a more professional feel, but the plugin itself does not "work" like a professional/polished tool. The most obvious stupid problem was that it doesn't automatically recognize your login. I'm logged in as Admin and went to try a test post, but had to log into the Vicomi plugin separately to post a comment??? So I posted a simple "Test" comment, which appeared. "Great, now let's delete it!" Nope. Can't do that. Edit it? Nope, can't do that either. Go into the Admin control panel. "Comments" and "Vicomi" are two separate links. You can't manage Vicomi comments from Comments link. And of course, Vicomi demands I log in AGAIN. So I try, but nothing happens. If I entered the wrong Username or Password, it doesn't say. Clicking the login button does nothing. So I visit the Vicomi website to see if I can't login to verify my username/password, but the Vicomi websites DOESN'T HAVE a login, only a link to Register a new site to use their software. So I ended up simply deleting the dumb thing. It could very well be a great plugin someday (currently v1.39). But as is, don't waste your time. 🙁
3 de setembro de 2016
It was very cute, but didn't work well. 1) I would post comments from any name and it would take it. No automatic filters I could find. 2) It required interaction with a host site, so long term seems rocky. 3) Couldn't really customize the display features enough. 4) Didn't always work. I would post multiple comments and then approve them on the host site using different browsers and they just wouldn't post when I had monitored comments on. When I took monitoring off, they would post. Just pulled it for those reasons, not worth the trouble really.
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