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Looking to bring your Vev pages into your WordPress site? Use the official Vev plugin to easily integrate your page or content and break free from the same old template.

What is Vev?

Vev is the only all-in-one design platform for professionals to create and launch unique web experiences with complete creative and technical freedom.

Build visually with no code

By using Vev’s Design Editor you can visually design and build digital content like you would in a WordPress Page Builder but with better design quality, code performance and SEO.

Break free from your template

If you’re using a theme, no worries! You can use Vev for specific pages or components within your site to deliver a whole new experience to your audience without costly development or time-intensive coding.

Vev works with the Gutenberg editor and most themes to deliver beautiful, responsive web experiences to your WordPress site.

Professional features

Vev’s true superpower is its unique design & collaboration features. In Vev, multiple editors and designers can work together to streamline production. Use advanced storytelling components, complex animations, video scroll, sticky positioning, and much much more. Creative Professionals use Vev to deliver an unmatched storytelling experience.

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  • Editorial article design built with Vev's visual design editor


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  • Vev - Digital Content Creation & Page Builder


Connecting Vev & WordPress is simple!

  1. Download and activate the plugin in your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Use the Vev connector block within the Gutenberg editor.
  3. Follow the prompts in the plugin guide to connect your Vev account.
  4. Select your Vev page or content.
  5. Voila! Your Vev content is now on your site.


Do I need a paid Vev plan to use the plugin?

No. By signing up for a free account on Vev you are able to use this plugin and serve your Vev content immediately. However, to remove the Vev watermark (found at the bottom-right of every content) you will need to sign up for a site plan or team account. Want to learn more about pricing? Find more information here.

I’m new to Vev, how do I get started?

Well first, welcome! We built Vev with similar logic as the best design tools out there (Photoshop, Figma, xD), we just took it a step further and let you build and publish your designs. To get started, we suggest diving right into the Design Editor and accessing our Learning Resources.

Are Vev sites SEO friendly?

Of course. All content on Vev sites is rendered on our servers and served through SSL, so your pages will be searchable and prioritized by Google. Vev generates static well-structured HTML that search engines can easily navigate and index.


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